44 Coolest Reasons to Date a Lawyer (The No.1 Legal Partner)

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Lawyer is surely one of the cooles job in the world ever. They are not just smart but also sexy in many ways. Their steady jobs is not the only reasons why you should date the. Here are more coolest reasons why you should date a lawyer:

  1. They are Wise

Lawyers make no quick judgement and that’s what made them awesome. They can always see things form both sides and very objective person. They will patiently listen to every detail to understand the bigger picture. They know the best Things to Do When You and Your Boyfriend are Fighting and comes up with solutions.

  1. A Hard Worker

It’s not easy for them to be who they are today. As they are used to work hard to achieve something, this will be served really well in you relationship. No matter how hard things get, they just never give up. There will always solutions for every problem.

  1. They are Meticulous Person

Have you ever seen a lawyer missing something when they defend their clients? Nope, right? It’s because they are very meticulous and remember every little details. You must be both thankful and careful since they will never forget all the things you said.

  1. They are Sexy

Most lawyers are probably nerd but you will find the cool Reasons You Should Date a Nerd: they are sexy in their own way. It’s impossible for you not to turned on when you see them inside their uniform.

  1. You Feel Like Living a Movie

Dating a lawyer gives you a dynamic life. With every case they deal with, there must be some intrigues playing in and you will find yourself interested in it. What they show in he movie turns out to be real.


You Must Date a Lawyer Because...

Can’t get enough yet? Here comes more reasons to date a lawyer:

  1. You can feel the pride saying, “My boyfriend told me... and he’s a lawyer.”
  2. You don’t need to work hard to get your parents’ permission. They’ll be proud to have a lawyer in family, too.
  3. You’ll never get enough seeing them in suits.
  4. No need to worry about the future, their job is financially steady.
  5. They know how to leave a good impression to your family and friends. Learn it more at the Scientific Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You.
  6. They will defend you no matter what.
  7. They can help you to get out of trouble even when you’re wrong.
  8. Since they have a good memories, they don’t need to be reminded of the important dates.
  9. They can handle the crisis situation well. It’s why you always fast to make up after fights.
  10. They have a large social connection and usually the good ones. A good opportunity to make yourself famous.
  11. They make a good negotiator. You might always lose to them.
  12. Don’t try to debate them. They know how to win it. Always.
  13. They take a notes of what you’re saying. It’s as important as the case he’s working on.
  14. You’ll love listen to them talking. They are the God of Eloquence.
  15. And it’s sexy that someone can talk that good!
  16. They are scared by all people since they can use law in any situation.
  17. They can twist any situation in their favor.
  18. They look classy and sexy all the time.
  19. They have a high taste in fashion and their wardrobe is full with highly branded clothes. Soon Gucci, Armani, and Zara are your best friends.
  20. You never need to worry when you have to deal with legal situation. You have the best defender beside you!

Things You Should Know Before Dating a Lawyer

Just like the Yin and the Yang, there are always two sides of everything in the world, including the things you should prepare before dating a lawyer:

  1. A simple disagreement can turn into a big fight due their debating nature.
  2. As much as how smart they are, there will be time where they speak something that sounds like an alien language to you.
  3. Here are there, law books are all over their place. And they make a good hard cushions!
  4. They might be cool in their uniform, but they are the best fashion terrorist outside work.
  5. They like to speak in code and you melted by it several times once you find out.
  6. They hold on to old things well, just like the piles of old notes they have from college. It's not their Signs  You Haven't Moved On from Your Ex  but you wished you could just throw it away. Anyway, do you not know Google perhaps? 
  7. They might say the word ‘partner’ like thousand times a day, but it’s not you they talk about.
  8. They’ve had the worst day possible, so don’t dare to talk about yours with them.
  9. They have many law firm goods all over their house, to the point they don’t need to buy mugs, plates, or umbrellas.
  10. You might feel like dating a celebrity since they have a tight schedule just like one.
  11. They might be stiff and don’t know how to have fun at times.
  12. Their job demand them to be serious and it often got carried on in everyday life.
  13. They’re a great supporter for you in any situation.
  14. They have a large social circle and you must accept the fact that he’s not all yours.

Why I’m Worth to Date a Lawyer

A lawyer should never miss the chance to date me. I can make a good partner because...

  1. I’m a good listener and I make sure to listen well to your endless talking.
  2. I’m pretty smart so I can help you with your job.
  3. I will patiently waiting until you have done with all your cases and sparing some time for me.
  4. I’m not a drama queen.
  5. I need someone who can secure my future.

So the long list of the reasons to date a lawyer has come into an end. Go get yourself a cool lawyer as a partner.

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