Don't Say These Things to Virgo or You Will Lose Him!

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As you know that this sixth astrological sign and symbolized with maiden is a zodiac for people who born in September 16 th to October 30 th. People born during these dates are called Virgos or Virgoans. According to Greek mythology, Virgo's symbol is based on Astraea, the virgin goddess of innocence and purity who lived immortal during the Golden Age.

But do you know what Virgos personalities are like? You all don't want to hurt their feelings with your words right? Here are the tips before you start making a friends with Virgos..

Virgos may be stereotyped as a fussy perfectionist, but do you ever wonder what makes Virgos are so unique?

  1. Virgos are not having a loose tongue, they'd rather do it. They 'talk less and do more' and believe they can make their dreams come true.
  2. They are loyal as a friend. When Virgos' friends are having troubles by themselves, Virgos are actually helping them. Because once you have gained their trust, they will be there for you no matter what. You may also read about Sweet Things to Say to Virgo Man
  3. Virgos' way of thinking is so analytical and they can help you finding a way out of a complex problems. They could see a simply miss little thing to find a solution.
  4. They love to make plans as they always work hard to build a better future. Virgos are constantly thinking to turn their dreams into reality.
  5. They are so emotional and sensitive. Virgos often refuse to talk when they got a bad day because they do not want to burden people with their problems.
  6. Virgos hate being lectured and judged over their decisions and life choices. You may also read about How to Tell When Virgo Man Is Ready to Commit
  7. They can be like a coldblooded outside but a total nervous inside. They are not always good at reaching out for help and hiding them away.
  8. Virgos easily to get frustrated by incompetence and stupidity.
  9. But among all the things written above, Virgos are a total lover, they avoid confrontation and any fight. You may also read about How to Know If Your Virgo Ex Wants You Back

Talking about how great Virgos' personalities are, lets talk about what you dont have to say in front of them.

  1. You are wrong
    Don't say these things to Virgo! Virgo is the type of easily down in the dump when it comes to their self esteem. Their critical mind always looking for analysis almost everything. They do not like to be judged as they never judge. Virgos will think over a problem before making a decision. So, they calculate the risks and make sure their solution is the best even the rest of their choices are worst. You may also read about How Do You Know If Your Virgo Man Is Cheating
  2. You are stink and your haircut is bad
  3. I bought a copy for you
    Virgos appreciate the original. When you talk about art, Virgos have a bright ideas and knowledge about it.
  4. Your plan is a mess
    This word is what everyone should avoid when talking to Virgo. The mess represents their mind overload. Virgos are smart. They do understand the necessary of practical spirituality too. But Virgos scattered thinking and throw away, and half-baked ideas are a result of the Virgo's need to control it all. You may also read about Why Scorpio Man Loves Virgo Woman
  5. I'm going to set you up
    Virgos are the ruler of their lives. They do not need anybody to help them. Virgos are also perfectionist, their works has to be perfect without any flaws. You do not need to look angelic trying to help them as they will see it like you

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