22 Blissful Ways To Love Your Husband In Islam Principles

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Islam is a particular religion that considers marriage as one of the most sacred things. Even keeping your marriage happy and full of love is a kind of worship to God. A successful marriage surely requires hard work not only from both the husband and wife.

A husband should be able to make the family ends meet and a wife must know how to keep her husband and child feel loved and happy. Loving your husband is also a good way to keep your marriage strong. How Islam values a woman is one of the good reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy, because a woman should be loved and protected as shown in the Muslim wedding tradition. But a woman should know how to love your husband in Islam, as listed below:


1. Don't Backbite Him

Stop talking bad about your husband behind his back. Even though you only share the story with your mother, it's still better to keep your husband's flaws as secret since you want him to do so too.

2. Praise Him

Instead of talking about his flaws, it's better to praise him in front of other people. Tell them that your husband is the best ever and you feel lucky to be his wife. It leaves impression to others just how much you love him.

3. Pray For Him

In Islam, the success of a husband depends of his wife a lot. Don't forget to mention your husband in every of your prayers. For his health, success, and love for the family.

4. Cook For Him

cook for him

It's one Wife Material Signs every husband wished for. Show your love by never let his stomach empty. Wake early so he won't skip breakfast in the morning, and get the food ready by the time he arrived home from work.

5. Give Him Your Support

In anything he does for the family or the charitable acts like volunteering, support him no matter what. It makes him feel safe to have your back.

6. Stop Nagging

A woman's habit that is hard to get rid of is nagging. At some point it make your husband sick and stressed. Don't point out his flaws every time and think of how hard he's been trying for the family instead.

7. Be Grateful

It's not an easy thing to support the family needs and work hard. Show him that you are grateful for that. It's good Ways to Mske Your Husband Fall in Love with You All Over Again.

8. Praise Him

Remember that man naturally has an ego. He want his hard work to be recognized. Don't forget to praise his effort for you and the family. Tell him that it must have been hard for him all the time. 

9. Take Interest On His Interest

Whenever he wants to do his hobbies, don't forbid him to. Enjoy it with hi instead. Let him know that his interest is your interest too.

10. Be Frugal

Even when your family is never short of money and your husband earn much, be wise in spending the money. Never complain about how little a amount he gives you.

11. Encourage Him

Support him to be more successful even when he's not sure enough of themselves. Assure him that he can do more and he has more in him. Always bring out the best in him.

12. Be Affectionate 

Not only through Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband, you have show it through action as well. Kiss him and hug him to show how much you love, as well as become more intimate in the bedroom.

13. Make Him Comfortable

As a wife, you must be able to make your husband and kids feels home in the house. Treat him as a king in the house where all his needs is served. See how he what he gives you in return.

14. Love His Family

Before meeting you, he belongs to his family. So it's natural that he wants you to love and respect them too. Treat his mother as yours and love her equally as you love him.

15. Have A Dinner

A romantic ones, just between both of you. It's important to keep the love on fire, especially when you already have kids.

16. Nurture Him

Take a good care of him, especially when they are sick. Treat him like a little boy who needs his mother's love.

17. Hide Your Hard Feeling

There will be time where you are disagree and disappointed in him. Hide all those feeling from other people: your kids, parents, and friends. Look harmonious always in front of other people.

18. Be Honest To Him

be honest to him

Never ever keep secrets from you husband. Tell them everything and ask his opinion for it. This is how he feel loved and appreciated by you.

19. Do Your Responsibility

As he has worked hard all day in the office, your responsibility is to take care of the house. Make your house a pleasant place to stay for your husband and your child.

20. Do Prayer Together

In Islam, one of the beauty in marriage is when you worship to God together with him. Do prayer together when he's at home.

21. Talk In Gentle Manner

Never go on high tone with your husband. Especially in argument, be patient and talk in a gentle manner that will pleased to be heard.

22. Serve Him Good In Bed

Physical intimacy is needed to show how your love to your husband. Be a good wife on the bed too.

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