This is How to Know If Your Husband is Having a Midlife Crisis

Last updated on July 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Life often takes an unexpected turns that left us in surprise. And it happens every time, when the guard is put down and we’re nowhere to be ready to face it. Speaking about life crisis, we know the quarter-life crisis and midlife crisis. While the first is an unsure feeling and little bit of fear of what the future may bring, the latter is said to be the “true” crisis.

Midlife crisis is experienced by people aged 35 to 55-60. It’s a condition where they feel uncomfortable and suddenly want a drastic change in life. This would be noticed quickly by their family and other inner circle.

Everyone has an exactly equal opportunity to go through it, including your husband. When he suddenly change his hobby, preference, or behavior so suddenly, don’t quickly accuse him of cheating. He probably is going through a crisis in life.

So here’s the way how to know if your husband is having a midlife crisis.

  1. He Develops a New Hobby

An adult men typically has settled down in everything from family life, work, and hobbies. They won’t likely to have the new one since they’re comfortable with his current hobby. So if one day he tells you he’s not going fishing anymore but want to try hunting instead, he might have a midlife crisis.

When someone is feeling the urge of trying something new, kind that he have never liked before, it’s a sign of a midlife crisis. Also read Signs Your Husband is Unhappy in Marriage

  1. His Youth Spirit is Burning

The curious feeling towards everything, embarking on a new adventure every now and then, bold and brave. It’s all the youth spirit that is now appear on your husband. Men who is suffering from a midlife crisis want to recapture their youth.

He always has something new to try everyday and he doesn’t seem to care to what everybody else say.

  1. You Start to Feel Distanced from Him

Cheating is not the only reason why a marriage torn apart. Because of the midlife crisis your husband’s going through, you feel yourself distanced away from him. He is not someone you used to know, since there are too many changes in him.

Don’t let it happen cost your marriage, though. Once you feel like your husband is a stranger to you, approach him slowly. Find out what caused him to behave that way and find the best solution together. Also read Signs Your Husband Has Checked Out of the Marriage With You

  1. He is Showing Depression Signs

Quarter-life and midlife crisis have one thing in common: they cause depression. It’s a silent killer with no symptoms. But you can read the signs all the time. Watch out for your husband’s emotional wellbeing.

If he’s too gloomy, hopeless, lethargic, and lose appetite, don’t stay still. Make sure he knows that he won’t go through this alone.

  1. He Lose Interest Over Important Things

Midlife crisis could take a lot from somebody, even more than you can ever imagine. The things they do due to the crisis is hard to understand. One of them being lose interest over important things. For instance, your husband suddenly want to quit his job and pursue his passion.

So this is how to know if your husband is having a midlife crisis. Maybe he didn’t feel happy all the time and it made his questioning the purpose of life. Now that he’s at his most vulnerable period, he want to find his own happiness. Also read How to Tell When Your Man Isn't Interested Anymore?

  1. He Blame Everything on You

Unfortunately, if your husband truly experience a midlife crisis, your relationship with him would likely be damaged. He starts fight every other day as he get very sensitive, and on top of that, he blames everything on you.

You are the reason why bad things happen. You’re the reason he had a terrible day at work, you’re the reason that he skipped lunch, and so on.

  1. He Becomes Indecisive

Someone who is not sure of everything would rather not to make a move in life. He somehow become indecisive as he doesn’t sure about the future. For example when he wants to resign from his job.

He doesn’t feel happy anymore but he hesitates to really quit. He isn’t sure of the future and afraid that he might take the wrong decision. Also read Ways to Love an Unbelieving Husband

  1. Doubting His Choice to Ever Get Married

This is probably the worst consequences if your husband is really in a midlife crisis. Your marriage get pushed on the edge. While you’ve been a very harmonious, model family for more than 20 years of marriage, one day he told you that he has never been happy with you.

If you don’t know that he’s having a midlife crisis, you might accuse him of cheating. You shouldn’t believe on everything they say, because they’re not feeling so sure of himself. Embrace him and tell him to get through this together.

  1. Abusive Manner Development

Midlife crisis a worrisome process in everyone’s life. When your husband is going through it, he has to deal with all sorts of confusion, stress, and depression. He lashes out often with his family as the main target.

You might notice how your husband’s way of talking become harsher and they start to treat everyone in the family abusively. Also read Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband

  1. He Starts to Keep Secret

A man who is having a midlife crisis would develop certain habits and behaviors that typically unacceptable for his wife if she’d ever find out. Thus, he starts keeping secret from her. He lies about this and that, making up stories when his wife become suspicious.

  1. He Becomes Selfish and Narcissistic

If anything is already annoying, this one is probably the most. Your husband gets more and more egocentric by the day due to the midlife crisis he is having. He prioritize himself in everything, wanting his freedom and independence more than anything, as well as acting like he owns the world.

Those are all the ways how to know if your husband is having a midlife crisis. If your marriage life is getting worse recently and you’re not sure why, maybe your husband is going through an uncertainty in his midlife.

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