What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Away For A Week - Enjoy Yourself!

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People say a healthy relationship is where you can give space to each other. Easy to say hard to do, when your boyfriend is really away from you, you can’t help but missing him everyday. Now that your boyfriend has to go out of town for a week for business trip, you feel emptiness that was never there before. Especially when you never been separated with your boyfriend for that long.

You’re going to inevitably miss him, but you should see this as an opportunity to find yourself again. Make a list of what to do when your boyfriend is away for a week so that you’re always occupied and not missing him that much.

So here are the tips to make yourself happy without neglecting your boyfriend at the same time.

1. Keep The Communication Going

keep the communication going

No matter how far apart you are physically, you should maintain a good communication. Send sweet messages to your boyfriend regularly so that he knows you miss him. By the end of the day, don’t forget to call him to keep update on each other’s day.

Make sure that you’re not obsessed in texting or calling him. If he doesn’t immediately reply or picking up the phone, don’t bomb him with even more of it. He’ll contact you at his convenient time.

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2. Have A Girls’ Night Out

When your boyfriend is around, night out with your girls seems almost impossible. Now that he’s away, have fun with them to take him off your mind for a while.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, shopping together, watching movies, and sleeping over are good ideas. The talk, laugh, and smiles you share each other are good remedies for a stressful mind.

3. Do Your Hobbies When You Miss Him

Missing your boyfriend put your emotional state into unstable wave. You need a distraction to make you feel less miserable. The best way is to turn to your hobbies and drown yourself in it. Do whatever you like.

You can read, watch movie, hiking, traveling, etc. to reach a peaceful state of mind.

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4. Make A Countdown Until The Day You’ll Meet

A week is not too long but it feels like a year when you spend every other day missing your boyfriend. You probably unbearably missing him at the moment, so make countdown until the day you finally meet him. To make the wait more exciting, make list of things you want to do together once he’s back.

Keep it in mind that even though things are hard now, the day you meet him will feel like the first time and you’ll be falling in love with him again.

5. Talk To Your BFF

There are people who even though they have done many of their “what to do when your boyfriend is away for a week “ lists, they can’t get rid of him from head. If you happen to be one of them, don’t just save it for yourself.

Talk to your best friend about how much you miss him and you don’t know what to do to distract your mind. She’ll give you the best solution and you definitely feel better after talking to her.

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6. Exercising


Exercising is a good way to keep yourself busy. Not only your mind is drive away from your boyfriend, you’ll be healthier as well. You don’t have to hit the gym if you don’t want to or you never did before.

Go for a walk, morning run, hiking the nearest hill, or riding your bike. Do it together with your friends to make it even more exciting and amazing.

7. Pour Your Feeling Through Writing

Daydreaming too much about your boyfriend won’t do any good to you. Swiping through pictures, staring at your phone’s screen all the time doesn’t make anything better. You have to keep yourself with anything else. If you really miss him that much, you may write it down.

You can write on a blog, online community, and even do the guest blogging and writing some articles. Make sure you’re still productive without your boyfriend by your side.

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8. Keep Busy And Productive

Do the regular activities you do everyday when your boyfriend is away for the whole week. If you’re working, keep busy with work stuffs. Drive all your focus into the project you’re involved in. And if you’re a student, then get some homework done.

The point is, keep yourself busy with whatever it is. Aside from regular activities, you can start working on things you’ve been procrastinate all along and make sure it’s all finished by the time your boyfriend return.

9. Take A Short Trip

Now that your boyfriend is not around, you have a free time to do anything you want to do. Why don’t you pack up your bag and go for a short trip? Either you go alone of taking your BFFs with you, it will be such a good experience.

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Get lost in the nature and find yourself again. It’s a good method to release all the stress due to the fatigue you have to get through everyday in city life.

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10. Enjoy The Sensation

Missing your boyfriend too much when he’s not around is the sign of attachment, which is bad. Your boyfriend shouldn’t define your happiness or your mood for the day. Take it as a good thing for your relationship. Couples need to feel it so that you know you’re still in love with each other.

It’s only normal for you to miss your boyfriend. But you should know what to do when what to do when your boyfriend is away for a week. You must enjoy yourself, finding the new you again. On the other side, be thankful that you find such a good man you miss all the time. Remember that many women is struggling to find the right man for them, while you have secured one for yourself.

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