14 Rights of Wife in Islam to Husband to Follow

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A married woman’s roles are different from the ones that she had before the marriage happened. Before, she only has to serve her parents, relatives or siblings. But now, she must serve her husband first.

Right of Wife in Islam to Husband

The rights of wife in Islam to husband can be found in the Qur’an and the Hadith. All of them are summarised and listed down below:

1. Obeying Husband

Right of wife in Islam to husband is obeying him. This includes everything, especially in terms of serving him. The wife is allowed to say no if she’s on her period or sick. After marriage, the husband will take full responsibility of his wife.

How she will live her life afterwards will be determined by her husband. That’s why it’s important for her to obey him as long as he’s also in the right path according to Allah. Obeying husband is kindness and is a must in Islam. Know more about Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam.

2. Maintains One’s Dignity

The assumption that a woman should no longer concern herself with her pride and dignity after marriage because he is now protected by her husband is wrong. It is the opposite of that. The wife will now have to maintain her dignity even more. She must pay careful attention to how she behaves and talks as all those things could give negative impacts to her husband.

3. Educating and Nurturing the Kids

If there are children already, it is a part of the wife’s duty to educate and nurture them alongside her husband. The mother is an important part of her children’s life. Both the husband and the wife must work together to raise them up. The mother will have to be there for her children when the father is unable to do so.

4. Keeps Her Husband’s Secrets

This is a rule in Islam, the wife must not talk about her husband’s flaws or any of his secrets. Those things must be kept away from people outside of the core family. It is also not allowed to talk about the things that happen within the household.

For instance, it’s not advisable for the wife to tell intimate things about her husband to her best friends or her parents. There is an exception though. It is only okay if there’s an emergency or she needs help about something. Here are more Ways to Love Your Husband in Islam.

5. Maintains Harmony in the Family

There can be harmony in a family when the wife and the husband work together. The wife must maintain the unity and the peace between family members. She must know how to nurture her family according to Islam. She must also rely on the Qur’an and Hadith as her guidance. 

6. Takes Care and Respects the Parents

Marriage is not a reason for the wife to mistreat her parents. It should not sever the bond that she has with her parents. A married woman must still respect her parents. She must be able to make her parents happy even though she is now with her husband. Making her parent’s happy is one of the ways to be good to parents in Islam.

The husband must be willing to allow her wife to carry out her duties to her parents. It will not be a problem as long as the acts will not lead to something that’s troublesome.

7. Takes Care and Respects Her In-Laws

The rights of wife in Islam to husband - A wife must also takes care and respects her in-laws. Her in-laws are the people who gave birth and raised her husband. That’s why they also deserve to be treated similarly to the wife’s parents. She must make them happy in the same way she is aspiring to keep her parents happy as well.

8. Practice the Teachings of Islam

Another right of wife in Islam to husband is practicing the teachings of Islam. She must always carry out her duties and worships. She has to pray 5 times a day, fasting and give to charities. The wife has to nurture her kids and the family according to Islam.

This is also mentioned in one of the Hadith whereby the Prophet said, “If a woman prays her five (daily prayers), fasts her month (Ramadan), guards her chastity and obeys her husband, it will be said to her: ‘Enter Paradise by whichever of the gates of Paradise you wish.’”(Narrated by Ahmad). 

9. Look After Her Words and Behaviours Towards Her Husband

A soft spoken wife has already done one of her duties in the marriage. The wife must also be kind to her husband as to maintain her marriage. She has to keep the peace at all cost. Of course, the husband will also treat her right with kindness. This is a reason Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy.

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10. Respects Her Husband

In Islam, the wife must be respectful to her husband. The husband is seen as the head of the family so he deserves to be valued by his wife. This will lead the family to obtain harmony and peace.

11. Be Loyal to Her Husband

Loyalty is a must in a marriage. A married woman must be loyal to her husband no matter what. As long as the marriage status remains then that loyalty should never be left behind. Being disloyal is a seditious act to the husband, especially when the husband has treated her very well.

12. Be Patient with Her Husband

Man is not perfect, your husband will have his flaws. The duty of a wife is to accept those flaws as he willingly accept hers. She must be patient with her husband when she is facing his flaws and imperfections. Do these Ways to be a Good wife to Your Husband.

13. Guards Her Husband’s Wealth

The wife is allowed to guard her husband’s wealth as long as she is married to him. It’s a form of keeping their livelihood safe. This is a way to avoid consumptive lifestyle. The wife must be clever enough to manage the wealth.

14. Asks for Husband’s Permission

A very important right of wife in Islam to husband is asking permission. The husband must know her activities. She has to ask for permission if she wants to leave the house. Get to know the Characteristic of a Healthy and an Unhealthy Relationship.

All these rights of wife in Islam to husband, rights are not meant to limit the wife in any way. They are rules made by Allah SWT, written in the Qur’an and the Hadith to protect the women. It is so that the wives are also respected in her own way.

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