Why Do Guys Always Want You to Send A Picture?

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Sometimes, don’t you ever wonder why do guys always use me as a rebound? Maybe your picture is more beautiful than her. This is the reason why do guys always want you to send a picture. For more reasons check below here.

1. Extremely attractive

You are very attractive in his eyes and this makes his heart tremble that you are the woman of dreams he had been looking for.

2. Want to make you more as a friend

Requesting photos only once or twice may be normal, but if he asks you photos many times with various expressions maybe he could really want to make you more than friends

3. Super hot 

For him, you are a super hot and sexy woman who has ever existed. All men responded like that. This is a classic reason for men why do guys always want you to send a picture.

4. Show off

When you get a beautiful and sexy photo of you, the man will surely show off to his friends, moreover, you have become his girlfriend.

5. Exchanges his photo profile

He asks you much time to send a photo, it may be he wants to changes his profile photo on Whatsapp turns into your photo. Let the whole worlds know that you are the woman that he loves.

6. Will going somewhere else

He is a soldier, he does not have much time to see you. He must go back to the military as soon as possible. That is why do guys always want you to send a picture. He really misses you so much. These are the tips for you on how to make a relationship in the military work.

7. Just want to see you

He wants to see you, closer and closer. Well, he is on the right way back to go home. He already goes back from another city to work on his business. How to get an entrepreneur, you should see this first, things to know before you date a young entrepreneur.

8. Trying to get you

He tries to get you someday, he really likes you a lot but he cannot express his feeling to you. That is why he always asking your photo more and more. He is your secret admirer.

Signs that the guy tries to date with you

Well, it could be that guy tries to date with you that is why do guys always want you to send a picture. See, these following signs.

1. You are his priority

First, if you see he always spare his time for picking up you from college or accompany you for having fun like watching movie or a music festival. He will always be there for you no matter what. Well, he is a guy that care of you and you are his priority starts from now.

2. He always listens to you

While you give him a picture that you are not happy now, he is wondering; why you are so upset? Then, he will make you open up about what are the matters that happen in you.

He shows you that he will be there for you and listen all of your complain. Does it sweet? It is the most romantic that we ever heard, you can be a romantic too if you see how to get a hug romantically without being awkward.

3. Say honestly

We know that not all of men can say the truth about how his feels to a woman that he likes so much. If you can not say honestly you can ask for her picture and when her picture arrived; say this on her photo that is a woman that I love so much.

Give an emoticon and shares on your social media. Let your friend know that you loves her.

4. Plan a date

He plans for a date with you, he invites you by an email even with texts a message through on WhatsApp. He really hope you that you can come to the date. So, what is your decision?

If you like him too, why not go out together? It can makes your relationship closer. There is a tip to plan a date on what to do with a girl when you have no money?

5. Stick with his commitment

He promises you that can make you happy, comfortable and gives you everything that he can do. He sticks with his commitment and tries to make you believe and give what imare the rights for you. If you found that he is so serious upon you. So, he is the right man that can make you happy all in your life.

Tips on how to get him after sending a photo

You can’t cover your feelings because you also like him. So, these are some ways how to make him falling love to you after you send him a photo.

1. Ask him for sent the photo’s back

He asks you for sending a picture, it your turns to ask him for sending a picture for you too. It really would be a great game that both of you can sending cute selfie or even fools selfie. Both of you should be laugh of loud, this game is very fun.

2. Ask permission for photo together

While you meet him in college, why do not take a picture together? In here, you will create a beautiful memory because you ever like him even just take a photo together.

3. Go out somewhere

You and him seems closer each other, it is the right time to go out somewhere. Go to the place that can make both of you feel comfortable, such as city park, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the hill, or else. Take this beautiful moment through take a picture.

4. The right communication

Well, if you want he be your mine, make good communication in reality with good communication, you should meet him every day, talk about all the things that can make your relationship grow.

5. Say the truth

Choose a day and one good moment; say the truth that you likes him too. If he gives a signal that he likes you so say honestly to him that you like him too. Quick as soon as possible. Other ways, maybe you can see these tips on things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more.

Hopefully, the above of why do guys always want you to send a picture can answer your question on your mind. The guy really like see a woman photo that cute, sweet, beautiful even sexy ones. Well, they’re not all guys are bad some of them can be good too.