8 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend when Y'all are Fighting All The Time

Last updated on July 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Fights are bound to happen in any romantic relationships and that is normal. Getting involved in a fight is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but there are healthy and unhealthy ways to handle conflict and also certain kinds of speech that should be completely restricted. If your boyfriend is a Leo man, then know how to make up here. 

In the middle of a fight, tensions tend to raise and you may find yourself stuck in the heat of the moment. However, you still need to stay composed and be more careful with your words.

Here are 8 things to say to your boyfriend when y’all are fighting. Check it out.

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  1. “You do not have to solve this issue. It helps me just to talk to you, to let it all out, and to be as transparent as possible, because I do not want to keep you in the dark any longer than this.”
    This could be a good response to any complaints he might throw at you. It is a typical non-confrontational way to let your boyfriend know that a considerate ear is what you need and not an opposing opinion. And if he is bright enough, he will realize the compliment you hide in those lines.
  2. “Let us try to understand each other’s point of view and work from there. You understand mine and I do yours.”
    Empathy is something that would definitely get thrown out of the window during a fight because the more the tension escalates, the more narrow-minded both of you become. Try to say that simple plea at the beginning of an argument to make sure that both of you approach the issue with full consideration of each other’s feelings.
  3. “This issue is very important to both me and you. Let us just listen to each other more.”
    Listening to what each other has to say is a built-in purpose of any argument, but most of the time, both you and your boyfriend are usually too busy calculating what to say next to really pay attention to each other’s words. Try to use that clarion call and give him a few seconds before disclosing the most important points you want to get across.
  4. “Yes, I have got to admit that I can see my part in this issue.”
    This one is the fastest and not to mention the simplest way to a nasty fight. All you need to do is unload all the blame on your side. You may think it is highly justified, but no one likes to be singled out as the only cause of the fight. Your boyfriend would not like it, too. So, admitting your part in the issue, no matter how small it is, can help prevent any kind of aggressive rebuttal.
  5. “We start to get off the main issue and nope, I cannot let you lead me astray. Let us go back the track.”
    When you are involved in a fight and heated argument, you may find that the topic is getting out of the boundaries. Everything sounds like a stretch and it is just all over the place. Do not let that happen for the argument can quickly become a long list of complaint after complaint. Use that phrase to bring the conversation back to the main issue that needs to be tackled.
  6. “What are we fighting for exactly? Is it really worth the hassle?”
    Small brawls can shadow a much larger issue, especially if they are frequently done and twirl around the same few things again and again. Instead of fighting each and every issue to the bitter end, work with your boyfriend to decide what could be causing the issue both in the past and the present.
  7. “Let us take a break. I do not want us to exhaust each other.”
    If you start to feel the need to say something just to inflict pain on your boyfriend, then the best preventative way is to call a time-out. Separate yourself from the scene, clear your mind, and maybe sleep on it. Who knows the anger will pass and your boyfriend is not mad anymore?
  8. “ I love you.”
    Save the best for the last, they say. Nothing sloughs off an argument better than the “I love you” proclamation no matter how you perceive it. As hard as it can be to say such words of affection during a verbal smackdown, it is actually an immediate and effective reminder of the basic bonds you share with each other.

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So, those are 8 things to say to your boyfriend when y’all are fighting. Hopefully, it will cool the argument down.

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