22 Ways to Stay Connected in A Long Distance Relationship

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Distance is a great excuse to break down a relationship. It lets communication , intimacy, and romance in a relationship to rot. But it is what it is and you have to make the best out of the condition.
Being connected is simply done when you are close but it will be challenging when you are far apart. But it can still be done with a few tricks.Here are the simple and clever Ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship:

1. Always Text

Texting is a great and easy way to communicate long distance with your partner. Be sure to show the signs that a girl likes you through texting so that your partner will take the hint that you really like them.

2. Romantic Video Call

Video call is one of the most favorite way to see your lovely partner's face. Why not make it romantic and keep the love in the air? This will surely spice up the relationship.

3. Creative Dates

Even if you are far apart it is still essential to have dates. Plan a time when you can be together and plan a creative date through video call. You could have a candle lit dinner or even take your partner to an amusement park!

4. Exchange Information

Simple information and updates about each other's life lets you stay connected to each other. That is why you need to exchange information with each other at any time possible.

5. Don't Stay Silent About A Problem

When a problem arises, you should not keep silent. Assess it immediately and demand a mature resolution. If you stay silent it will surely burn the bridge in your relationship.

6. Let The Feelings Out

Distance is no excuse, whenever you feel like a feeling arises in your heart tell it to your partner. This makes your partner knows that they are needed and is an essential part of your life.

7. Know The New People 

Show your love and eagerness towards your partner by meeting the new people in their life. It could be their new colleagues or friends. Find some time to get to know them.

8. Flirt

Flirting is always a fun and creative ways to stay connected. Flirt through text, video call or on social media. First, you need to know the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush. Then you are set to go

9. Plan A Meet Up

Nothing is a better Ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship rather than planning a meet up. It builds up the affection and lets off all the pain of being apart.

10. Offer To Help

Offering to help your partner in any way is a great way to show love and compassion. It is actually a great Things to Say to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work. When love is there, connection will bloom immediately

11. Remember To Say I Love You

Sometimes the simple act of saying i love you is forgotten, yet it is the thing that we want to hear the most. So why not try the ways to say I love you without saying I love you and make the relationship romantic yet exciting?

12. Send Them Surprises

Surprises can be small or big. Send them surprises to let them know that you think about them all the time and is willing to do anything to make them happy.

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13. Be Honest

Being honest is the biggest element that is needed to maintain a long distance relationship. Be honest about your feelings,experience and current state then the relationship will set sail.

14. Don't Hold Back

Never hold back or change your attitude in terms of dating. Your partner will sense this change and it will slowly weaken your relationship. Act natural and it will do.


More Tips to Stay Connected in Long Distance Relationship

Still struggling to build that lovely connection? Don't fret, here are some more romantic tips on Ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship:

1. Support Them

Sometimes things feels heavy and it will weigh down on the person and the relationship. That is why you need to show your support to them

2. Tell Them How Special They Are

Tell them how special they are and mean it. This will grow love and strengthen that connection

3. Do Something New Together

Pick up a new hobby or a new project and do it together. This will build the togetherness and help you grow a new strength in your connection

4. Travel Together

travelling together helps you build new experiences together and reunite you and your partner which is a great thing for the relationship

5. Be Updated About Their Contact

Always knowing their new social media or contact number is essential to building connection and maintaining honesty

Signs That The Love is Still There

The real signs that you don't have to worry that the  Signs a Guy is Breaking Up With You shows up, here are the signs that the relationship is still thriving:

1. You Are Your Partner's Number One Priority

Even though the distance is real, your partner still come rushing back to you to make you happy and content because you are the number one priority and because the love doesn't show the  Signs of Conditional Love

2. The Spark Is Still There

There is a certain spark that lights up when the two of you first fall in love. If it is still there you know that the relationship is going on just fine

3. Nothing Is Weird When You Finally Meet

When the two of you finally meet in real life there is no awkwardness because you aren't missing any information about their life.

Being connected might feel like a duty when it comes to maintaining it in a long distance relationship. But if you truly love your partner, all of this should be a thing you want to do to make the relationship alive. Luckily with our tips and Ways to stay connected in a long distance relationship, that connection can easily be maintained. After that you will see the continuous sign that the connection is still there. You can rest assured that nothing will go wrong then.

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