25 Ways on How to Make A Relationship in The Military Work

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Many people think that having a lover working in the military is something to be proud of. However, please be aware that actually in maintaining this long-term relationship is a very at high risk. Before you make a relationship with people who work in the milter. Then you need to know and have some of the following things below. Make sure you have strong heart and mind, because making a long-distance relationship with someone working in the military is not easy, as it seems. Let's check this carefully.

1. Ideal Body

Surely the body of a military is ideal because they always do exercise every day. Well, to balance with him you can also to maintain your ideal body appearance with exercise as well.
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2. Neat appearance

A military will never get out of wearing his uniform and neat appearance. This can also be an example for you to always appear in the same appearance as him.

3. The key is patience

The key to making a military relationship work well is patient. Only patients can make your long distance relationship long last.

4. Long-distance relationship

Surely you will live a long distance relationship with him without knowing the time. It can about 1 month or it can even years. You must be prepared with this reality.

5. Strong in hold a longing

Miss him every day, you will feel a tremendous longing if you have established a heart to make a relationship with him. See also Ways to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

6. Feel Safer

Who dares to tempt you if you have a military lover? This is an advantage you can have, ladies.

7. Please do not be jealous

Keep yourself out of jealousy, if you are a woman who is easily ignited by jealousy. The relationship you made with him will not long lasting. This is how to make a relationship in the military work!

8. A support means a lot to him

Support him wherever and whenever. To him, you are the big hope for your beloved. See also Ways to Handle A Long Distance Relationship

9. Your knowledge will grow

In here, your knowledge will increase, especially in Geography. You'll find places that people rarely find.

10. Must be prepared with all the risks

If your lover is sent abroad for several months, you must be ready. Especially if he was sent to a battlefield area, you would have to be better prepared for the risk.


This condition sign is only experienced by you who have a military lover

What would you experience if you established a relationship in military work? Below here are some of the conditions you will feel if you make a relationship with someone who works in the military.

1. Rarely heard his news

It feels usual if he does not give news. Although this has become commonplace, without his news. However, you feel little afraid and worried, right?

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2. Long distance relationship fighters

A woman who dares to make contact with a military man, means they are great fighters in a long distance relationship. Imagine how much they missed their lovers who had not been home for months or even years.

3. Great temptation to cheat

Women who make a long relationship with a military often get negative responses from people around. Not only that, the temptation to cheat also has a huge opportunity in here.

4. Fear of something that will happen to him

Fear, worry, and anxiety will surely be felt by you. How come? Now he is ordered to be in a very dangerous battleground. See also Ways to Break Up in a Long Term Relationship

5. Proud to be a military lover

Certainly proud to have a lover who is a military man. Proud because they are true soldiers and proud because they are a defender of our state.

6. Make the most of the holidays

Time off is something that will be waiting for you. Holiday time that is not much. It must be utilized as much as possible. See also Ways to Stay Connected in A Long Distance Relationship

7. Provide a sense of security and comfort

The pride of having a lover or son and even a military brother is certainly going to provide a sense of security and comfort for both ourselves and the family.

How to make relationships in the military work?

Having a lover with military work is not easy. Why? This is where our true love will be tested, whether we as women are able to maintain love by long distance? Are we as women able to be patient in maintaining the relationship with him? Below are the tips for you, how to make relationships in the military work.

1. You both should have a strong mentality

It is important for you and he has a strong mental equality. You and he will face many problems that are not faced by general relationship. Many trials and risks will you face later.

2. Longing heavy is common

How to make a relationship in the military work? Keeping that longing is common, but don't let your focus is always thinking about him. Try to do some things that are useful and certainly good for your future plans and him.

3. Great Patience

Only prayer and patience can help you in this long-distance military relationship. For that, try to get closer to God. Do worship and pray regularly. God will always be among those who are patient.

4. Communication is important

Maybe not every day you can communicate with him. However, if there is an opportunity, try to communicate even if it is in short time. His voice is a longing remedy for you. See also  Cute Things to Say  Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

5. Join the online community

You can try to join an online community for military lovers. In here, you can learn more about what loyalty means and of course, you will have some new friends who share the same story. Relax, you are not alone, ladies.

6. Struggle your loyalty to your lover

Your beloved is out there fighting for the sake of defending the country and you here also struggle in maintaining loyalty to your beloved. You guys are really a very tough pair.

7. You are the source of his passion

For him, you are the source of his passion. Though it just hearing your voice or a facial gaze on the video call this is enough to fulfill up his spirit of the duty. For that, always support him wherever he is. See also Ways to Keep Long Distance Relationship Exciting

8. Send something from home

Is your beloved being transferred to a mess outside the city? Try to give a little surprise for him, by sending something that he likes like a meal or a sweater.

Hopefully, with 25 how to make a relationship in the military work, it can help you how to make relations in military work smoothly. Make sure you understand this relationship, between military duty and love, are equally heavy. As a woman, you must be able to understand, be patient and tough with this relationship state. Keep the relationship between you and him despite being separated by distance and time.

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