How to Tell When Your Man Isn't Interested Anymore?

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He used to be the most romantic and caring person. He never skip a day without asking how you’re doing. Weekends were always packed with sweet date. But what happen lately? He seems okay when I didn’t call him for three days, no romantic words like it used to be, weekend dates now become a luxury that you can’t have all the time.

As time goes by, the flame of love seems to be burning out. Could it possible that he doesn’t love me anymore? How to tell when your man isn’t interested anymore? If you feel what’s written above, than you might really worry he’s falling out of love with you. Here’s how to find out.

  1. He Asks for Personal Space Out of the Blue

Every dating couple need their own personal space indeed. But he suddenly in need for more personal spaces while you don’t feel that there’s something bad happen in your relationship. You have to ask why he needs it. If he doesn’t make excuses, he’ll tell you clearly the things he needs to sort out. But if he seems vague and all over the place, maybe he just doesn’t want to be with you. Also read Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

  1. Here Starts the Comparison

For a guy, his girlfriend should be the no.1 woman that can’t be compared with everyone else. So this is the first hint that he has changed. He starts to make comparison between you and other woman. From looks, behavior, and personality that successfully makes you think small of yourself. Why would he drop your self-esteem when he loves you?

As a girl, you must not tolerate this. What if you turn the table around and tell him that other man is way better than he is?

  1. It Takes Long to Reply Your Text, and Sometimes There’s None

Guys don’t like to text all day long. But for the whole day, it’s impossible for them not to miss their girl. If they are too busy to text, he must remember at night before he goes to sleep. Seems like he really lose his feeling for you if he doesn’t care about it anymore. Also read Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

Not only once, but it’s too often for him to take a long time before replying to your text. There were times when he didn’t even reply. And when you ask about it, he always responds with anger.

  1. He Chooses His Friends Over You

It’s normal for couples to fights and having heated arguments, but they always reconcile in the name of love. You might be away from each other but things go back to how it used to once everything solved.

When you have made peace but he cuts down on the time he spends with you, you have to ask him why. He loves to spend more times with his friends yet he still assures you that nothing is wrong. Don’t trust his words. Maybe his feeling has gone.

  1. He Starts Being Selfish

Here’s another way how to tell when your man isn’t interested anymore: his behavior changed. When a guy is losing interest on something, he tends to think about himself. This selfish nature comes out unknowingly once his feelings for you changed. All he cares is about himself and he never prioritize you anymore. What’s make it worse is that he never acknowledge it. Also read Ways to Deal with a Selfish Boyfriend

  1. He Gets Annoyed with Cute and Romantic Things

A guy likes to be treated romantically and act cute in front of their girls. Suddenly he gets annoyed with all of those and deny all the romantic things you tried to do. His annoyance indicates that he simply doesn’t care anymore.

  1. ‘I Love You’ is Just a Memory

Nobody think that saying ‘I Love You’ is cringy when they are dating. It’s like a mantra and reminder to make your love even stronger. If your man is the type who never forget to say those and he never say it anymore, then nothing is right. It’s okay to talk about this. Big things always starts from the small ones. Also read Signs Your Girlfriend is About to Break Up with You

  1. He Doesn’t Care About How You Feel

Love and care are two things that can’t be separated. You are in love because you care about each other. Now you miss his comforting hugs when you have a hard day, you miss him listening to your stories like no one does. But it’s in the past. Now he doesn’t care anymore about your feeling. If he doesn’t care, do you think he still loves you?

  1. He Starts Digging About the Past

Pasts should stay in the past. If he starts to dig out your past, finding your mistake so that you can put a fights, you really have to worry that his feelings changed. Having your pasts brought by someone you love and, on top of that, he’s cornering you is the worst thing you could ever feel.

  1. He Forgets How to Flirt

Remember the day he complimented you for how beautiful you look in the morning? Or the times when you did nothing but staring into each others’ eyes? Those intensed moment of flirting has now gone somewhere. He doesn’t even bother to flirt with you anymore.

  1. No Physical Affections Anymore

If this one is happening to you, means he almost lose his feelings completely. There’s no physical affection between you anymore. No cuddles, no hugs, no kisses… Everything feels so flat and monotonous. When you have emotionally disconnected, then you will be physically disconnected as well.

  1. He Easily Gets Angry

People lose their tempers for any number of reasons, including doing poorly at school, having rough times at work, feeling bullied, or going through family problems.

After you read all these ways how to tell when your man isn’t interested anymore and you surprisingly find many yesses, you have to discuss this with him. If it can be saved and both of you are willing to, then do it. But if it can’t, better things must be awaiting in the future.

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