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Libra (Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd) is the one out of three air zodiac signs. It's symbolized with the balance scale. It makes sense since Libra is the only star that has a balance day and night hours, and Libra is the only star constellations the sky without being represented by animal as the other zodiacs' mythological characters are.

Libra is special. But do you ever wonder what Libra personality is like? Well, here are 16 things you need to know before dating a Libra.

  1. They are desiring for balance or harmony. If you want to get closer to a Libra you will need to be patient, romantic, and prepared to treat him or her to the finer things in life
  2. Libras have a great social skills among all the zodiacs and so people love to be around them. Watchout if you are easily jealous, because Libras need a non homebody person in life.
  3. Beautiful inside and outside. Libras like to wear beautiful outfit and their attractiveness is so huge, people love them. Make sure to wear a good outfit when you want to go out with Libra. You may also find out about How to Make a Taurus and Libra Relationship Work
  4. They concerned with justice. Before making a decision, you have to take a moment to consider all the perspective of the issue at hand. They appreciate that you are trying to be fair and balanced in your judgement.
  5. Libras are sometimes careless, when the decision goes to final they often feel sorry for it and blame themselves. As a person who wants to get close to Libra, you have to give several solutions when they ask you for. You have to give them spirits and tell them that they decision is not quite wrong. Comfort them.
  6. They are dependent. Libras love to be loved and they usually rely onto somebody else. So make sure you always be by their side and their heart will be yours forever. You may also find out about Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Libra
  7. They respect the fairness. When you want to compliment a Libra, just do it. But remember, do not make it too much because Libra knows when you lie.
  8. A Libra is the star of your relationship. Whether you are in an agreement or not. They look like a stubborn but you have to touch them by heart, sometimes an arrogant ways are not making them comfort.
  9. Libras tend to be an old souls. They have a great taste when it comes to movies, music, books, and art. Don't push yourself to be an artsy person but they would love to get you excited about something that has excited them. You may also find out about how to know when a Libra is no longer into you.
  10. Their heart are so fragile. Libras are so sensitive, they are easily offended. You have to think what words that can be accepted by Libras.
  11. Total romantic. Make sure your relationship is full of romance because they love all the old-school trappings like flowers, chocolate candies, candle-light dinners.
  12. Libras love expressing themselves. Ask your Libra their interests and hobbies, they will appreciate you wanting to know about their point of view. You may also find out about How to Tell When A Libra Woman Is Cheating
  13. They love luxury. Libras love any fancy things and surprises. Taking them to the nicest restaurants, traveling to exotic locations, elegant gifts will touch their heart.
  14. The ideal partner for a Libra involves the opportunity to charm many of their favorite people at once. Having her or his friends as your friends will give you an extra point.
  15. Honest communication will be difficult for Libras. Encourage your Libra to speak honestly even if they think it will be hurting your feelings. You may also find out about How to Get a Libra Woman’s Attention
  16. When Libras fall in love, they fall hard, but this sign also recognizes that there is a room for more than one grand love in their life.

Give all your best to make Libran get attracted by you, but just do it as you always be, don't make up too much to compliment them. Loving someone has to be the greatest feeling people ever experience.

Famous people who are Libran:

  • Kublai Khan
  • Agustus Caesar
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • John Lennon
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Eminem
  • Alfred Nobel
  • Jerry Rice
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Rutherford B Hayes
  • Confucius
  • Peter Boyle
  • Will Smith

The story of Libra:

Libra has a balance scale symbol based on the Scales of Justices held by Themis. Scales divines law and custom according to Greek personification. Venus is the ruler of Libra. The Roman Manilius once said that Libra was the sign 'in which the seasons are balanced' because both the hours of the day and the hours of the night match each other.

Going back to the to an ancient Greek times, Libra the constellation between Virgo and Scorpio used to be over ruled by the constellation of Scorpio. They called the area the Latin word 'Chelae' which translated to 'the claws' which can help identify the individual stars that make up the full constellation of Libra, since it was so closely identified with the Scorpion constellation in the sky.

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