How to Make Your Boyfriend Chase You After A Fight (Push And Pull)

by Michelle Devani

After fight, huh? What do you think you’re gonna do? I know, everyone must be confused about it. Especially, when you’re in relationship. Your boo, he’s playing hard, huh? Tsk! No, ladies! Let it be. War is not forever. Spring will come. Just wait, okay?

How To Make Your Boyfriend Chase You After A Fight

But, you also need to make it work. You can’t just sit down, do yoga, and pray that it’s gonna be better by itself! You’re not Buddha. If you do this, it can be Bermuda triangle for you. Please don’t die because of it. I’ll save you! Do it by yourself, but I’ll guide you. Okay? Okay! Hufft! Everything is gonna be fine! Really fine!

1. Never, ever, ever chase him

never ever ever chase him

How to make your boyfriend chase you after a fight? Ugh, please~ give him a time for himself. You too, you need a time for yourself after a fight, right? Yeah! It will work for him too. Let me tell you something, baby. It will make him to hug you tight again soon. Uhuh! He will miss you so bad. Just give him sometimes. Don’t call him or text him. Just, pretend to ignore him. Make him crazy about it.

Let’s play “who’s gonna be crazy?”. Don’t stalk him too! No! On facebook, twitter, instagram. No! The point of this step is to make him crazily miss you. Here, you’re gonna act like Joker, and he’s gonna be Harley Quinn. Play hard, baby~ be a fancy lady. Think like you’re a mature. You don’t need to chase him, let him chase you. You make the game, and let him play until GAME OVER. Who’s gonna miss who? Who’s gonna hurt? Who? “It’s not me, baby”. Being a bad girl for little bit is really okay.

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2. Enjoy your life while doing it

Don’t stress out. A little bit think about it, it’s okay. But, don’t waste your energy for it. Remember, he’s the one who play in this game, you made the strategy. And, another strategy is make him jealous with your life, not with another man. Enjoy your life, like there’s nothing happened. I know you think a lot about him, and he might think about you too. It’s okay, it’s just the matter of time. 

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It can train you to be more patient. The more you keep the distance for any longer, the more you will glued to him when you both be together again. It also can show you how you trust him. Believing him that he’s not gonna leave you, the more important thing in relationship is trust. Believe that everything is gonna be okay, as long as you love each other. Besides, if you ever miss a single life, you should try it.

100% it will give you back to your single life memories. Go get a change also. Get a new style, get a new you. Exercise a lot, go get a new shape. So, if you both talk to each other again, he will see a new you too, baby. That's how to make your boyfriend chase you after a fight! 

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3. Say “Hi” Again

Plan B! when he takes too long time to give a respond, sharpen your nails, baby. Go get your phone and start to say “hi” again. Believe me, it’s kinda embarrassing at the first time. I mean, who doesn’t? Starting a conversation again after you had a fight is awkward and hard.

It needs a lot of courage to do, to make sure if he’s still mad about it or nah. God! You need to pray a lot for this, but YOLO! You need to do it before you lose him, before he really thinks that you really don’t care about him anymore. Go get him back!

The important thing is “how ya doin’, baby?”. Starts with an simple conversation. Never pull out your sarcasm text. No! never bring back the worst thing, honey. Just, make it simple. As simple as you can. You can try to make your brain works harder, make a simple conversation that makes him wants to reply. Make him chase you again. Switch your brain on, baby! Don’t lose it. 

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4. Time To Take It Seriously

time to take it seriously

Okay, how to make your boyfriend chase you after a fight, enough for playing. Time out. Time-out! Seriously, you need to do something on this step. If he really doesn’t care about you anymore, you need to make it stop. Try harder, if he plays cool too. Show that you still care about him. You might want to cringe for little bit.

Sometimes, men can play hard too. But, don’t worry. He just wants to know that you still need him. Then, show him! In a sweet way. But before! You need to make sure that he still love you or he already had a plan to leave you. Gosh! Okay, honey! Calm down. Let’s just say that the worst thing is going to happen. Brace yourself! It’s okay, maybe it’s the time to lick a single life too.

It’s not bad, baby. Maybe it’s the best thing that should be happened, if you’re already tired of each other. And you feel that there’s no way out after the fight, I guess you need to accept that it’s the best for you. But, if you still love him, explain to him slowly. Be the first to say sorry is pretty good, it can save your relationship. Ask him to start it all over again, and promise that you will never make the same mistake. Don’t play as a victim if you still want to save your relationship. 

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Okay, so that’s for the worst situation. But, how if he just play cool. Again! Show him that you still need him. Man just wanna be a man. They want to take control sometimes *smirk*. Yeah, baby~ so let’s show him that he already got the world in their hands.  Enough for playing cool, now show him your soft side. Make him melt. But, not too much. Cringe is okay, but not too much.

So, that’s it girl. Sometimes we need to play push and pull too. Okay?

Michelle Devani
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