Best Ways How To Impress A Cancer Man On The First Date

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Born with a naturally romantic and sensitive nature, there are no reason not to date a Cancer man. You won’t lose anything when you date him since a Cancer man is all around nice guy. He also doesn’t mind to do the house chores for you such as cleaning, cooking, even looking after you! So it’s important for you to know how to impress a Cancer man on the first date.

First date can be everything. It’s a big moment that define whether you can go to the next step or not. You can study the nature of a Cancer man according to his astrological sign. Attracting a Cancer man is not really hard since he is easy to impress. All you have to do is pressing the right button. So here are the list of useful ways how to impress a Cancer man on the first date:


1. You Should Make The First Move

you should make the first move

The thing about dating a Cancer man is all the legwork is on you. Being a bit reserve, he won’t likely to make the first more, so you are the one who is in charge. From pick-up lines to seduction technique, you need to work in all of those. He tends to take work very seriously he barely has time to think about dating.

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2. Talk About How You Love Your Mom

Family is everything for a Cancer man. The best way to make him impressed is by showing your affection to your mother. Instead of directly saying you love her, you can put many of “my mom said…” in many things you said on the first date. Tell him the surprised you made for her birthday and how her happiness even makes your happier.

3. Be Nice To His Mom

Gain an extra point by asking about her mother as well. It’s how you show him you love her even before you meet her. If somehow he shows his mother’s photograph, point out the resemblance between the two. You can even praise her youth beauty by let slip some words like, “She makes it to be your sister.” Just make sure you don’t make it too corny. 

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4. Do The First Date Outdoor

The best ate for a Cancer man is chilling at home where he can spoil you with his homemade cooking. As this is your first date, it’s impossible to come over his place or invite him to your place. An ideal date idea for a Cancer man is outdoor activities. Make sure you take a walk at the park and having dinner together rather than straightly having dinner without doing anything before. So, do you need more ways how to impress a Cancer man on the first date?

5. Wear A Lot of Smile

A Cancer man is one of those man who believe that smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. Be tender while you speak and go slowly with your words. Put a lot of smile when you speak, that kind of sweet smile to make him melted. It’s also a way to show him you are interested with him. 

6. Dress Prettily Yet Modestly

dress prettily yet modestly

The thing a Cancer man loves most from a girl he’s going on a date with is her sweet smelling perfume. Prepare yourself to the best when you are going to your first date with him. Make sure you dress yourself in the prettiest way possible, but remember to stay modest. Don’t wear anything too provocative and sexy. Wear a flowy dress that add your sweetness. And, yeah, the sweet perfume that he’d like to eat instead.

7. Make A Light Touches

You know that with a Cancer man, you’re in charge to make the first move, right? You have to subtly show him that you like him. Make little touches to him, something not too strong but enough to make him know your feeling towards him. Right at the start, say “Glad to see you while placing your hand on his arm. When he’s talking, respond to his jokes with a smile and another light touches. Something that is done on purpose but under natural situations. 

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8. Be Confident

Even though you have to make the first move, don’t coming on too strong that he’d run away like a scared little boy. It’s good to put your confidence but too much of it won’t do any good. You may ask him to meet first by saying “I haven’t seen you in while. What about a little chat over a cup of coffee.” Doing it every once in a while is okay but asking to meet him everyday is just beyond normal.

9. Let Things Go With The Flow

You shouldn’t rush anything when it comes with a Cancer man. If you feel like you’re progressing slowly, just enjoy the process. After you show him enough about your feeling, give him a little space. If he wants you know about you more, do it slowly as he grows his interest to you. 

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10. Don’t Be Afraid To Open Up Yourself

As a Cancer man is a bit reserved and sensitive, don’t push him too hard. He won’t say anything personal on the first date so you can start open up. Tell him some little details about you to show him how you trust him from the start. Don’t spill too much, though. In time, he opens up to you slowly as well.

Seeing how nice a Cancer man is to date with, doing all the way how to impress a Cancer man on the first date is really worth it. Once you get to date the Cancer man, make sure you have a happy relationship that last a long time. Don’t let any other girls steal your Cancer man or else you’re going to lose a lot.

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