Things to Do When Your Family Doesn't Like Your Boyfriend for No Reason

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Things will getting more complicated when you're in a relationship, you may not be able to think only of yourself in a relationship is because relationship is involved more that just you. It's involving your boyfriend, his family, your family, his friends, your friends, and everyone around you. Sometimes things didn't work out as you wish, a relationship can't be harmonious if we not given the blessing from the parents; which is your parents or his parents.

They might be like him and probably hates him for some reasons and maybe for no reason. Yeah, it sucks. Sometimes, we really know how our parents or our family feel about him of being our boyfriend maybe they don't like him and we already know it and didn't tell him because afraid of making him feel sad?

It absolutely will be bad for us, girls. So, to prevent that situation or misunderstand situation, you should really know the signs when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason!

1. Provide aggressive question

When your family or your parents involve in a conversation with your boyfriend, you have to pay more attention with question that your parents ask.  If more over, the question becomes as cornered as dislike his choice of life, it could be a bad sign. Actually, it's just a question to criticize your boyfriend. Your parents did that for no reason and didn't a single mean, they did that to show the dislikes. But, it will be break your boyfriend heart for not being appreciated. You may also find out about Signs Your Boyfriend Family Doesn’t Like You

2. Ignorant

Being ignorant is a the basic act of dislike. Sometimes you know when your family don't like your boyfriend based as their act. It maybe they don't see your boyfriend right in his eyes when they talk to him. Maybe they answer his question soberly because they really don't interested with your boyfriend. They cut off when he talk and just talking to you. They don't opening the door when he comes. You may also find out about Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You

3. Comparing another man with your boyfriend

Sometimes when your family didn't like your boyfriend and not ready to tell you about that. They will give you some hint until you get what they mean. Your parents will constantly asking you a question about another man. For example, let's call your boyfriend A and the other man is B.

"Why you don't go out with B?", "B is more handsome than A", "Just think about it again before involve in a relationship". Question like that sometimes look simple but it does mean everything.

You already see the red signal from your family even they not telling you that. But, you're not a stupid person. You have to figure it out alone, don't telling your boyfriend about this. It's an internal problem that you have to solve it by yourself. It might be a serious reason why your family doesn't like your boyfriend. But, in your case your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason? You may also find out about How to Make Your Mom and Her Boyfriend Break Up

Reason why you're family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason

Alright, chill. Many factors behind some family doesn't like even prohibit you being in a relationship with whoever he is. So, here's the reason why you're family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason! 

1. Different religions

Most parents will not give their blessings if their children have relationships with people of different faiths. This is because they believe in sacred things that should not be inviolable and you have to respect it. This different religions case is believed to form different ways of thinking and acting. This is what will be feared will cause many problems if still continue the relationship.

2. Has it own criteria

Your family want you to be happy and your parents know what's best for you. Your family want you to have a partner who can make you happy. What is his job, where does he go to school, how much his salary is, has his own vehicle or not. Your family will see if your boyfriend ready in both financially and mentally because they don't want you to live miserably while living a marriage life with your own partner's choice. You may also find out about How to Call Your Boyfriend Daddy for The First Time

3. Family's background

Ethnic and custom differences also sometimes become one of the reasons your family do not give blessing on you to establish a serious relationship with your current boyfriend. This is a serious reason that happens instantly when your family meets your boyfriend. It could be because there is a conflict between your ethnic and his ethnic. It will be more difficult to move to next level of your relationship. For example like Romeo and Juliet. You may also find out about Sweet Tips on What to Call Your Boyfriend When He Calls You Beautiful

Tips about things you have to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason!

The common first reaction is you will get angry with your family and choose to not talk with them with hope they will feeling guilty after that, but, don't do that. Because it will make your family more against your relationship. They will look you as "not a grown up woman who ready to have a boyfriend" and it will make worst. So, here's some tips about things you have to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason!

1. Prove it

What's the things to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason? Give a time to your parents to learn about your boyfriend. It will need months even years to know someone good. Your existence is very important in this situation. You have to prove them that you and your boyfriend are mature enough to build a relationship. Let them see a good side of your boyfriend that they have not see it yet in time.

2. Communication

You have to make your communication with your family deeper. It's the way to know what they want and what you want. You have to convince them about your boyfriend with your act at home. Show all the positively that your boyfriend gives it to you. Explain why you love him and why you really want to be him. Be an open person. That's the things to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason.

3. Don't give up

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