How To Get A Guy To Text You Back Without Being Annoying

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Communication is one factor to build a successful relationship. Nowadays people can get in touch easily with their loved ones in some simple ways to communicate. For example a phone call, a video call or text are being used to make yourself feels closer to your beloved. Texting is one of the easiest way to be used. You can send a text to your friend or family no matter how long your words and how far you are.

Now texting can be used to connect yourself to someone you admire most. This is how you can do some efforts to get his attention and maybe his love. Moreover if you have done texting, he might ignore you. You can think positively that he might be busy on doing some activities or just not available on phone. But sometimes when they do not text you back, you probably think that he is mad at you or ignores you. You feel guilty and try to reach him in every hour, every minutes or even every second.

Well that might be disturbed him when he has an important activity in his life. You do not want to blame right? So in this case, you need to think about how to get a guy text you back without being annoying. Here are some suggestion that you might follow to maintain your relationship with a guy.


1. Talk About Some Light Topics

talk about some light topics

How to get a guy to text you back without being annoying? In order to make him impressed to you for the first time you met, sometimes you want to show him that you are smart and fun by talking about the heavy conversation. You want to talk about politics, world’s issues and another life perception with him but you do not have much knowledge on that topic makes you look dull. Despite of you give him a heavy topic, you can know what he likes and dislikes.

You can start with the light topic in his daily life. Weather, daily work activities or his hobbies can be a light topic that you can choose to be discussed with him. Make a different light topic in every single day, therefore he does not think that you are a boring and narrow minded person.

You can try to pick simply random topics that he likes. If he likes doing sport, you can find some information about the league that he might follow or admire most.

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2. Send A Funny Emoji Or Meme

No one can resist the power of jokes. Try to be a funny person that cannot lead your conversation become lame. You do not need to find some perfect jokes, but a silly one like meme or emoji by searching it through internet. You can take a look what trending topics that happen during the season and find an emoji or a meme.

It should be great if you can make it one original from your own, so you can share it to him. If you have tried to send him an emoji or meme, once he will text you back. It could be your way to start the conversation again and he will give any respond to make him text you back.

Some memes that consists of daily activities or simple jokes can be the best choice to make him laugh. If you think it is your first conversation, make it simple yet funny emojis to text him.

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3. Ask A Question

ask a question

How to get a guy to text you back without being annoying? After you choose some light conversations, you can start to ask him some questions. Try not to use yes or no question that can make him stop by only answering yes or no, but give him an idea to explain something more. You also can be a detective by finding some information about his life and make your conversation keep on going. Focusing on the light and cheerful question without make him think deeply.

You might try to make him comfortable when you text him, avoid some questions that can make him bored. For example, when he came back home from work you can ask about his job but not too much details unless he told it by himself.

You do not want him to get upset when you remind him about his super hectic job, do you? Besides if you give him a happy text, he might feel comfortable even tough it is just a text.

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4. Being Invisible

Stop texting him over and over again when he is not replying your text. Do not expect his response in return. That will make you expect some more attention from him, and if it was not come with your expectation you will get upset easily. You can also take some time to pause when he text you back, so you do not replying him fast.

Let him feel curious why you did not reply his text back. If he knew that you take a long pause to reply, he will think that probably you get mad or something happens to you. He might send you back a text to greet you.

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5. Be Creative Using Status

be creative using status

There are a lot of common factors that make a guy stop texting you back. Boredom is one of the reason why he did not text you back. You need to improve your skill to know how to build a conversation, but in a simple way you need to be more creative to have some topics.

You can search on some source about the trending topics that is happening in a worldwide or some light issues from his likes. You can use the status to make him aware that you are waiting for him to text you back. If you make a status and he read it, he might see your text and send it back to you. It is an old way to remind him that you still exist.

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Men and women have different perception on texting. Women might think that she must reply their text as soon as possible, while men think he will reply it every time he wants. But do not get upset easily if he cannot text you back. You might know the other reason of what makes a man did not text you back, maybe he has his own reason for that. Meanwhile, you can still think positively and spread the love trough texting. That's how to get a guy to text you back without being annoying.

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