How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something On Her Phone

by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your girlfriend has items on her phone that she doesn’t want you to see?

Maybe some naughty photographs, text messages or other evidence of her fooling around with another guy? 

The thing is: it’s generally accepted that people can’t ask to snoop through the contents on someone’s else’s phone.

But what if you really need to know for sure?? What if this is affecting your ability to trust your girlfriend, and therefore the happiness in your relationship? 

Well, I do have a solution for you…

Try downloading and using this 100% discreet online communications tracker tool.

It can connect with your girlfriend’s phone and produce a detailed database of her recent communications. 

While it can’t show you everything stored on her device, you will be able to see who she’s calling and texting the most. You’ll also discover what apps and online services she’s using, plus any alternate contact details she may be hiding from you. 

Discretion is guaranteed with this intelligent tool - so there’s no chance of her finding out she’s being tracked. Perhaps this is the solution to your paranoia in your relationship? 

If this idea doesn’t sound like the perfect solution for you, don’t panic. Below, I have listed some behavioral clues that your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone from you.

If she’s not showing any of these signs, it might be best to stop worrying about what’s stored on her smartphone. 

However, if she’s often showing one or more of these signs, that might give you extra motivation to investigate what she has to hide on that device of hers.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something On Her Phone

Though couples share everything together, they still have the right to their own privacy. However, some things may cause you to become suspicious of what your girlfriend is doing on her phone. You’re not sure what it is but her actions keep making you more curious about it. In fact, you might be scared that she’s flirting or cheating on you with someone else. It’s a negative feeling that can make your life become a misery.

There are things that you can do to know for sure that your girlfriend is hiding something for you:

1. Refuses to Give You an Honest Answer

refuses to give you an honest answer

To tell if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone, try to ask her about it. The body language of a person can tell whether they’re lying or not. When she answers your question, watch how she acts around you. Try to listen to what your gut is telling you.

When she keeps refusing to give you an honest answer, then it’s unlikely you’ll ever find out the truth unless you find out for yourself. Learn How to Beat Your Girlfriend in an Argument in case you want to keep asking her until she tells you the truth.

2. Refuses to Give You Her Phone

It would be a risk for your girlfriend to give you her phone when she’s hiding something from you. So it’s no wonder that she never does and refuses to do so whenever you ask for it. Listen to her tone of voice when she explains her reasoning for doing so. It’s highly suspicious if she looks panicked and sounds a bit angry or nervous.

3. Renaming Her Contacts

Another way to tell is by looking at the names of the contacts on her phone. Try to find out if she’s in any way renaming the people there. Giving a contact a fake name should make you question her motive. You should also try to see if there were any calls or messages made to the person. In case the activity is surprisingly high then you can confront her about it since you have the proof.

4. Snatches Phone Away from You

So even when you do get the opportunity to have her phone, she’ll snatch it away from you. She will get mad for no reason especially when you haven’t even done anything to it. Snatching the phone is the quickest way to prevent you from seeing the things on her phone.

She fears that you might have found something while she was gone. If it all was just some sort of a miscommunication then know How to Solve Misunderstanding between Boyfriend and Girlfriend to fix the problem.

5. Won’t Tell You Her Password

To tell if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone, you should try to ask for her password politely. Couples are supposed to trust each other. If she has nothing to hide then she won’t mind giving you her password to see what’s on her phone. It’s a different case when she won’t tell you so you can’t check her phone. This could mean that she’s afraid you’ll find out something that she doesn’t want you to know. 

6. Keeps Changing Her Password

Your girlfriend might have stepped ahead of you and deleted anything on her phone that could raise suspicions. That way she would have no problem giving you the password when you ask for it. But the next time you try to access her phone, that password won’t work anymore.

Your girlfriend changed it to something else. When she frequently changes her password and doesn’t even tell you what it is then she’s hiding something. Get to know How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You for Sure Signs as well.

7. Turns Notifications Off

How to tell if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone? There are a lot of logical reasons for your girlfriend to turn off the notifications on her phone. They could have bothered her or she just wants to have some time away from her phone. But this could be another way of her trying to drive away your suspicions.

The less noise her phone makes from all the notifications she’s getting, the less you are going to be worried of what she’s trying to hide away from you. You may choose to ignore this but pay very close attention if it seems as if she’s rejecting phone calls as well. 

8. Sneakily Uses Her Phone

Your girlfriend might be sneakily using her phone around you. Say, she uses it in the middle of the night or when you’re watching a movie with her at home. When you confront her about it, she tells you lies or say that it’s nothing. This sneaky behavior shows that she’s trying to find some time to use her phone while you’re distracted by something else.

9. Won’t Let You See What She’s Doing

If your girlfriend has nothing to hide on her phone then she should be comfortable with openly using her phone near you. For instance, she’ll find it no problem for you to see her typing a text to her friends. However, since she’s hiding something, she’ll always try to move away from you.

It doesn't even matter if you know How to Make Your Girlfriend be More Comfortable if She is with You, she still won’t let you see what she’s doing and gets mad when you try to.

10. Carries Her Phone Everywhere

carries her phone everywhere

The next way on how to tell if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone is through her strange behavior. You might see it when she carries her phone everywhere. Where she goes, her phone goes as well. There’s not a chance for you to even touch it.

She is excessively being overly protective of her phone. It’s her way of minimizing the chances of you finding out the truth of what she’s been hiding all this time. It's one of the Signs of a Fake Girlfriend.

Always be respectful on how you respond to your girlfriend. Avoid getting too emotional or angry, especially if you have no solid proof of her hiding something away from you. You have to be patience as the truth will reveal itself to you in time.

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