23 Awesome Signs A Capricorn Man Misses You

by Donna

Are you dating a Capricorn man but don’t know how best to tell if he is missing you when you are apart from one another? Do you need to know the signs a Capricorn man misses you?

If you are dating someone who follows zodiac signs and is a Capricorn, you may want to talk about which zodiac sign he is and how it applies to your relationship

You need to understand what it’s like to be with someone with the Capricorn sign. Watch out for a Capricorn guy because he can be a little bossy when he knows what he wants. If you suspect a Capricorn man may be missing you or if you want to make him miss you like crazy, this article is perfect for you. It will show you exactly which signs to be on the lookout for and what to do!

Before we do that, we will examine what it is actually like to date a Capricorn man because if you have one in your life, you will want to know what to expect. A Capricorn man can be a difficult nut to crack, so to speak. He treats his woman right but can be challenging!

What It Is Like Dating a Capricorn Man

what it is like dating a capricorn man

A Capricorn man is, at times, a difficult guy to spend one’s life with. He can be set in his ways and have high expectations for his partner. He is very strict and can even be a little bossy from time to time. You’ll enjoy being courted by him, though. He’s a gallant, strong, and well-behaved gentleman who is polite and has good manners. You can rely on him to be there for you.

One of the greatest things about a Capricorn man is his commitment to a relationship. He will remain loyal and faithful to you if the relationship is on the right track, but when things get difficult, and his expectations aren’t met, he can be stubborn and difficult to live with. Who wants to be with a guy that makes them feel like they can never measure up?

Not all Capricorns act this way all the time, though. You really have to weigh the pros and cons with a Capricorn to decide if the good outweighs the bad in the relationship. Do you have more fun and enjoyment in the relationship, or is it full of fighting and unresolved conflict? You should only be in a relationship where the benefits outweigh the challenges you must face, right?

Does a Capricorn Man Miss You? (The Signs to Look For)

1. He acts busy and nervous around you

How do you act around your man when you haven’t seen him in a long time? You are super excited, right? You just want to talk non-stop, almost nervously, and tell him every single thing that has happened to you or every thought that’s come into your brain since the last time you saw him. You want to include him in every part of your life.

If he has missed you a lot, you can bet that he will act the same way when the two of you are spending time together after being absent from each other for a long time. Watch for the cues that he “seems” to be busy or that you are making him a little nervous and excited, and you’ll know for sure whether or not he’s missed you for some time.

2. He asks you out on dates all the time

If your Capricorn man thinks you haven’t spent enough time together and misses you, you can bet that he’ll be asking you out on dates all the time. He wants to know when you are available so that he can spend quality time with you. If you want to make a Capricorn man continue to miss you, make sure you are not too eager upon answering.

3. He gives you a drawer at his home or a key

A surefire sign that your Capricorn man has missed you and wants you to know that you can come over to his place any time you wish. He wants you to feel like his home is your home, and this is the way in which he is showing you that! If you aren’t serious about him, take care before accepting his key; it’s a sign of commitment and loyalty.

4. Your friends say they know it’s true

your friends say they know it's true

Is it possible that your friends have knowledge that you do not? Maybe they have heard it through the grapevine that he’s talking about you behind your back (in a good way). You make him feel like a new man, and he tells everyone about how great you are. He’s definitely missed spending time with you if you have heard all about it through others!

5. He acts excited to see you when you are around each other

Like being nervous, you can expect a certain level of excitement from your Capricorn man if he has been missing you. He may act giddy or thrilled that you are around him. You may make him feel younger and more full of spunk; notice whether he talks quickly or stutters a little bit. Signs like these happen when a guy gets all excited!

6. He doesn’t date other girls

If your Capricorn man only has eyes for you, you know he misses you. He may want to spend as much time with you as possible but just hasn’t found the time. Make sure you are available enough to stay in a relationship with this guy, but that you also aren’t too desperate and jump on the first invitation he throws your way. Play a little hard to get!

7. He plans the holidays early, and you are invited

Oh, the holidays! What girl doesn’t love it when her boyfriend asks her over for Christmas dinner with his family? Better yet, he may ask you on a holiday getaway with his friends or family members. After all, a Capricorn man is a mature, committed, and gallant guy who loves to treat his woman with respect and care!

You will love going home with him on the holidays to meet the family or decorate the tree! After a marvelous holiday vacation, you can make a Capricorn man fall in love with you! Just be your usual, charming self - the girl he originally fell head over heels for! Make sure you mind your manners and treat his family with respect and care. Be sweet!

8. He gives you lots of attention

he gives you lots of attention

If you haven’t seen your Capricorn man in a while, he may smother you with attention. Here’s a little secret, though: You might just love every second of it! You won’t feel like it’s real smothering because you, too, have missed him! Take the time you need to get reacquainted with each other if it has been a while since you’ve been together.

Then, watch how eager you are to spend every second with him. It’s great to spend quality time with your boyfriend, but you don’t want him to think that he can ditch you for a few weeks, and you’d be okay with that. Keep your schedule full and be busy from time to time when he asks you out on a date. Play a little hard to get. 

By doing this, you will force him to respect your boundaries and hint that it is not okay for him to disappear or ghost you for a while. You may even want to have a heart-to-heart talk about why he was gone for any period of time and why he, all of a sudden, came back into your life. Playing a yo-yo game just isn’t acceptable, is it?

9. He gets mad easily because of missing you

In this situation, let’s assume he has tried to spend time with you as much as he could, but for some reason, it just hasn’t worked out. A Capricorn man can be demanding and strict when it comes to getting what he wants. If that is YOU, if you are what he has been missing, you may make a Capricorn man mad because he cannot see you as he wants.

10. He opens up; his walls come down

When you see your Capricorn after not seeing him for some time, you may notice a certain level of intimacy as he shares new things that he has never shared with you before. Notice that you can make a Capricorn man miss you by just having some serious intimacy when you are together again. 

He may have some reason as to why the two of you weren’t spending time together, which has now been completely forgotten because of the closeness you are sharing. 

11. He surprises you with thank you notes, flowers, or balloons

Does your Capricorn man miss you? You can count on him to be quite romantic if he shows you how much he misses you. He may send you a dozen roses at your office or send you a cookie bouquet with balloons on your birthday. The gentleman-side of him does make a Capricorn man quite sweet and polite; he’ll treat you like a princess.

12. He is possessive, getting jealous all the time

Capricorns can be quite controlling from time to time, so if you are flirting with other guys or if he hears of this, believing you are doing that, he may get very jealous! He may be thinking, “Just because I can’t be with her right now doesn’t mean that I want other guys taking my place!” If you’re into this guy, it’s okay to make him jealous! 

You will be able to see how he really feels about you!

13. When he talks about the future, you are included in his plans

Ah, so like the holiday plans, you can bet you have made your Capricorn man miss you if he talks about the future, and you are included in every plan he makes. This action lets you know that he wants you to be in his life for the long haul. 

14. He acts like your cheerleader

he acts like your cheerleader

A Capricorn is quite a supportive sign. He knows that his woman needs to be treated with support and respect. Whatever path you are on, he’ll jump on board and be part of your team if he misses you when you are apart. He’ll help you reach your goals and have a fantastic future as he happily goes along for the ride. Do the same for him.

15. He texts and/or calls you all the time

These are classic signs that a Capricorn, or any guy, has missed you. He’s letting you know you are on his mind and that he can’t wait until the next time you can talk!

16. He leaves things behind at your place

This cute behavior shows you that he plans to return to your place in the future. If you are wondering, “Does my Capricorn man miss me?” the answer here is yes! He is leaving behind clues that he’s been there in case some other guy happens to stumble upon your quarters (in the castle you live in because you are a princess)!

17. He responds to you immediately

We all know the allure of that text ring or the sound of a phone call, but we’ve all had to adjust to technology. Most people do not answer their phones right away because they are busy or just don’t feel like talking at the moment. If he’s jumping on your every attempt to communicate, you know he’s missed you!

18. He gives you gifts

If you want to know how to make a Capricorn man fall in love with you and you’ve received gifts from him after not seeing him, you don’t need the secrets! He’s head over heels if he already has gifts ready for you. How sweet is that? So many girls would love it if their man bought them sweet little gifts, showing they care for them. 

Enjoy this because you have won the boyfriend jackpot (or maybe you have at least gotten a little lucky)! Be gracious and polite, always telling him how much you appreciate the thought and gift. 

19. You run into him all the time

If you live in a small town, there’s a good chance that you would run into him by chance, but many people live in larger areas where this is unlikely. However, with things like Facebook check-ins, boyfriends can tell where their girls are at and “run into them” by “surprise,” even if it’s really on purpose, and you know this!

20. He demands to know what your intentions with him are

If he thinks you are playing games with him, be ready for the fact that he may be demanding when it comes to your plans in the relationship. He may want to know if you are serious about him or if you should just end things. Know how you feel about him ahead of time in case this comes up!

21. He tries to make decisions for you

he tries to make decisions for you

Yes, Capricorns have a controlling side of them, but it can be rather sweet. If it doesn’t cross boundaries for you, go ahead and let him make some decisions on your behalf. 

22. He gives you lots of attention on social media

He may not be able to tell you in person that he misses you for some reason, but he’ll figure out something to show you that you are on his mind, like social media! 

23. He tells you that he misses you

Many times, Capricorn guys don’t like to beat around the bush. If he feels like he’s missed you a great deal lately, he may just come right out and say that. 


How do you know if a Capricorn man misses you?

One thing about zodiac signs like this one is that they know how to treat their women; they do so very well, offering her up gifts and giving her plenty of attention. Capricorn men are very gallant and well-behaved; they have manners and treat others with respect.

How do you get a Capricorn man to miss you after a breakup?

Giving a Capricorn man some space and time is sometimes the best way. You may feel the need to make him miss you by talking to him more, but often a little mystery is needed with these men. To make him miss you after a breakup, be hard to get.

How do Capricorns act when they like someone?

They are very well mannered and want to make women feel at ease around them, so they treat them with a great deal of respect. They want to put their best foot forward to take care of their women and make sure they know they are loved and cared for.

What do you do when a Capricorn man ignores you?

If your Capricorn man is ignoring you, I know that you are going through a very difficult time. Unfortunately, we can’t always control who loves us in life and who wants to be a part of our lives. You may think this guy is “the one,” but just move on.

Do Capricorns get back with exes?

Capricorn men avoid disagreements and drama; they want to be around people who are like them - stable and secure about what they want in life. Some Capricorn men give their exes second chances, but most men move on in life to something more stable and secure. They find stability comforting.

To Sum Things Up…

Do you have the secret to winning the heart of a Capricorn guy, or are you looking for the right one? What did you learn from this article, and what could you contribute? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below, and please share this post!


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