How To Know If Your Virgo Ex Wants You Back (13 Tell-Tale Signs)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether your Virgo ex wants you back?

This sign tends to show an ‘all or nothing’ personality - so if they change their mind, they are very sure about it. 

But perhaps you still have no idea how he feels about the idea of getting back together with you?

Well, fear not!

The following article should prove to be very useful. It lists the clearest signs that a Virgo wants a former partner back in his life. 

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Now, let’s take a look at the behavioral hints that your Virgo ex-boyfriend is wishing for you to come back to him.


13 Ways To Know If Your Virgo Ex Wants You Back

Before you start to date someone, it is important to know a number of things about them. This includes their zodiac sign. This way, you can better appreciate and understand their behavior. There are a number of zodiac signs including Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio, amongst others. 

It is known that Virgos are born between August 23-September 22. Of the 12 zodiac signs, it is the 6th. 

Any man belonging to this zodiac sign is resourceful, reasonable, stubborn, shy, and involved with what is practical. Such men are perfectionists and since they are ruled by Mercury, they are good at communication. Dating such a boyfriend is great and all, but perhaps, there is a breakup.

What are some of the ways on how to know if your Virgo man wants you back? What would he do to prove that he wants you back? 

Remember that they are quite shy so they won't just march to the ex and say "Hey, I want to be your boyfriend again". Let me show you how to know if your Virgo guy wants you back.

1. He wants to be friends

A Virgo man is a practical man and if he wants his ex back, it means he has given it a lot of thought. One sign to show he wants to be in a relationship with you is that he would still want to be friends. A Virgo guy loves with all his heart, and when he is hurt, he is likely to ignore and keep his distance from you. It is, therefore, quite obvious that he would be hurt from the breakup.

But if he still wants to initiate a friendship with you, then it is a very good sign that depicts that he wants to be in a relationship with you. And since he would not want to be all in your space, he won't force things. So, if you are interested, you can engage him so that you rekindle the love flame.

2. He is still in touch with your family and friends

he is still in touch with your family and friends

Another sign which proves that your Virgo guy wants to pursue a relationship with you is when he still stays in touch with your family and friends. Practicality and logicality dictate that after a breakup, you cut ties with the ex. And these are known traits of a Virgo man. So, if such a man is still in touch with your family and friends, he wants to be your boyfriend.

Because he wouldn't want to abruptly come into your life, dependent on how things ended between you two, he will try to find out how you are doing from your family or friends.

3. He wants to know what is happening in your life

Any man belonging to the Virgo sign would want to dissociate with the ex after a breakup. But if for some reason, he wants to know what is happening in your life (either by inquiring from your family or friends or stalking you on social media or via texts), he loves you. It's obvious that he wants to get back together with you.

4. He is keeping your things

In order to forget about you, the most reasonable thing a Virgo man will do is to dispose of your things or ask you to come for them as soon as the relationship is put to an end. But he is still keeping your things because he is very patient. He knows that you might come for them one day. 

And when you do, perhaps, he may be able to convince you to have that relationship talk with him. This really proves that the man wants you back. Another idea is that, since he is a patient man and he still wants you again in his life, he is keeping your things because he intends on winning you back to him.

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5. He wants to talk about the past relationship

Virgo men are good at communication. And it's no news that for a relationship to survive, communication is an essentiality. Also, they are very practical and like to fix things. So do not be taken aback if the next time you meet, he wants to talk about your past relationship. He would therefore want to discuss what went wrong, he may even admit his wrongs in order to convince you to accept him back. 

Just don't expect him to apologize, these types of men love to mask their emotions so that they don't appear vulnerable. He just expects that you would also take a lesson from what went wrong in the previous union so that you two can pick up from there. However, he would want to prove to you amongst other signs that he still has love for you, and wants you in his life so that he can be your boyfriend again.

6. He makes it clear that he is available for you

It is typical for this man to be very straightforward about his relationship status. This is his way of upholding his honest values. So, if your Virgo man wants you back, he will make it clear that he is available for you. 

Sometimes, he won’t be upfront with you and would use verbal cues. For him, it is also a chance for him to know if you are also interested in getting back with him.

7. He tries to change for you

A Virgo man thinks a lot before he acts. So change does not really come easy for such a man. This is because if he doesn't see the need to change, he would not do it. But if you notice that he is trying to change a certain trait of his you complained about when you two were in a relationship, it is a sign that he really wants to be your boyfriend. 

8. He tries to let you know that he is a better person

Your ex would want you to know that he has become a better man, so if you two happen to meet anywhere, he would try to talk about himself. 

He just wants you to know he is doing well, and maybe try to score some extra points with you. This is because of the positive things that are happening with him. Don't worry. He just wants you in his life again.

9. He finds ways to support you

With the information he has in mind about what you like and what you don't, your Virgo man would find means and ways to support you in whichever area you need in; be it financial, emotional, physical, he is ready to help. 

This is because a Virgo man loves to use actions to back his words and he does it big. So, don't panic. He just wants to change that ‘ex’ status between the two of you.

10. He invites you to family meetings

If your Virgo man invites you to a family meeting, congratulations! He is still in love with you. Virgo men are so into their families and known to be very serious about their family members, especially their mothers. So, they do not invite just anyone to the family dinner. If your ex does, especially when his mother will be present, it means you are really special to him. 

11. He admits his faults

he admits his faults

A Virgo man is very analytical and can be a perfectionist. And because of this, they tend to analyze themselves with a certain perfect eye full of very high standards. While they are known to mask their feelings because it makes them vulnerable, if he lets you in on his personal flaws, (weaknesses and fears) then it means you are very special to him.

This should come as no surprise because such a man is committed, and if admitting his faults is enough to get his ex back, then he will. 

12. He still remembers the little details about you

Since he is such a committed man, if he loves you, it would be quite difficult for him to forget the little things about you. It is often said that the little things matter, and it is one of the many weapons in the arsenal of a Virgo man. 

At this rate, it would seem the best decision to get a Virgo man because, with these details in mind, your man is likely to use it to his advantage. Once this is done, it will be quite difficult to say no to him.

13. He may tell you that he wants you back

A Virgo man loves to give space and would not want to badge into your life. He won’t tell you of his intentions of pursuing a relationship again with you. But if he is satisfied that he has gotten close enough to you (and has seen that you also want to rekindle the love between you two), he may tell you that he needs you in his life.

This is because this is a man who thinks and analyzes extensively before he makes a decision. So, if he is persuaded that the signs are positive enough for him to let out his intentions, he will.


Do Virgos go back to their exes?

Virgos take their relationships very seriously and would love the chance to start over. It is known that Virgos hardly go back to their exes. Those who do are not very many. Be assured that if they do go back, their reasons are valid and reasonable because they are confident that they cannot be played.

How do I know if my ex wants to get back together?

These are clear signs that your ex wants to get back together: you always seem to find him everywhere you go, he always wants to check in with you, he is already showing off his new woman (it is a way to get back at you and make you jealous), he always wants to talk about what you did when you were both together.

You can't seem to have a civil conversation with him, because he hasn't resolved his feelings about you. Also, he is posting sad love quotes around his social media, and he constantly drunk calls or texts you. Suddenly, his friends are interested in your life and he is still in touch with your family and friends. Or, he tells you that he wants to get back together with you.

Do Virgos stay friends with their ex?

Virgos can stay friends with their ex, but they enter those friendships on their guard. They do this to protect themselves from being hurt again. 

Why does my Virgo ex keep coming back?

Your Virgo ex keeps coming back because you make him feel sane in a crazy world and he likes being with you.

How do Virgos react when hurt?

Virgos keep their distance and have a tendency to ignore you when hurt. They do this so that they are not reminded of the hurt. It is, therefore, better to give them some space if they are hurt.

To End This With

Due to the commitment nature of Virgo men, it is a very good idea to get a Virgo man to yourself. This is because a relationship with such a man can be one of the best things ever. 

But if the relationship happens to end for whatever reason, I have listed some ways on how to know if your Virgo man wants you back. So, if you see any of these signs, and are interested, you better get your man back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to know if your Virgo ex wants you back. Tell me what you think in the comments section, and kindly share this piece.

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