How To Know If Your Virgo Ex Wants You Back After He Dumped You

by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether your Virgo ex wants you back?

This sign tends to show an ‘all or nothing’ personality - so if they change their mind, they are very sure about it. 

But perhaps you still have no idea how he feels about the idea of getting back together with you?

Well, fear not!

The following article should prove to be very useful. It lists the clearest signs that a Virgo wants a former partner back in his life. 

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Now, let’s take a look at the behavioral hints that your Virgo ex-boyfriend is wishing for you to come back to him.

Signs That He Wants You Back

There are so many possibilities in life after we've been through some experiences. From those experiences sometime we wish that we could have done things better in the past. This kind of things can also happen to your ex boyfriend and previous relationship. To help you to know more here are some ways on how to know if your Virgo ex wants you back.

Virgo man has his own opinion and thoughts about his partner and anything else. Once you decided to leave him, he will see that the reason why you guys are break up is understandable but, once he knows that the relationship that you guys had can be fixed then he will figure out a way to fix it. So, to help you knowing your ex boyfriend better, here are some signs to help you to know on how to know if your Virgo ex wants you back.

1. Entering your life again slowly

entering your life again slowly

How do you know if your ex boyfriend still cares about you? He will never really go out of your life. When your ex boyfriend still want you to be by his side, he will never really leave. He might leaving for a while but, Virgo man is not really that type of person.

Virgo man know what he wants, he is a wise person when it comes to take an important decision including deciding his partner. Once he knew that you are the one, he will not give up that easy. A Virgo man will eventually enter your life again slowly. He will enter your life slowly because he does not want to upset you. Slow but sure he will enter your life slowly and trying to get your heart back.

2. Still be friends with your friends

There is one from some signs your boyfriend still thinks about me which can be seen through his closeness with your friends. He does this because he still cares for you and he wants to know about you. He gets close to your friends first before you because he wants to take it slowly and he does not want to scare you or even reminding you about the pain of breaking up previously.

3. Start talk about himself

Once you start opening yourself to another person, it means that you actually trust that person. When you realize your ex boyfriend start talk to you and he mostly talk about his life, it means that he is open up to you. And he wants to involve you into his life again.

He wants to get to know your opinion about the things that he currently do because he care about you and he respect your decision for him. This is another sign that your ex boyfriend want to get you back to his side. 

How To Be Friends With Your Ex-Boyfriend

Whether you know or you do not know the ways to get back at your ex best friend or ex boyfriend, you still have the chance to be a good person by not hating them. In your ex boyfriend case, you can actually still be friends with him just in case if you are still confuse whether you want to go back with him or not.

1. Make peace with yourself

make peace with yourself

Do you know the first step of ways to make yourself happy after a break up? If you don't then let me tell you. The first thing that you need to do is to make peace with yourself. Accept whatever happened in the past as a lesson for you to be a better person.

There is no use for you to hate yourself or even your ex boyfriend, because it will not make you to be a better person. Keep trying to ignore your feelings and forcing yourself to forget the past only will make the memories come and make you sad.

2. Take some time away from him

You need to know the ways on how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover because most of us do not know how. You can actually take some time away from your ex boyfriend and all of his things to help you to move on for a while from the pain in the past.

Join more activities and do the things that make you happy. This will make you to generate more happiness and you will be able to generate more positivity in your life.

This is the end of our topic today which is about how to know if your Virgo ex wants you back. Thank you for giving your time to read our article.

Michelle Devani
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