23 Ways To Make Cancer Girl Fall In Love With You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for a foolproof method to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you?

Perhaps you’ve learned that your crush was born at this time of year, and what to know what that means about the best way to attract her? 

Well, you’re in luck!

There are several behaviors that Cancer women find particularly attractive, and I’ve listed them in the guide below. 

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If there’s one thing that Cancer women hate, it’s pushy and impatient men. So, the information within this guide couldn’t be more relevant to you if you’re looking to win a Cancerian heart.

Honestly, the Stealth Attraction method is superior no matter who you’re pursuing. Because of its covert nature, it’s virtually rejection-proof. The methods explained in this guide should be the foundation of any successful pick-up, yet most men are so clueless when it comes to this form of seduction. 

Still, if you’re looking for extra nuggets of information to win the heart of a Cancerian woman, scroll down and read the rest of the guide below.


Ways To make Cancer Girl Fall In Love With You

A Cancer woman is known for being sweet and loyal. They make the perfect wife material. You can enjoy them giving you tea and a shoulder anytime you need it. She’s sensitive and prefers stability and comfort over constant change. 

These things help bring out her nurturing side more than it already is there. Cancer women tend to prefer long-term relationships over one-night stands. 

This zodiac sign is known for quite a few things that will instantly make you want to put a ring on their finger. However, it’s not so easy to make hypersensitive Cancer women fall head over heels in love with you. These tips can help you get her heart to skip a beat, though. 

1. Let her know how you feel about family

Cancer women are all about home and family. They thrive in a safe, secure environment. When the two of you are getting to know each other, make sure that you let her know how you feel. If family is your top priority, she’ll definitely be interested in getting to know you further. 

2. Be ready to discuss your future

She’s all about being safe and secure. That means that you need to make her feel safe both in your relationship and in life in general. When you avoid the topic, she’ll assume that you aren’t ready for a stable relationship. Instead of being closer to you, she’ll pull back. 

You’ll get bonus points with this sign if you bring up the topic first. Ask her where she wants to raise children. Talk about the future of your relationship, and where the two of you would like to be in five years. Discuss future careers

3. Partake in domestic duties

This is where Cancer can get confusing. She wants to be needed, but don’t need her too much. Although she’s feminine, that doesn’t mean that she wants to do all of the traditional female duties around the house. Pitch in every once in a while. Sweep and dust. Do the dishes. 

When the two of you aren’t living together, you can still pitch in. If she cleans the house every Saturday morning, offer to help. Even if she declines, she’ll smile at you wanting to help. You can also pitch in when the two of you are together, such as stacking the dishes for the waitress after dinner. 

4. Touch is important

This water sign prefers to feel cozy. That means she’ll love your warm hoodies and your arms wrapped around her. Brush her arm while the two of you are talking. Hold hands as you go for a walk after the first date. Put your arm around her. Make sure that you implement whatever physical contact she is comfortable with. 

5. Show your intellectual side

If you want to attract a Cancer woman, make sure that you show how smart you are. Speak up during team meetings. Enjoy discussing deep topics with her. She’ll be even more attracted to you if you are a little bit powerful too. Make sure that you let her know that you’re not too bossy, though. She wants a guy that makes her feel protected but not controlled

6. She needs to feel comfortable

she needs to feel comfortable

In order for you to win over a Cancer woman, she needs to feel at ease. This will help her be vulnerable. You’ll get to hear her amazing giggle. More than anything, she’ll be more interested than she was in the first place. If you want to win over a Cancer woman, make sure that she’s feeling cozy when she’s with you. 

7. Don’t be fake

As you read this list, it can be tempting to fake a few things. Don’t try it. If you hate doing dishes, don’t be afraid to say that. You can point out that you don’t mind other household duties to simultaneously be honest and score some brownie points. 

Water signs are known for quite a few things. One thing they are known for is their intuition. This sign is more likely to be psychic than other signs. You’ll get caught trying to fake certain things. She might not say anything, though. Instead, she simply won’t be as interested. 

8. Romance a Cancer woman

If you’re out to get a Cancer woman to fall in love, learn a thing or two about romance. Cancer women are hopeless romantics. They dream of a fairytale romance complete with a happy ending. 

Buy her flowers. Take her on a romantic date night or vacation. Enjoy simple things together, like a picnic in the park. Make her laugh. More than anything, make sure that you look into her eyes. 

9. Be patient with this sign

You might be tempted to rush into things with a Cancer girl, but that’s not the way to her heart. In fact, this will scare her off. A Cancer woman is more prone to have a slow-to-warm-up personality. That means you’ll need to be patient if you want to really win her over. 

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10. Avoid playful criticism

Don’t forget that a Cancer girl is sensitive. Some women with this zodiac sign are defined as hypersensitive. They’ll beat themselves up over what you consider to be a tiny criticism. This includes you poking fun at them or something that they love. Instead, be loving and supportive. Save the mocking and joking for friends that are not as sensitive. 

11. Spend time with her

This zodiac sign values consistency and quality things in life. She’d rather you take the time out of your day to do something special than buying her something. Plan a regular date night every week to give her both quality time and the stability that she craves. 

If you don’t have a lot of free time, try to plan something special for her to show her that you’re still thinking of her. Give her romantic dinners and gestures whenever you can so that she’ll still be attracted to you, even if you’re busy. Spending time with her can be simple, too. 

12. Be nice to make a Cancer woman fall in love

be nice to make a cancer woman fall in love

When it comes to Cancer women, showing your softer side is always a good idea. She’ll see this as a good sign, and she’ll start to be comfortable around you sooner. 

That’s because this water sign is known for being sensitive and kind. They don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that is so blunt they are unkind. A Cancer woman won’t go for a man that isn’t sweet. On top of that, this sign loves romantic things. The nicer you are, the more romantic you are. 

13. Show off your love for pretty artwork

A Cancer woman is almost guaranteed to love any artwork. A trip to the local museum is her idea of a perfect date. She loves beauty. That means that she is going to fall for a man that shares that interest with her. Cancer women don’t want to listen to someone complain about how boring a museum is. This woman won’t want a relationship based on superficial things, but she will love having a partner that feels comfortable in museums or at an art show. 

14. Give plenty of love to the people and things around you

A Cancer woman will fall in love with a person that has plenty of love to give. When she sees you being kind to people or brushing off comments instead of starting a heated fight, she’ll instantly start to like you. 

If you’re interested in making a Cancer girl fall for you, this is advice that you need to take. Not only will she fall for you, but she’ll also instantly be attracted to you as a person. This is a great way to get her to speak to you if the two of you have yet to have a conversation. 

Once you have a Cancer woman interested in you, continue to be as nice as you possibly can. Then, she’ll be interested in getting to know you on an emotional level. 

If you’re looking for a way to make a Cancer woman open up, this one is it. She’ll slowly start to come out of her shell to reveal the amazing woman that she is underneath. That’s the first step in making a Cancer woman fall in love. 

15. Don’t let them feel insecure

Remember, a Cancer girl loves feeling secure. That means that she needs to feel secure in your relationship and in her place in your life. Don’t leave her wondering where she stands. Avoid games that will make her question whether you like her. Instead, being both sweet and honest is your best bet. Always make sure that she knows how you feel about her. 

16. Avoid trying to change them

Not only does this sign need to feel secure in their relationship, but they also prefer to feel secure in themselves. If you try to change them, it instantly gives the impression that you don’t like them for who they are. When a Cancer girl gets the idea that you don’t like the same things or aren’t husband material, she’s more likely to lose interest. She won’t change for you. 

17. Show off that chivalrous side

Because these signs are romantic at heart, this is a great thing to do both in relationships and to attract a Cancer girl. When you open the door for her, it’ll make her smile. Those tiny signs that you’re a true gentleman at heart are going to instantly make her heart skip a beat when you’re around. 

18. Make her laugh

make her laugh

A Cancer woman might come off as serious, but deep down she’s very lighthearted. This girl loves to laugh and have fun. Help her come out of her shell by telling a few jokes or going to a comedy show for a date. 

Keep in mind that a Cancer woman is also sensitive. While she likes a good joke, don’t make jokes at her expense. Instead, keep them light. Try out a few dad jokes or puns to see if she cracks a smile. Get a feel for her sense of humor to make sure that you don’t offend her. 

19. Be concerned about her

A Cancer woman is the one that you need to text to ask if they’ve eaten today. When she’s going through a tough time, check on her. Text her to see if she needs anything. If she’s recently been sick or had an injury, make sure that you ask if she’s okay. 

Little gestures like this will instantly make a Cancer woman fall for you. She’s a concerned person by nature. It’s simply her nurturing side coming out. When you show that you’re concerned about her, she’s going to relate to you more. In addition to that, it’ll show her that you care, which is going to make her smile. 

20. Make the first move

It might seem contradictory to make the first move and move slowly, but it’s not. You don’t want to pressure her or rush her into going out with you. That is going to scare her away. Instead, simply introduce yourself to a Cancer woman. 

A female with a Cancer zodiac sign might be a bit too shy to approach you. That’s why it can benefit you to talk to her first. Then, instead of immediately asking her out, take some time to talk to her. Once you’ve done that, tell her you enjoyed the conversation and get her phone number. Remember, slow and steady wins the race to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you. 

21. Get a Cancer woman to fall in love by needing her

While women born under water signs like Cancer like to be with romantic men, they don’t always want to be the helpless princess in a tower. In fact, these signs can be quite independent. It can be difficult finding the perfect balance between being there and needing her, but it’s possible. It’s a necessity if you want to make this woman fall in love with you. 

You can do this in several ways. Ask her opinion on something aesthetic, such as which painting to put in your office. Call her for help. Shoot her a text to see if she can provide assistance with literally anything and she’ll happily do it. 

22. Let her take care of you

Cancer women love to take care of other people. They are the most nurturing zodiac sign. Letting her take care of you will instantly make a Cancer woman fall in love with you. If you’re sick, ask her to bring you some soup. Don’t decline when she offers a back massage after a long day at work. Not only will this bring out her nurturing side, but it’ll also show her that you might be husband material. 

23. Try not to get too emotionally charged

This woman puts a lot of value on how you treat them, and that includes how you treat them when you’re angry. If you’re in a heightened emotional state, try to take a few deep breaths. Calm down before talking about what upset you. She doesn’t care for loud arguments full of name-calling. Instead, they’ll retreat back to the shell you worked so hard to get them out of. 


How can I impress a Cancer girl?

Appeal to her emotional side by being nice and kind. Tell a few jokes. Let her be nurturing. Show that you’re into art and other things that are considered aesthetic. More than anything, don’t try to have a one-night stand or casual affair with this sign. 

How do you know if a Cancer woman loves you?

She’ll want to take care of you. When this girl loves you, they’ll open up so that you can see their emotional side. They’ll also want to do things with you and invite you to be around the family. Family is very important to this woman, and she won’t let just anyone around them. 

What does a Cancer woman find attractive?

This woman is attracted to romance in relationships. Hold open the door for her and open her car door to attract her. These signs also prefer men that are kind to others and show concern for other people. Give plenty of love to the world around you to attract her. 

How does a Cancer girl flirt?

They start out flirting by trying to get to know you. This sign isn’t obvious that they like you, especially in the beginning. Instead, they will ask what you want to make sure the two of you are on the same page. They’ll ask common questions to get to know you better and to determine if you’re a good fit. 

Where do Cancers like to be touched?

These signs are romantic at heart. They love to be touched everywhere. A night spent making love is their dream come true. They particularly love to be kissed and touched on their chest. Their ears and neck are other great spots that will drive them wild. 

In Conclusion

Making a Cancer woman fall in love requires kindness, patience, and understanding. How else can you get this sign to open their heart?

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