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33 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

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The word of I Miss You is something normal that is usually felt by us. This feeling in a relationship will have a positive impact.  When you missed someone, you will feel comfortable, and it will increase motivation in the relationship. Behind of this longing, of course, there are many reasons that we are not really aware of, Why you can feel this? Find the following reasons below.


1. Interested in him

Interested in him is one of the classic reasons you miss him. His handsome face, his sweet smile and his good behavior make you think of him always. See also Ways to Make My Boyfriend Miss Me and Want to See Me 

2. Curious

At the beginning you meet him, you feel curious. Who exactly is he? Why is he always acting cool and arrogant in front of you?

3. He can make you comfortable

He may be just a simple man. But he is able to provide comfort for you. This is what makes you always miss him, is it right?

4. There is a love that comes between you and him

Starting from a sense of comfort, the seed of love arises between you and him. This is where longing will often appear. Once, he does not appear in front of you, you will be worried and always thinking about him.

5. Assume he is a special person

He is a simple, handsome and kind man. To you he is a special person and you are very dreamed of it. This man is very perfect for  you. See also Signs He Misses You but Won’t Admit It

6. He means to you

He’s always paying attention to you. Whatever you need he is always ready to help you. To you, he’s a very important person.

7. You feel connected with him

Your feelings of change are becoming real. When you know he’s actually sick. In here, it’s like as if you’re connected to him. See also Signs You Miss Your Crush

8. There are memories between you and him

Always go together enjoying the beautiful scenery or doing the same hobby with him is a wonderful memory that you will never forget. However, when he went to continue his studies, this miss feels heavy.

9. Without him life seems meaningless

For you, the most powerful longing remedy is just him. Without him your life feels meaningless. Even the sun seemed to forget to shine. See also Ways to Get Him to Miss You 

10 Be familiar with it

Leaving old habits is the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Used to both go together, laughter together even the difficulty experienced together. When the distance separates you and him, this is where the longing will be present between you and him.

The sign you missed your boyfriend

What are the signs of someone if she misses her boyfriend who is away from her? Below here are some obvious signs when you miss your boyfriend. So, let’s take a look of  these are the signs.

1. Send a short message

Something classic, send a message. If you often send a message to him this proves that you are hit by longing. But keep in mind to send messages not too often. You may miss him, but you do not too over do it, it can lead to possessive. See also Signs Your Boyfriend Misses You

2. Reply to messages quickly

One message from him goes, you immediately move quickly pick up the phone and then reply to the message. It can also be said that you really miss him.

3. Calling him by phone

It is not quite satisfied after you received a short message from him. You also call him, even you activate the video call. So, how is your feeling now, better or not? See also Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You

4. Request photo

It’s not enough there, every time he does his activities, you even ask for selfie photos of him. Are you really here to make sure he is working or is he already eating lunch? Please don’t be possessive.

5. Stalking in the social media

He does not give you news, and what you do is stalking on his social media. In here can be seen clearly updates all about him. He walks with whom, he does what, and how his condition. You can comment on the status or photos that have been uploaded. See also Signs Your Ex Misses You and Wants You Back

6. Feeling jealous

Often feel jealous when you see him commenting on a message from his girl friend? Instead of being jealous, you’d better put on him in a good way.

7. Send him a gift

There’s nothing wrong sending a gift to him. Especially if he was on his birthdays. The distance may be slightly apart, but for the sake of making people happy is none reason, right?

8. Angry for no apparent reason

You feel he no longer cares about you, no news at all and his mobile phone is not active. You are angry all day long, until you finally find it. It is clear that you are angry here is that you miss him, your boyfriend. You do not seem willing to be far from him. See also Signs a Capricorn Man Misses You

Magically cute things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him

When you missed him so much, usually you will say “ I miss you”. But, below here there are some magically cute things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him. This  magically words really can cure your longing after a long time not seeing him. So, let’s check these out.

1. You are look so cute when you smile.

2. Just hearing your voice,  it makes my moods up.

3. I dreamt of you last night.

4. Spending time with you is the highlight of my day.

5. You understand me so well, it’s like you can read of my mind.

6. I haven’t met someone who’s nice and caring like you.

7. Don’t ever change, just be like this. I love you the way you are.

8. Without you, the sun forgets to shine.

9. I can’t wait to be with you. I missed everything when I with you.

10. No matter how far away I am from you. I can still feel our connection.

11. You are the meaning of my live.

12. I can’t wait to spend my whole my life with you.

13. I wish you here be with me now.

14. I can’t breath without you. Really, I miss you so much.

15. I miss your laugh that made me smile and those your cute eyes.

That’s some tips for you about cute things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him. Hopefully, this review will help you to say “I miss you” with a series of other words.

Some of the above words you can also change or you can also add with romantic words which content is the same content, that is about your longing against him. Good luck and happy to be creative with romantic words. Good luck.

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