How Do You Feel When Your Boyfriend Purposely Ignores You for Weeks?

Do you feel miserable for being ignored by your boyfriend? Frustrated that he doesn’t reply back your text or mail? Understand the truth, you’ll  stop feeling hurt and ignored in no time.

Lets take some a moment here, we need to understand the reason why he’s not acknowledging you. Did you guys fight? Did you ask him to do thing which makes him uncomfortable? Whatever happen you need to reflect on your action.

Here are some things not to do to your boyfriend

  1. Do not hurt their feeling

If you think girls are the only one who cries then you are sadly mistaken. Boys too can cry and have heartache, they might not show it but its definitely there.

Example telling your boyfriend to “shut up “ or “you need to man up” its not something you want to say to him. He doesn’t need you to emasculate him.

Keeping putting him down and he will feel hurt thus neglecting you.

You need to support and encourage him that’s what been a relationship is all about. Here’s more about What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More

  1. Disrespecting him

The recipe for a healthy relationship beside love and trust, there is respect.

Treat your boyfriend as a regular human being not a servant.

For Instance, Dragging him to every single event whether its from work or family gathering. Sure, he’ll gladly accompany you to any events but don’t expect him care or come to a co worker’s birthday. Here’s more about What to Do If Your Boyfriend Ignores You on Whatsapp Chats

Another example asking to do specific errands which you can actually do it yourself. He is your boyfriend not a personal assistance. You action could led him to think that your only dating him for the sake of it. That is a big NO NO!!

  1. Boys don’t like playing games

Playing games doesn’t mean video games, they don’t like playing around the bushes. They don’t think far ahead however we can’t really label them all because not all boys are the same.

What I mean by this when they like a girl they will tell her. They would text or call to see her. And if they aren’t interested they will also tell her. So if your boyfriend ask you what’s wrong just tell them the truth. They grew tired of the answer nothing believe me. Here’s more about What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You after A Fight

  1. Do not treat them like a child

Try not to threat your boyfriends like a child and you as a mother. This isn’t healthy because he’ll depend on you a lot.

Like picking his clothes, scheduling his appointment with the doctor, you being very overprotective, waking up your partner every morning. Remember your boyfriend is an adult, it would be better to treat him one

The negative side of treating him as a child is that, once you do it he’ll want it to continue the habit. This is unhealthy because he’ll like the treat or he’ll get annoyed with it. Here’s more about  Reasons Why Aquarius Man Ignores You and Leaves You Hanging.

Bottom line read and understand the situation. And also reflect your argument.