What To Do When Your Boyfriend Only Talks About Himself And It's Never About Us?

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Guys can be so annoying at times, we girls must admit. Well, that sometimes could be quite often though. It might be a nice, sunny day when you both are on a date but then all those sweet talks you’ve imagined never come true.

Ever date a guy who always talk about himself? It’s all about him, him, and him, and that truly annoys you that you don’t know what to do when your boyfriend only talks about himself. This is a terrible thing for a girl to experience, yet many of this cases occur. Find out just how to respond to this selfish guy so that you don’t waste your energy and emotion recklessly.


What To Do?

Since we all have known so well that talking about oneself all the time can mean a lot of things, including showing the selfishness of that person, we need to be super cautious. If you do the wrong thing, you might be in disadvantage.

But if you don't do anything, then of course both of you will be in disadvantage. That's why you need to be more patient and don't do thing recklessly out of your emotion. No matter how pissed of you're. Make sure you know these few simple tips that might help you in a lot of situation:

1. Don’t Be Too Responsive

don't be too responsive

When a guy only talks about himself and ignore you all the way, don’t become too responsive. Imagine you’re telling story to someone and that person respond you in a very favorable way, then you would definitely go to that person again and again, when you want to tell endless story.

The same thing could happen to you, when you don’t know what to do when your boyfriend only talks about himself. Keep your response clean and clear, that should be enough signal for him to show that you want him to stop.

2. Find Out Why He Did That

No matter how annoying it might have been to hear him talking about himself all day and night, you need to be understanding as well. While you’re reducing your response, try to observe and understand what he might feel and think.

Does he do that out of his inferiority complex? Does he do that simply because he’s a selfish person? Does he do that because you haven’t been attentive and affectionate enough towards him?

There might be a lot of reason as you have known, so try to observe which one might be his reason. It's okay for you to consider doing what to do when your boyfriend ignores you for 3 days , but make sure you've observe and try to understand, of course. Don't just care about your feelings while ignoring his. He also has feelings that you should understand, and it doesn't always work otherwise.

3. Don’t Hide Around The Bush

In a relationship, talking by thinking is definitely a big no. Communicating means talking to one and another, and not alone, for sure. Tell him about how you feel and how he has been acting all this time in a mannerly way.

Communicate what’s in your heart and mind so that he would at least realize how you feel, if he hadn’t realized it all these time. What if he got pissed off? That’s the rest of the story, your part is just to communicate it to clear any misunderstandings. It's also a good way on how to solve misunderstandings between friends.

4. Give Him Time

If he’s naturally selfish and so big of himself, then you should at least give him time. It’s not that easy to change one’s habit overnight. You know that so well. Give him some time to change, to adapt, and support him during his process.

Remind him whenever he’s talking about himself all the time again. Try to keep motivating him perhaps by saying What to Say to Your Boyfriend When He is Going Trough a Hard Time .This would make him feel supported, loved, thus motivated to change.

5. Cut It Off

cut it off

If he simply doesn’t care about you, or if he doesn’t even want to change his habit for you, then cut it off. Why holding on someone who doesn’t even understand you and relate to your feeling? You’ve done all you could from trying to understand, communicate it, support him, help him, but he never care.

Then perhaps, another guy who’s made for you is out there waiting. Maybe he’s just not meant for you and that you worth of someone better than him. Cut it off and move on, girls. There are a lot of tips on how to Move On From a Relationship When You are Still in Love that could help you.

Trying to figure out what to do when your boyfriend only talks about himself is not a very easy task, considering how annoying that might feel. However, if you do love this guy, try to reconsider doing these tips above and make sure you’ve done what you should enough. The rest? Leave it up to him. No matter how he react to you, it’s completely none of your concern.

The most important part is that you don't leave it spoiled and untouched. You don't ignore him, nor follow what he wants without reconsidering your own feeling. Yet, you make it fair between you and him and finish the problems in a good manner. It feels good to solve thing without rushing out and think carefully about it, isn't it?

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