Ways To Make Him Breakup With His Girlfriend (Dos And Don'ts)

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There's a saying that you can't choose to whom you could fall in love. Sometimes you just can't help it but fall for someone who has a girlfriend already. At first, the fact hits you like a loud bang. You probably feeling down from this unexpected truth.

But you have to pull yourself together and put some action. You shouldn't giving up just like that, surrender even before the wars begin. You can make him yours if you know the ways to make him breakup with his girlfriend, just as listed below:


1. Find Out The Weakness In His Girlfriend

Nobody in the world is perfect. So does his girlfriend. Find out about all of those and turn them to be your strongest weapon.

2. Be His Dream Girl

After finding her weakness, the next is make it up in front of him. Show him how you can be the one he's dreaming of. He will fall for your charm and quickly think you have Wife Material Signs.

3. Improve Your Appearance

Seduce him with your looks. Not by wearing clothes that exposed too much of your skin, but dress properly. Enough to make him impressed and go wow every time he sees you.

4. Give Him A Meaningful Look

Eyes are the windows of the soul. You can indirectly tell him how you like him by your look. Make him wonder and think about your feeling to him.

5. Get Along With His Friends

get along with his friends

If you want to win his heart, win his friends' first. This trick brings a huge advantage for you if her girlfriend disapproves them.

6. Never Talk Bad About Her

Okay, you shouldn't make your intention too obvious unless you want to lose him right away. Instead of liking you, he'll think that you are such a bad person.

7. Be Thankful To Him

People like it most when others show gratitude for them. Always say thank you to him for everything, so he'd know how much he mean to you.

8. Do Not Compliment His Girlfriend

It doesn't feel right for you to do that. Not talking bad about her doesn't mean you have to be too kind to her. It is the way to make him breakup with his girlfriend, remember that you are fighting to win him.

9. Make Yourself Adorable

When you are trying the Ways to Get Your Crush to Breakup With His Girlfriend, you have to make yourself adorable. Be cheerful and laugh a lot, because happiness is contagious.

10. Don't Make Him Lose You

It's too early to do the Ways to Get Him Miss You bu temporarily disappear. Instead of missing you, he would probably back with his girlfriend.

11. Get Busy With Your Life

No matter how much you want him, he's not the center of your world and never be. Live your own life while busy to get him breakup with his girlfriend.

12. Be Yourself

Don't try to be someone else when you're with her. Man has a good instinct to know whether you fake yourself or not.

13. Ask Help From His Friend

This is why you need to get along with his friends. You have to find out the good ones who will be your helper to get him. But make sure he really wants to help you. 

14. Never Mentioned His Girlfriend Mistake

Don't pay attention to anything his girlfriend do or say, as long as it's nothing to do with you. Instead of paying attention to her, focus more on winning his heart.

15. Always Compliment Him

always compliment him

No human being would not be pleased with compliment. And so does him. Make sure he knows you appreciate him when he's down or up.

16. Be His Friend

Everything started out with friendship. Make him feel comfortable and open up to you, and soon you'll see the Signs Your Friendship is Becoming Something More.

17. Never Be In Touch with Her

What is the point anyway? Knowing his girlfriend won't brings you any advantage, and you will be the bad girl if you eventually going out with his.

18. Make Him Depend On You

So that he wouldn't want to be separated from you. You must know How to Make a Guy Emotionally Addicted to You.

19. Laugh Together A Lot

Laugh is the best way to get someone fall in love. When someone is in a good mood, it's easier for him to fall in love.

20. Mind Your Look

This one is not less important than the other. Who would fall in love to a woman who appear shabby and indecent?

What You Shouldn't Do To Get Him

That was the ways to make him breakup with his girlfriend, but don't do these:

  1. Don't show that you are desperate for him.
  2. Don't act like a fool and dumb woman.
  3. Never say a thing about your ex or his girlfriend.
  4. Don't make yourself too easy.
  5. Never following him around everywhere.
  6. Don't be his slave, willing to do anything for him.
  7. Don't ask too much, more than he can give.
  8. Don't fake yourself and doing any means possible to make him fall for you.
  9. Never make him confused, if you like him then be persistent with it.
  10. Don't gossiping his girlfriend with your friends.
  11. Be punctual, never late for an appointment with him.
  12. Don't be his clone just to get his attention. Be yourself and show him your own interest.
  13. Split the bills, don't be petty. This is a big turn off.
  14. Don't make him wait for you.
  15. Don't wear a heavy make ups that make you look like a clown.

So those are the ways to make him break up with his girlfriend you must know. It doesn't feel right to break the relationship of others, but everything is fair in love and war. You can do anything unless it's causing harm damage for other people.

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