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Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you want to get close to your crush or a girl you like, one thing you should master is the art of giving compliments. A girl is quite weak with compliments, makes it a good way to flirt with her.

Speaking about giving compliments, it should be suitable to whom you’re going to give it to. So if your crush or girlfriend happens to be a Brazilian, you have to at least know some Brazilian phrases to compliment her.

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Thank God, you come to the right place. In this article we’re going to give you many useful tips on how to compliment a Brazilian girl using the most Latin-ish way possible. Now let’s go down the lists.

1. "Você me deixa mais alegre que formiga em açucareiro"

você me deixa mais alegre que formiga em açucareiro

You know how much the ants love sugar since they always looking for it everywhere it is. The phrase above means “you make me happier than an ant in sugar”. By saying that you tell her that she’s the source of your happiness. What a sweet way to compliment a Brazilian girl.

2. Gostosa

If you look up at the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary, you’d find that gostosa means delicious. However, in the slang term, it means “very attractive”. Both powerful and playful, reminding her that she is indeed hot and she needs to be constantly reminded about it.

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3. "Você é bonita"

To compliment a girl, you don’t have to think about complicated words, the simple and straightforward one is better at times. Such as the words above which means “you’re pretty”. No girl in the world would not be unhappy hearing that words, especially from guys.

4. "Você é ainda mais bonito por dentro do que por for a"

Appearance lasts for a short time while inner beauty is forever. It’s such a shame for a pretty who doesn’t have a good heart. So by complimenting her that “your inside is even more beautiful than your outside”, you are acknowledging that she is not only beautiful but also is a good person. What a nice words to be told!

5. "Essa jaqueta ficou legal em você"

Another way how to compliment a Brazilian girl using a simple sentence. When you’re still in the early stage of the relationship, complimenting her look and taste is the best choice. Once you see her, tell her how “that jacket looks nice on you”. It means you appreciate her effort to dress herself.

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6. "Você é inteligente!"

If you’re about complimenting a Brazilian girl – and other girls in general, find out what kind of a person she is first. Does she likes to be complimented because of her looks or she’s not the type who give much attention to outer appearance?

If she is the latter, telling her “you’re smart” would make her very happy.

7. "Seu sorriso é lindo"

“Your smile is beautiful” is what seu sorriso é lindo means. Girls always say that smile is the best make up they can wear, so please let her know that you notice it too. Her smile is contagious, so seeing her smiling makes you happy and want to smile, too.

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8. "Você está deslumbrante"

Does she look pretty every time you see her, regardless of the dress she wears? Then you have the most perfect words to tell her. Você está deslumbrante means “you look gorgeous”, a simple compliment that would make any girls hard to sleep at night.

9. "Você me complete"

você me complete

One more wonderful words to compliment your beloved Brazilian girl. After being in a relationship with her for a while, you start to feel you have found your other half. Let her know how you feel by telling her “you make me feel complete”.

10. "Você é tudo pra mim"

Haven’t got anything to tell her on the special day like Valentine’s or anniversary? Why don’t you tell her você é tudo pra mim which means “you are everything to me”. Simple but special because you say it in Brazilian.

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11. "Querida, docinha and amorzinha"

Those are three different words but make a good pet names for the lovely Brazilian girl. Querida can be translated as “dear” or “sweetheart”, docinha means “little sweet”, and amorzinho means “little love”. The word “little” is a sign of affection, not about how much you love her.

That’s all the sweetest Brazilian phrase we can give you so you will have many alternative ways how to compliment a Brazilian girl. If you have your own sweet words, do share with others through the comment section below.

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