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If you want to know the reasons why you should never date a Mama’s boy, be prepared for the endless list. He is one of those man you should avoid dating since he has many issues regarding his mama and the personality grow out of it. You don’t really want to deal with any of them, ever.

Not that a mama’s boy is not a decent person, but you should know how it would be when you date him. For sure, it’s not an easy ride with him. The involvement of his mama would be too much, but you don’t have any choice but to cope up with it.

Let’s see what kind of problems a mama’s boy comes along with:

  1. Endless Comparison Between You and Mama

For him, his mother is the best woman in the world. You’ll hear a lot about her, how he endlessly praise him every second. And he compares you to his mother. You cook him for lunch? His mother’s food is the tastiest. You throw a surprise party for his birthday? The one his mother made was the best. His mother can never go wrong. Also read Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

  1. The Final Words is On Mama

When you are in a relationship with a Mama’s boy, you date to persons at one go: him and his mother. He always gets his mother involved, even when it’s nothing to do with her. She ends up having the final words, making decisions in your relationship. But who wants it that way? Nobody expect other persons’ involvement in their business. But if you don’t mind with all of it, then off you go.

  1. She Would Likely to Interfere

Okay, let’s say you have done well in surviving his mother involvement all along. Finally your wedding day is coming. While preparing the wedding should be the most terrific thing for a women, you’d be feeling terrible instead. His mother get involved in every little details of your wedding. From the gown your bridesmaid should wear, what kind of make up on the day, and probably the choice of wedding ring is also on her. Also read Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated

  1. Two Becomes Three

Three with his mother. Going on a holiday together sounds like a great idea for couples. However, it’s never happening. Not to mention the trip, planning it is already terrible. His mother will never let him go anywhere without her. Not only she adds your expense but her tagging along with you creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Instead of being happy, you’ll be more stressful after the trip.

  1. His First Speed Dial is Mama’s Number

A mama’s boy calls his mom more than he did to you everyday. Don’t be surprised if he barely pick up your phone but never miss to update his mother every hour. She makes sure that she is presence even though her son is away. When they are together, she will be acting annoyingly, driving all his attention only for her. So, is this the kind of relationship you want? Also read How to Make Your Boyfriend Deeply Fall in Love with You

  1. She is the Main Contender to Win His Affection

Another reason why you should never date a mama’s boy. You have to squeeze in between the unbreakable affection of mother and son. Enough said, her mother is winning every time. When she’s around, all his affection is driven to her and likely you don’t stand a chance. It’s a battle you will never win. How could you? You are against his mother!

  1. She’s Going to be Involved in All of Your Business

He acts highly dependently on his mother he feels like he doesn’t know what he needs. For that reason, he involves his mother in every business. Some time, he is the one who’s crap since he brings his mother along. And it’s in literally everything, including when you fight. She’s there to give him advice and sticking her nose to the latest update. Also read Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Capricorn

  1. The Never Ending Stop By

If you are married with him or start living together, prepare yourself to the endless stop by from his mom. You’d be staying somewhere near her home so she can make a visit anytime. She might have her own key too so she can drop by without prior notification. Say goodbye to a romantic cooking scene just with the two of you.

  1. He is Always Sided with Her

This is probably the worst you must face. His mother thinks it’s okay to always meddle in your business that she doesn’t hesitate to get involved. When you try to stand up for her, a fight breaks between both of you. He’ll never take your side since he thinks that his mom is always right. He doesn’t even care when you are right and he knows it, he always sided with his mom. Also read Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

  1. The Mama Issue is Unfixable

Don’t think you can get rid of this terrible syndrome. His high dependency to his mother is something incurable no matter how hard you have tried. There is no way you can fix it. He stays like that all the time.

  1. He Wants Everything His Way

A mama’s boy is a mama’s boy for a good reason: his mother spoiled him. She never say no to everything he said and have it his way. He grew up in this situation and it’s how he behave in a relationship. He doesn’t want to compromise. He wants it his way.

Despite all those things, a mama’s boy could be a very good person. You may date him if you don’t mind to share his love with his mother. But a woman can’t share love with anyone, even his own mama. You are the one in control of your life, so make sure that you don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

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