How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something On Her Phone (13 Ways To Check)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your girlfriend has items on her phone that she doesn’t want you to see?

Maybe some naughty photographs, text messages or other evidence of her fooling around with another guy? 

The thing is: it’s generally accepted that people can’t ask to snoop through the contents on someone’s else’s phone.

But what if you really need to know for sure?? What if this is affecting your ability to trust your girlfriend, and therefore the happiness in your relationship? 

Well, I do have a solution for you…

Try downloading and using this 100% discreet online communications tracker tool.

It can connect with your girlfriend’s phone and produce a detailed database of her recent communications. 

While it can’t show you everything stored on her device, you will be able to see who she’s calling and texting the most. You’ll also discover what apps and online services she’s using, plus any alternate contact details she may be hiding from you. 

Discretion is guaranteed with this intelligent tool - so there’s no chance of her finding out she’s being tracked. Perhaps this is the solution to your paranoia in your relationship? 

If this idea doesn’t sound like the perfect solution for you, don’t panic. Below, I have listed some behavioral clues that your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone from you.

If she’s not showing any of these signs, it might be best to stop worrying about what’s stored on her smartphone. 

However, if she’s often showing one or more of these signs, that might give you extra motivation to investigate what she has to hide on that device of hers.


How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Hiding Something On Her Phone

Absolute trust and loyalty are some of the essential components of a healthy relationship. To achieve that, there must be complete honesty in the relationship. One of the red flags to watch out for in relationships is when one partner suddenly starts hiding things from the other.

Regardless of whether you are both in a relationship, your girlfriend still has the right to her privacy, and you must not infringe on that. However, her behavior may cause you to think otherwise and become paranoid.

Are you inclined to think that your significant other is hiding something on her cell phone? Are you worried that she is hiding secret text messages, naughty photos, videos, or audio recordings on her phone? Snooping through your partner's phone may not be an ideal way to go about finding out if she is hiding something.

Your girl may not necessarily be cheating on you or hiding a bad thing. But that negative feeling can breed mistrust and have a life change implication. Bear in mind that you would have indirectly called her a liar if you are wrong about your suspicions. If you want to know for sure if your girlfriend is concealing something on her phone, here are some subtle ways to go about it.

1. She deflects any question you throw at her

she deflects any question you throw at her

One way to discover the truth about whether she is concealing something on her phone is to ask her directly. Be sure to watch her reaction and body language when you pose the question to her. If she has nothing to hide, she will do everything to clear your doubts.

Conversely, if your girl is hiding something, she won't be forthcoming with the truth. She may even try to change the topic or deflect the question. This is a clear sign that you should stand your ground and insist on answering the question.

2. Trust your instincts

Has your girl suddenly become too clingy with her phone, and your instincts keep telling you that something is wrong? Learn to listen to your gut because it is correct most of the time. The feeling would be so strong that you can't shake it off quickly.

While it is dangerous to draw hasty conclusions, it is also unwise to ignore the red flags. You can confront your partner directly about your suspicions or wait till you gather more proof. If you feel that your significant other is concealing something on her phone, trust your gut and find out more.

3. She refuses to hand over her cell phone to you

Ever wondered why your girlfriend doesn't let you near her phone? The reason may not be not far-fetched — she's likely hiding something from you — little wonder why she never loses sight of her phone. Watch how your significant other panics when you ask to see her phone. 

You don't expect her to willfully hand over her phone to you if she has something to hide. Instead, she will feign anger and try to explain why she can't give you her phone. Don't fall for any of her excuses; she doesn't want you near her phone. 

4. She's overly protective of her phone

she's overly protective of her phone

Watch your girlfriend's reaction any time she finds you with her phone, even if you are not doing anything with it. She may even go as far as snatching it away from you. What's more, she will look for subtle ways to find out if you discovered anything while you were on the phone. 

There's very little chance of you touching the phone as it goes with her anywhere she goes. The reason for all the theatrics is to keep you from accessing whatever it is she is hiding on her phone. If your girlfriend has nothing to hide, she wouldn't mind you handling or going through her phone.

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5. She gives her contacts fake names

If you want to know if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone, go through the names on her contact list. As her boyfriend, the chances are that you would know one or two names on her contact list. 

If you find out that she's giving her contacts fake names, she is likely concealing something on her phone. If you can, check the text messages or calls made to the contacts with fake names. That should provide you with sufficient proof to confront your girlfriend with.

6. Try asking her for her phone password

It's not out of place for couples to entrust each other with sensitive information like ATM or phone passwords, especially if they have been together for some time. This information may come in handy in the face of danger or emergency.

If your significant other has nothing to hide, giving you her phone password won't be a problem. However, if your girlfriend is hiding something on her phone, don't expect her to provide you with her phone password. She's scared that you may find out what she is hiding, which won't be good for her or your relationship.

7. She changes her password frequently

For someone who regularly changes the password of her mobile phone, she has something to hide. She may have given you the password when she knows you won't find anything. However, if you try to access her device after a while, the password she gave you won't work anymore.

If your significant other changes her password frequently and fails to update you anytime she does so, then she's hiding something. Or, it could be that she changed it because the former one had been compromised. 

8. She regularly deletes her call logs and messages

she regularly deletes her call logs and messages

Of the many reasons for wiping out call logs and already read messages, it's possible that your partner doesn't want you to find them. She knows you have her password, which makes the likelihood of finding what she is hiding very high.

To avoid taking any chances, she makes a habit of deleting her call history and messages after reading them. The idea is to delete anything on her device that may arouse or confirm your suspicions. If you ever find out that your girlfriend deletes her call logs and messages, that should prove that she is concealing something on her phone.

9. She turned off the notifications on her device

One of the telling signs that your girlfriend is concealing something on her phone is if she intentionally turns off her phone notifications. She may argue that she turned it off to avoid disturbance or have time for other things. Please make no mistake about it; your significant other probably did so to douse your suspicions.

Not hearing the notification sound from her phone is likely to draw your attention away from her. You won't even know when a call or message comes in since you can't hear the notification sound. 

10. She doesn't use her phone around you

Ever wondered why your girlfriend sneakily uses her phone and lies about it when caught? It's apparent that she doesn't want you to be privy to any calls or messages that she receives.

This sort of sneaky behavior should be enough evidence that she is hiding something. 

How do you explain your girlfriend taking certain calls or replying to messages in the dead of night or moving away from you to do so? It's clear as rain that she doesn't want you to listen in on her calls or see what she is typing. She may even pick offense if you try sneaking up to see what she is up to.

11. She leaves her phone face down every time

We all unconsciously leave our phones face down from time to time. However, if you notice a pattern forming, then it is likely that your girlfriend doesn't want you to see something.

Your significant other may probably be expecting a call from another guy that she doesn't want you to know about. Or, she could be chatting with someone and doesn't want you to see the messages she is sending. Either way, she intends to keep whatever she is hiding a secret.

12. Your girlfriend is secretive about whom she is chatting or talking with

your girlfriend is secretive about whom she is chatting or talking with

You may have probably noticed that your significant other spends a considerable amount of time on the phone talking or chatting with someone else. Anytime you try to find out who that person is, she lies about it or tries to change the conversation. Why would she try to conceal the identity of the person she is on the phone with if she is not hiding something.

13. She turns her phone off whenever you are around

If your significant other switches her phone off anytime you are around, she's likely hiding something on the phone. Of course, it could also mean that she doesn't want anything to disturb your time together. However, it raises some suspicions if she switches her phone off every time you come around. 

Chances are, there's something she doesn't want you to see. Maybe she doesn't want you going through her call or message history. It's also possible that she has some photos or videos on her phone that she doesn't want you to see. 


How do you know if your girlfriend is hiding something?

Try to gauge your girlfriend's reaction when you confront her about your suspicions. If she easily gets offended or feigned outrage, then she's likely hiding something. You'll also find some inconsistencies with her schedule and actual whereabouts. Another sign that tells you she is concealing something from you is that she becomes emotionally distant.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

One of the clear signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is that she becomes overly secretive about her actions and schedule. She will also be very protective of her phone. It would be best if you tried to look for small changes in your relationship. If your girl is cheating, you will notice a significant drop in her affection for you.

What does it mean if your girlfriend hides her phone?

Your girlfriend has a right to her privacy, and that includes her phone too. She could have a thousand and one reasons for hiding her phone, and none of it may be a bad thing. If she intentionally hides her phone from you, she may be hiding something from you. 

How do you know if your girlfriend is texting someone else?

For starters, her attention drifts away from you, and she keeps close to herself while texting. Observe her emotion and response when she receives a text. If you are texting her and she delays replying to you, she is likely texting someone else. Texting someone else may not necessarily imply that she is unfaithful to you.

How do you tell if your partner is lying about cheating?

One of the signs to watch out for is if she makes eye contact when talking with you. You will also notice a rapid blinking of her eyes if she is lying to you about cheating. Additionally, try to pay attention to the small changes in your relationship. The communication and intimacy between you two are likely to decrease.

In A Nutshell

Try not to jump to conclusions until you are sure. Thankfully, the tips mentioned above will help you determine whether your significant other is hiding something on her phone or not. Please tell us what you make of this post in the comments below. Lastly, we would like you to help share this article across your social networks.

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