How To Turn On A Woman With Words (155 Tips)

Last updated on February 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Knowing the right words to say is a life hack in many facets, from the business landscape to the topsy-turvy relationship world. And I can speak emphatically for the latter. As a dating and relationship coach for many years, I've seen first-hand various relationship issues that could have just been avoided if those involved were aware of the words they were exchanging. Unfortunately, most guys miss this.

I know it's common knowledge that women have sweet ears. Even though knowing your way around words can help you get a woman's juices flowing, doing it in real life can be daunting.

There's always that doubt about whether you're doing too much, which could compromise your chances. For the most part, that's why this article is important. 


Here Is How To Turn On A Woman With Words

1. Try calling her by flirty nicknames.

Many women like it when you address them by suggestive nicknames. Doing that has various implications. First of all, it makes your intention clear, and she can stop thinking about you like just another of her male friends. And it can make her feel special in a romantic and sexual way. Feel free to be more creative and come up with your own nicknames rather than overgeneralized ones like dear and baby.

2. Use memes and GIFs.

Let's face it. Dirty thoughts can be hard to express, especially if you're dealing with girls you're still unsure about. To be on the safe side, use visuals. Luckily there is a trove of GIFs and memes communicating all the dirty things you want to pop into the conversation. 

Trying to create sexual tension in a way women can play with

Using your texts to create some sort of suspense when conversing can be a great way to turn women on. It can all start with a Let's do it text. If she's enjoying a relationship with sexual intercourse, everything else will follow.

3. Use Sexual Innuendos.

Sexual innuendos afford you a window to talk all the sexy and dirty things to get a woman turned on. Sexual innuendos create the room to talk dirty about a girl's body and other sexy features. It'll give her a good laugh rather than make her feel uncomfortable.

4. Use the Dirty Dream technique.

Text her about a dirty dream you had of her last night. When you realize she's keen on knowing what's next, lay it all bare but be casual and sexy. With this technique, you can break the sexual tension and make her desire spending time with you.

5. Be playful.

A little humor can spice things up whether you're gearing up for the bedroom action or want to up the tempo via text messages. You can pass a funny comment about a specific body part of hers that has been on your mind since you started your day.

6. Don't be needy.

Begging for a sexual relationship experience when the vibe is just not there can be a turn-off. If you want to get the girl turned on, ensure you're way past the traditional first-date awkwardness.

7. Talk about her turn-on.

If you've already begun warming up with her, then you can go on and talk about pulling her soft hair or any other fetish that gets her in the mood.

8. Don't take your dirty talk from porn.

Some women may want to oil you up and try all the fanciest toys. But you must be guided when sharing pornographic scenes, especially unsolicitedly. Saying, 'I want to do it rough with you' might sound abusive to some people. It can make her feel uncomfortable and dump her desire.

9. Use please and thank you.

Saying simple things like please and or sorry when you're wrong can do you some good. It might not get her wet, but it sends the right signal and increases your chances of a sexual relationship with her.

10. Don't downplay good mornings and good nights.

Don't downplay the power of greetings when you're getting a beautiful woman to feel special and eventually turned on. You're doing something right if your words are what she sees before she jumps out of bed and when she retires from a long day.

11. Write a sexy birthday wish.

Thinking of celebratory sex and want to up her angst for it? Feed it into her wish. Don t just say happy birthday. Spice it up with a line or two about her favorite sexy pants you've bought as birthday gifts, and you can wait to see her in them.

12. Don't miss a chance to send a handwritten note.

You can try this for any special occasion like an anniversary or graduation. Keeping this as a mutually recognized tradition for only the dirty and seducing talks. This way, you can bet she'll be intrigued and turned when she receives one of your sexy letters.

13. Don't complicate things for her.

Be as clear as possible when talking with her. It doesn't matter whether you're sending multiple emails or shooting a video call; avoid jargon or shorthand texts that may not be comprehensive.

14. Don't over-compliment.

I know we said a good compliment is everything. Of course, telling beautiful girls that they're beautiful can improve their feelings toward you. Ensure you're not just saying nice things about a girl's body parts. She'll know and it might cause her to draw away from your advances.

15. Don't use swear words.

Contrary to what many men think, swearing is not always attractive, especially not for a naive good girl whom you're trying to hit on. Most men assume swear words will work with other experienced beautiful women who already use them. That can work. But it also gives you away, taints your identity and can land you in deep trouble if you don't use them with enough care.

16. Tell her you can't wait to get her alone.

Sex doesn't just happen. Dirty talk is like the foreplay to the actual foreplay before the intercourse. Most girls like that you respect this order of things and dedicate planning toward what she should expect when you finally get together. Sending text messages like this can also be a great reminder of all that is in store for her and can make the action worthwhile.

17. Tell her that she's so sexy it's hard to believe that she is yours sometimes.

Most guys stop chasing and teasing their partners when they finally get the relationship. But women love those things, and you should keep it up whether it's a first date, a long-term partner or a fling.

18. Let her know you want her so bad that it hurts.

Now that's directly sexual and explicit. But this is not something you say in an unsolicited way to strangers on dating sites. Telling someone you've started warming up to about how bad you want her can ramp up their sexual drive and turn them on in anticipation for you.

19. Tell her you're ready to do whatever she wants you to.

Turning a girl on with words will take more than a message. So it's crucial that she responds positively to your dirty talk. Telling her that you're ready to do whatever she wants will get her turned on, giving her room to express her kinks and fetishes.

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20. Bring up something sexy you saw her in.

A good compliment can never go out of vogue, especially if you've seen hot, banging photos of her on the gram or remember her sexy look from the first date. You already can't stop thinking about her sexy body. You might as well pop her a text laying out all your confessions. Dirty talk doesn't always have to be filthy. A sincere compliment can go a long way to arouse her emotions and feelings for you.

21. Let her know you're in control

Forcefulness and being able to control turns some women on. While you're spending time together on the couch, you can pop one of the controlling lines. For example, tell her you like to pull the hair while hitting it from behind. If she's freaky, you can see that she's feeling it already from her facial expressions.

22. Tease her readiness for you

Suspense is a mainstay in arts. Aren't beautiful ladies artworks in their own rights? A simple I hope you're ready for me whispered in her ears can trigger all the dirty ideas and her desire for you.

23. Tell her she feels so good.

Every sexual conversation has the potential to be as good as sex itself. Telling her that you feel she'll smell good down there because of her cologne can get your girlfriend or partner turned on.

24. Call her your good girl.

Do you think she's a good girl? Sound naive or childish? Try it with your girlfriend after giving you that sensual massage or while she's on top getting busy. It'll make her wild.

25. Let her know you can't wait to be with her again.

let her know you can't wait to be with her again

This sets the stage. It's feedback for the previous session and a precursor for the next one.

26. Talk about the sounds she makes.

Sounds made driving sex add to the flavor. And it's hard to ignore this. Making some of these sounds while you both dirty talk on the phone can be a great way to turn her on with words.

27. Say you want to nut deep inside her.

If you want to be buried balls deep inside her with your every inch. The thought of something like that can turn her on.

28. Let her know she's hot beyond your control.

If you want to turn her on, then don't shy away from complimenting her hotness. It's very important she's in the right frame of mind before you can turn her on with your dirty words.

29. Tell her you can't wait to suck her titties.

Tities being sucked on arouses the sexual desires of females, just like sex. Talking about it together or remotely can bring back memories, restart things, and

30. Let her feel how crazy her curves drive you.

Let her know you're ready to kiss every part of her body. If you were foreplaying, you'll probably kiss her lips through to her navel and fast forward your way down there. You can talk about how good this feels for you and that can turn on.

31. Let her feel how wild her body drives you.

How wild are you to turn her on with words? That will determine how often you give her sincere compliments about her hot-banging body. That can swell her head and makes a revealing statement about your dirty ideas.

32. Let her know her looks make you want to go one more time.

Saying 'your looks make me want to go one more time can be the best way to score a quickie session before you both step out to your individual schedules. If you do it well, this can turn her on even before the quickie session.

33. Let her feel you can barely get enough.

If you've hit it for the first time, there is a high likelihood that you want more, just as much as someone who is yet to hit. If so let her know your energy and desire for more sex. If she's within your energy range, she should be smiling by then.

34. Tell her she makes you want her so bad.

If she makes you want her so bad, tell her. Let her know exactly what she does that puts you in such a position. As you give the rundown, it can melt her heart and get her moist downstairs.

35. Tell her she can't stop touching you now.

Everybody will want to know if they're doing a good thing. It keeps them pumped up to do more. Telling her that she's doing the right thing and can't stop now in real-time during sex can increase her efforts and turn her on with your words.

36. Ask if she can touch herself for you.

That's an extra mile, but it's doable, whether you want her to do it personally via video or when you're both together.

37. Ask if you can rip her dress off.

This doesn't get any worse than the statement says it does. Even though it's sexy and can turn some women on, it's crucial., The line reeks of violence, so you should be guided when using this line.

38. Let her know how bad it feels to not be around her.

Through your text, as you've met for another time, seeing as it has been a long time since you saw each other, you can use this line to begin your dirty conversation.

39. Tell her how hot she is when she's on it.

when she's on top getting busy, you'll have a better look at her in all her dirtiness. Paint her a picture, and she'll love it.

40. Talk about her scent.

Ask her about her skin routine and products. She'll go on and on about all her beauty efforts. You can pop in a dirty line like, ' if this is your skin, I can't imagine how fragrant down there will be for the kill.

41. Talk about how fine she looks.

Most people don't joke with their beauty enhancement efforts. Talking about their beauty might not directly turn her on, but it can determine their involvement in sexual conversations.

42. Don't stop talking about the curves.

Her feminine curves should never leave your lips. You'll strike gold anytime you talk about it with all the lust in the world.

43. Tell her you want to please her.

Offer yourself up for service when you're trying to woo her. To do a good job, tell them you want to please her. If she's up for it, the sound of pleasing can turn her on with words.

44. Say she's the queen of your every inch.

That means you like the way she swallows you up. While you're commending her for taking it all up, you might as well give her a funny title. And it can be a great way to turn the girl on with words.

45. Tell her you love it when the moans are loud.

Loud moans are satisfying to give and to hear. And it can be a turn-on whether you're on the giving or receiving end. Talking about her moans during the action can turn her on with your words.

46. Say you love it when stares into your soul.

Those close-up stares that pierce her soul while you're having deep conversations can be a good-turn on for her.

47. Ask her to invite you for a taste.

Do you want a tasty treat down there? Chip it into one of your conversations and. See how she reacts.

48. Let her know you're ready to give it one more spank.

Talking about spanking her sexy behind again can be funny. But it'll surely trigger something sexy in her.

49. Don't hesitate to appreciate that she enjoys where the conversation is going.

If the conversation starts to turn sexual, normally, people whom you have no business conversing with will back out. If the girl stays, chances are that she likes the conversation and is ready for all the nasty and dirty stuff.

50. Tell her you love the way her tongue feels.

tell her you love the way her tongue feels

The tongue performs many tasks during sex. Whether it's flicking your nipple up and down, or licking you clean down there, don't forget to go big on the experience after and tell her how you feel.

51. Express your gratitude for the warmth in between her juggies.

If she invites you once it blossoms, be grateful. After, talk about the divide, feeling and how you long for the next. Talking about this can turn on your words.

52. Tell her you're ready for a squeeze.

A squeeze can be anything from a handjob to a massage to tight cuddling. Give her endless options and let her understand why you can turn her on with these options.

53. Tell her you're ready to offer a massage.

Massages are not only helpful in stressful situations. They can ease sexual tensions. Try your luck if it will turn her on.

54. Ask if you can suck and swallow her feet.

Feet worship is a mainstay for all many sexual partners. Asking if you can worship her feet can make her day, and you'll get to turn her on with your words.

55. Appreciate her no-makeup look.

Some women think a no-makeup look is their lowest when they don't need to be entertaining guys. Let her know you're in for the no-make-up look because she's sexy that way.

56. Tell her you love it when she touches you there.

You see that move when her hand almost reached your pants, and it stayed there for long, that was very intentional. Asking the girl to touch you there again can open the floodgates.

57. Ask her if she can do what she just did again.

Let's say, while you lounge in the chair, she gives your nipple a hard press. She'll be suspicious whether you like it or not. You can turn her on if you ask her to give it another try. It means you like it. And the more you like it, the more fun you both can have.

58. Tell her she's so tight.

Penetration will tell you that she's tight. But it takes the right mindset for her to be turned on or climax. As you penetrate, don't hesitate to reiterate how tight she is down there.

59. Tell her she has the most amazing body.

You can complement a beautiful girl you're trying to hit and keep enough. Beautiful ladies deserve the constant reminder that they're hot and sexy. Doing that often makes it register and counts as a compliment that can turn her on.

60. Let her know you like how her skin pressed against yours.

While you guys are having so much fun, pop this comment in. Let her know you like how her skin pressed against yours. It can be a great way to turn her on with words and ramp up their motivation to do more.

61. Tell her you are ready for a ride.

This is another great way to turn her on. It means you're ready to give the girl all the freedom she wants to go down on you.

62. Let her know you love the taste of her lips.

Talk about her lips in your conversations, whether you're sending the girl emails or communicating through any of the dating apps. Knowing that can turn her on.

63. Let her know you're an addicted fan.

Fandom is a sex thing for some women. And she'll be glad to know if you find her hot and sexy enough to be fun. Tell her what it takes to keep you as a fan.

64. Tell her you to like it when she's vocal.

Beautiful ladies who are vocal about their feelings are not celebrated enough. Some people they're giving you free tips for you to get access to them. Tell her how important it is for her to share her feedback and why you think that's hot.

65. Ask if she likes what's going on.

As you go on and on about the hot and sexy stuff, occasionally pop a question on what she thinks of your advances and the efforts to get her in the mood. Asking her repeatedly if she's loving can be a great way to turn her on with words.

66. Tell her she turns you on.

Sexy turn-ons can be contagious. You probably turn her on, also. But she may be too shy to say. Letting the girl know her body is soft in a sexual manner can increase the fun.

67. Tell her that her body feels soft.

Complement her hot and soft banging body. Let her know how soft it was the last time or how soft you think it'll be when you meet up.

68. Tell her you want to feel her in your arms.

Many ladies like to be in the arms of their partners. Even if not as a way of foreplay or cuddling, they just want to be there. If you're promising her that, it can pique her interest.

69. Let her know you love it when she understands the assignment.

Understanding the assignment could mean she did her job extremely well, or she's doing it well as you're waiting for the next session. Either way, it tells the girl that she should keep it up. And that's sexy.

70. Tell her you like it messy.

Messy good sex can never be underestimated. If you like it messy, it shows you're ready to be more intense, and then you can signal her what's coming.

71. Tell her you love what she does to you.

Positive feedback is good for both partners in sex. For a girl who's trying to please you, telling her this can get her more interested in taking the pleasure up a notch.

72. Let her know you're hard for her.

Women know they possess the power to trigger a hard-on. But many women, especially sexually inexperienced ones, can be excited about it. Without sending unsolicited photos, you can let her know you’re hard and it might be a great way to turn the girl on with words.

73. Tell her you're going to lick her like your favorite ice cream.

Most women find it climaxing through penetration alone. So if you plan on licking her, it should send some spine shivers whether it's her first or umpteenth time.

74. Tell her you can't wait to shower with her.

This is not overly sexy but can lead to a lot of conversations that can get dripping for you. Make sure you control the conversation and lead it where you want to arrive.

75. Let her know you're ready to get messy.

let her know you're ready to get messy

That's one of the unfortunate events for women. When the sex crosses that extreme level that no one can control, the new hairdo suffers. But at least it is a good sign that she enjoyed it. And so talking about it can trigger these memories or imaginations, and they're enough to get a girl's juices flowing.

76. Tell her that her smell drives you crazy.

Sweet scents are a thing for beautiful women. Many of them invest in that so you not complimenting it makes it feel like you're not appreciating the efforts they put into looking good. Talking about it can score you some points.

77. Tell her you can't wait to see her face when she comes.

Don't go too overboard making an entire conversation about a girl's come face. Honestly, some girls feel some type of way, not about climaxing but the silly faces the uncontrollable feeling can make them come up with.

78. Let her know you're ready to get wet.

Wet is a sexy language. It sounds and looks hot. Whether you're using it as an innuendo for a hot shower with her or a steamy session that has you both sweating, telling them this can get her in the right mood.

79. Tell her your fingers are moist.

The vagina getting moist is a sign of readiness. So if you start feeling the moisture while your fingers are buried deep, you should tell her.

80. Tell her she's so good in bed.

Don't worry if you've not tasted the girl before. Most women love compliments, so go on and let her know how good she is or how good you think she'll be in bed, and it can trigger the sexy response you're looking for.

81. Let her know you want to make her scream.

Screaming during sex is a great indicator that things are going well, so talking about making her scream is only right. It can get her in the mood as she imagines it.

82. Describe your favorite position.

The key to sex is that there is no specific formula. And to each, their favorite style or position. But feel free to communicate yours if you want to prime her mad and turn her on with words.

83. Tell her you can't wait to give her every inch.

That's loud enough. If you want to turn the girl on, tell her if you're ready to thrust it deeply inside her.

84. Tell her you like it when her legs are wrapped around you.

The leg wrap is mostly activated with certain positions. Don't worry. Shoot for it even if you're yet to have your first sexual experience together. It prepares the way and gets her in the mood.

85. Say you're trying to eat her.

Eating her whole is the right phrase. Tell her you're not ready to leave any part of her fruit uneaten and that should get her ready for an intense and pleasurable experience.

86. Tell her you're coming for her.

Many female partners don't want to be dragged. So don't go circles talking about uncertainties. Tell her you're coming for her and mean it. Each update you share on the way can increase desire.

87. Tell her that your body is ready for her.

It can be hard to prepare your body for someone who you're not into. Every girl likes it when you're into her. So let her know your body is ready for her and can do magic in between the things and in your mind.

88. Let her know the sexual activity you like the most.

Sex is a two-way street. And you can let her know what exactly she does to trigger your hormones. Is it the belly kiss, back rub or hot strokes? Tell her and ensure she responds with positive feedback.

89. Tell her you miss being in her arms.

It's only fair that after a few days or weeks of not seeing each other, you miss how emotionally supportive her embrace is. For someone who knows where such hugs lead to, you might as well use it when you want to turn her in.

90. Tell her not to stop.

Momentum is everything during sex. No one can afford for fun to be cut short when things have only begun to pick up speed. So tell her not to stop.

91. Tell her to give you a tongue to tongue.

That's nasty, freaky and sexy. It depicts that you're ready for sex, and they might as well prepare themselves.

92. Tell her nothing can separate how tight your skin will be together tonight.

Women love intimacy. And they want to be reassured if the skin-to-skin game is worth their while and, more importantly, if they're you're the only one she's enjoying.

93. Tell her you've started tingling.

Let's say a girl you're eyeing tells you she's ready to give you the biggest surprise of your life. Don't lose the opportunity to take things the sexual way, and let me know you've started tingling. It can get her prepared as well.

94. Say you've got the shivers.

There should be something that sends the signal that you want the girl, and you want it now. It is the shivers after sending you one of her freaky text messages, then reporting that you've got the shivers and can't wait to do the action.

95. Ask her if she can give you a long unending hug.

Hugs are emotional support. And she'll be interested to know if you find her arms worthy of that warmth many men talk about. So telling her you're willing to be locked in that embrace confirms what she knows. And that can be sexy and can score you some points.

96. Ask her if you're going to make her touch you in the right places.

Perhaps you met her on one of the numerous dating apps. Things have escalated quickly, and finally, you feel it's getting there. Don't pass on the opportunity that you want her to touch your body in all the right places.

97. Ask her if she can give you one last rub.

Most ladies know rubbing men off is a pleasurable experience. But the guys barely communicate that, making it feel as if penetration is all there is to sex. And so if you want to turn women on, let them know you like the rub and can't wait to get It one last time. We all know it's not going to be that.

98. Tell her you're ready to go faster.

For many women, faster means more intense pleasure. And which woman doesn't want that? Whether faster means sliding your tongue underneath or putting your nimble waist to work, just let her know you are capable of turning her on with every part of your body.

99. Tell her you're ready to roll her over.

How does she want it? From the back? Front? As you fantasize about turning her on in real-time, lay all your ambitions bare. Let her realize you would like to roll her over and go all again if she lets you in.

100. Tell her you can't wait to play with the nipples.

tell her you can't wait to play with the nipples

The nipples are sensitive. But most men don't know that comments about it can be sensitive just as much. It can be a great consideration if you want to turn women on. Tell her you can't wait to kiss and caress the hard nipples.

101. Appreciate her bubbly and juicy self.

Many women lean toward juicy comments, and it's only fair. You talking about their bubbliness and well-roundedness means the gym squat sessions are paying off. And since she engaged in those exercises to look her sexiest self, you talking about it can get her in a sexy mood.

102. Tell her you can't wait to swim in her juice.

Talk about how juicy it is to be buried in her thighs. Talking about juiciness, you might as well add that you can't wait for another hot, fun, and juicy experience with her.

103. Tell her you to like it steamy hot.

If there's one thing that can be better than steamy hot sex, it's the fact that you both agree and are interested in taking things to the steamiest point. And you can bet that talking about your desire can increase her sexual.

104. Let her know you're so lucky the best sex you've had was with her.

If you've had your stint with her and are trying to go again, let her know how lucky you are to have had the best sex of your life with her as the love of your life.

105. Tell her you to want to foreplay her till she can't take it anymore

This might come in handy as most girls say they don't get enough pleasure from penetrative sex only. It tells her you're ready to seek other ways of ensuring she climaxes, and those words can turn her on.

106. I'm going to go down on you so hard, and I won't even think about returning the favor.

Nobody can ever forget the good sex they had with someone, even if it was just once. So telling her these words gives her that vibe.

107. Tell her you cleaned the house today so you'd get more room to go down on her.

Kitchen sex? Living room sofa sex. Those are some of the best sexual experiences you can have.

108. Compliment her body parts in a specific dress.

You see that dress she told you she just bought? Wait for a photo and talk about her breasts or curvaceous sides in the little dress as you plant to get in the mood. It can fast track and be a great way to turn her on with words.

109. Let her know you love playing with her braids.

If you are piling her soft hair when you're about to go down on her, you might as well let her know. Those words can turn her on.

110. Tell her you like it when her moans mixes with the music.

That sounds like something you should say when she suggests you turn off the music while you cuddle. Talking about that declares your intention to go down on her. And that can turn her on with words

111. Let her know you plan on giving her multiple orgasms.

Maybe she's thinking you're about to have a one-rounder that puts everything to sleep and that is making her not interested in the proposal. Let her know you don't plan to stop until you've given her multiple orgasms and that should change the face of the conversation.

112. Reveal your new vibrator gift and intentions.

You can tell her this especially If you've her complain about not climaxing. Tell her you bought her a new vibrator so you can thrust while playing with her clit simultaneously.

113. Tell her that your tongue wants to return to its rightful home.

It's common knowledge to most guys and girls that licking pretty much does the trick so saying this can be a great way to turn her on with words.

114. Compliment her mind.

Dirty thoughts begin in her mind. So feel free to complement the mind that makes her want to have so much fun with you. Tell her mind Is as sexy as her tight little body.

115. Reveal additions to your toy collection.

If you guys are into fetishes, you can let her know that you have added to your toy collection. That can be a great way to turn her on with words. She'll jump at any opportunity to try them out with you.

116. Tell her you've cooked and you're waiting for her to eat so you eat.

You already know what you want. Eating her out and satisfying her wholly. But you need something to break the ice. Talk about a nice recipe you tried and let her know the condition right from the scratch. You were going to have it anyway. Talking about food only makes it extra fun.

117. Tell her you've made her a bath.

Ask her whether she'll want to have sex in bed or in the bath you just made for her? She'll be eager to experience the bath. And just like people salivate when they're about to have the meal of their lives. You'll be turning her on without touching her with this dirty talk.

118. Talk about how her laugh turns you on.

Many women have come to understand that men always want their way with words. Ensure your words are not vague. For instance, you can tie her laughter to your sexual desires. That's you giving her climax and true happiness at the same time.

119. Ask her if she'd want breakfast in bed or oral.

Quite a hard pick. But your dirty mind already knows where she'll lean towards. Both are pleasurable activities and can be a great way to turn her on with words.

120. Tell her you've tidied the bedroom, but you don't mind if she messes up the sheets with you.

It takes a lot of mental strength to make your bed when you're on the way out. You won't mess with it for any reason. But let her know you're willing to consider if it's her.

121. Be ready for anything.

As you talk dirty with the girl, let her know you're ready to do whatever you want so that you break any sexual tension that exists between you.

122. Be caring. 

If you want to turn a girl on, entreat her not to ruin her manicure while she's running her manicure through your locks.

123. Be attentive to her needs.

If you want to turn a girl on, tell her you're going to take up the weekend's chores because she deserves to rest.

124. Listen to how her day went.

Telling her to put her long legs on you and run you through her day can turn a girl on.

125. Throw a bet during your dirty talk session.

throw a bet during your dirty talk session

On one of your dirty talk sessions, bet her on how many times you can make her orgasm in one night. It can be a great way to turn a girl on.

126. Bring up the car sex idea.

Dirty talk can lead you ideating on a car sex session. This can be a great way to turn a girl on if she loves to experiment new ways for sex.

127. After sex, ask her for cuddles.

If you want to turn a girl on, don't leave things be right after sex. Ask for a cuddle as dessert.

128. Learn the British accent.

The British accent has been judged as one of the sexiest accents. And you can do all your dirty talk in this accent if you turn a girl on.

129. Talk about your star signs.

Girls love star signs. Researching how hers and yours combine can be a great way to turn a girl on, if she’s really into star signs.

130. Notice the little changes.

Girls love it when women spot the little things like a double piercing or nose job. Noticing these little changes can be a great way to turn a girl on.

131. Tell her if you can have a kissing contest.

Sometimes ease up on the dirty talk and focus on fun ways to turn a girl on like a silly contest. Discussing the plan alone can be fun.

132. Write her a poem.

Activate your inner Shakespearan prowess by writing a love poem and reciting in front of her or via phone call. 

133. Pitch to draw her naked.

Freakiness has no limits. You can turn a girl on if you discuss the plans of drawing her naked.

134. Leave her a note.

 Let your words speak a sexual language even when you're not around. For instance, send her a note that reads ‘ I can't wait to give you a strip tease. That can be a great way to turn a girl on just with your words. 

135. Send a spontaneous letter to her office desk.

If she’s in on the freaky office romance vibe, send a letter to her office desk. And let the content be the freakiest request ever.

136. Video sex.

Convince her to join a video sex chat with you and give her the most sensual virtual experience of her life.

137. Phone sex.

Not everyone would want to try the video sex for fear of leaked videos. Going the audio way with soft moans and sweet words can be a safer bet.

138. Do a heart-to-heart session.

Organize a session where you all bear your heart out on what you need to improve your sex lives. You may find topics that can turn a girl on using only your voice.

139. Play a truth-or-dare game.

Try a truth or dare game, where your words get her to bare her breasts or give you a mouth job.

140. Learn a new sex trick.

Tell her you've learned a new sex trick and only you have the instructions. Good luck.

141. Eat off her belly.

As you dirty talk, bring up an idea of you eating off her belly. Unroll the plan in a way that’s exciting and turns her on.

142. Roll out a new Netflix and chill plan.

Tell her you have a new Netflix and Chill date. This time your tongue will be in her throughout the entire movie.

143. Tell her you'll be jacking off to her recent photo.

As part of complimenting her, tell her you’ll be jacking off to the sexiest photo of herself. You can let her choose the photo for fun.

144. Tell her you want to swim in her squirt.

If you want to sex her down with nothing wasted, tell her you want to swim in her squirt. That means you have to first make her squirt a lot first. And that's something to turn a girl on as she anticipates.

145. Tell her you can dominate her to ease her up.

Let her know that when you're in control, there’s nothing to worry about. Just your instructions and her actions. This can turn her on if she has a lot on her mind and wants ease herself up with good sex. 

146. Tell her to get on her back and leave the rest to you.

Nothing sounds better than a sensual massage after a long work week. If you want to turn her on, tell her to get on her back and leave everything to you.

147. Discuss ideas for matching tattoos.

If you both agree on getting a matching tattoo, discussing the ideas can be a great way to turn her on.

148. Public sex.

I know it can be disgusting. But maybe you can try it for your next camping idea. Right?

149. Tell her to take charge tonight.

Give her the mantle to do whatever she wants. And that freedom can be a great way to turn her on while you remain submissive. 

150. Let her know you can't promise you'll be a good boy tonight.

let her know you can't promise you'll be a good boy tonight

When you're dirty talking into the upcoming sex session, tell her you can't promise to be a good boy on the D-day.

151. Tell her you can't wait to pin her to the wall again.

Remind her of how pining her to the wall on the other day felt. Reminiscing on how it went and anticipating the new one can be a great way to turn her on.

152. Let her know how skillful you're with your hands.

She might be doubting. Letting her know how skillful and helpful your hands can be down there can be a great way to turn a girl on.

153. Ask her to describe what she's wearing tonight.

On one of your freaky calls, you can entreat her to describe what she’s wearing in a sensual way. That can be a great way sexual moment for both of you.

154. Describe what you plan on doing to her.

On one of the nights when she’s coming over, draw up an itinerary to heighten the anticipation and discuss with her. It can be a great way to turn her on.

155. Talk about her soft lips.

Let her know how soft and warm you think her lips are and most importantly how you can’t wait to have her lips against yours. 


How do you turn a girl on without saying a word?

There are various ways to turn a girl on only with words. If you can talk dirty to her, you won't need to initiate actions for her to notice you. Dirty talk breaks the sexual tension and turns women on. 

How do I touch her body to turn her on?

Dirty talk touches the mind and can turn a girl on if she shares your dirty thoughts. But if you want to turn a girl on with your touches, seek her opinions. Generally, the navel, nipples, waistline, and other sensitive areas can increase the sex drive in women. Asking her can save you the trouble of having to do trial and error with her body.

How can I seduce a girl without talking to her?

Your actions will count a lot here. It Looks good and sharp. Don’t waste time talking to her just yet if she's not into you. Try to make her feel comfortable by doing basic gentlemen courtesy like offering your jacket when she feels cold. 

What gets a woman's attention?

There are various ways to attract the attention of a girl you like. Add some humor to your text messages. Adding a bit of dirty talk to your conversations can turn a girl on. Taking deep glances at her can also turn a girl on and notify her that you're trying to get her attention.

What kind of body language attracts girls?

Your body language can tell a girl so many things. Therefore it's crucial to take a critical look at your posture when the girl of your dreams is around. Don't slouch or hunch when the girl is around. The girl might think that you're shy. That means you won't talk dirty when she wants to talk dirty or you just aren’t capable of turning a girl on. 

In Conclusion

Generally, research shows that about 25 percent of women don't climax during vaginal sex. That’s why it's crucial to use the right words in pushing the excitement up. We hope these tips provide all you need to spice up your love life with words. Do well to let us know your feedback in the comments section and don't forget to share.

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