What Qualities Does A Gemini Man Look For in A Woman?

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What are the qualities that a Gemini man definitively really likes in a woman? What is it that he cannot really resist?

  • Attractive and Social

A Gemini man is one who seems to always be able to adapt with whatever crowd he has got into. He is very flexible to his surroundings and will take the role of life of the party no matter what may be going on.

So, he likes having a woman who is attractive and social with him. He also likes to see a bit of skin, but not too much, since the class is important to him. You may also want to read Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You Forever.

  • Intriguing Personality

A Gemini man is always looking for more excitement in his life. In fact, he will go out of his way to make sure that boredom never hits. So, he likes having an intriguing woman in his life.

It will help him keep boredom at bay. He also wants to always find fun experiences to do and explore, so he prefers a woman who is always on board with doing lots of exciting things with him. You may also read: This is What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More

  • Easy Going

A Gemini man is looking for a woman who is willing to go with the flow of unexpected things that can and will happen throughout their relationship.

It is easier for him if the woman is not too strict on her lifestyle because he will likely mess up sometimes and he will need her to understand that everyone makes mistakes. Having a woman with calmer demeanor will help him remain easy flowing. You may also read: What Is The Most Compatible Sign for Gemini Man?

  • Not Too Demanding

A Gemini man needs a woman who is willing to give him enough space to breathe. Honestly, he needs lots of space and personal wiggle room, either he will want to hang out with his friends and family or he just wants to be alone.

Do not worry though. When he is in love, he will definitely want to spend more time with the woman he loves. You may also read: Gemini Female Personality that Man Should Know

  • Person With Passion

A Gemini man is very passionate about life. He will want a woman who is zesty and excited about where life can possibly lead them to. Optimism is a very good trait to have around him.

As long as the woman is able to share how wonderful and thrilling her life or plans in life are, he will absolutely love her for it. He wants to know that the woman he ends up with is motivated and reliable. You may also read: Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Gemini

  • Intelligence

A Gemini man is more turned on by a woman’s attitude, demeanor, and intelligence. When he hears her speak with eloquence, he is drawn in and wants to know how deep her mind goes.

He is interested in a woman who can hold her own in a stimulating conversation, talking about important issues going on in the world or about any topics he enjoys personally.

It is because he is someone who likes to talk and discuss a lot of things, so he needs a partner that can keep up with the conversation at hand. Do you have a pair of reading glasses?

If yes, then try to put those on. As foolish as it sounds, glasses can often make you look like intelligence and he would definitely prefer the naughty professor than the sultry playboy bunny.

  • Independent Woman

A Gemini man is attracted to a woman who does not need him. He can hardly appreciate a woman who is clingy, needy, or high maintenance. He likes a woman who can take care of herself and does not need a man. Although he will still want to be wanted, he will not like if the woman becomes too dependent.

However, if she has a problem come up and needs his help, he will be there for her and tries his best to help. A Gemini man will want a woman that can be free to do her own thing with her friends and he is with his. He wants a woman that is more his equal than anything.

  • Unpredictability

A Gemini man likes to be spontaneous. An unpredictable woman will excite him greatly no matter what her shape is. He also likes to be adored and appreciated.

He likes it when a woman gives him a gift such as tickets to the latest action or fantasy movie that is out or whatever it is that he is into. Such gesture gives him validation that he is all that and more.

So, those are the qualities a Gemini man looks for in a woman.