17+ Ultimate Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Is Talking To Someone Else

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what your ex-girlfriend has moved on from your relationship?

Would you like to know if they're talking to someone else?

Perhaps you're assuming they won't be honest about this if you ask them?

Well, the good news is: there are effective ways to discover if your ex-girlfriend is talking to someone else.

I will reveal a handful of the most highly-recommended of these in the guide below.

The best step you can take is to download and use this online communications tracker on your ex.

This intelligent tool can discreetly hack into your ex-girlfriend's phone and deliver you information based on who she's contacting, when and how often.

It only requires a few of their details to get started, which should be no problem since you were dating. However, if it's not possible for you to use this tool, the behavioral signs listed below could prove useful.


18 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Talking To Someone Else

1. She Doesn't Want To Be Dissolved In Sadness

Your ex-girlfriend does not want to get too deep in the sadness that happened. He understands that grieving will not be able to restore the time that has happened. 

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2. She Sincerely Tried To Deal With It

The wound in the past is hard to forget, but your ex-girlfriend sincerely tried to deal with it. With her sincerity and confidence, your ex-girlfriend believes God will definitely plan better than ever before.

3. Support From Parents And Closest Friends

The support of his parents and her closest friends is able to make your ex-passionate in her life. This is the reason why your ex-girlfriend moves on faster than you.

4. Things To Struggle For Future

Many things that your ex-girlfriend strives for, besides love, that's the future. Your ex-girlfriend learns to start her new life by starting her lessons to pursue her dream.

5. Time To Work

time to work

Her work was stopped when she was sad. However, now it is no longer with the support of her closest friends and her parents. Your ex-girlfriend started to shine again by producing new works.

6. There Are Many Friends Waiting For Him

Having fun is the key to moving on. If you see your ex-girlfriend traveling with her friends. It's certain that she's moved on from her dark past. Try, you check in all her the social media.

7. Many Other Men Are Waiting

Dead one then will grow a thousand, it is a famous love proverb. Your ex-girlfriend believes in this if she has ended with you. Someday she's sure, there will be a figure of a man who is better than you and he is the one who deserves to be happy.

8. A Soul Mate Will Be There For Her

God created man in pairs, and by His destiny, God will unite you. With this, your ex-girlfriend is very confident if her soul mate will never exchange despite being separated by distance. 

More Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Is Talking To Someone Else

Below are some the signs your ex-girlfriend is talking to someone else that you should know and understand. Let's check it out.

1. Ignores You

The first sign is ignored you. If your ex-started not responding to your text even your phone means your ex-tried to forget you slowly, guys.

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2. Avoids You

You and your ex-are classmates, but a few days after breaking up with you she starts to avoid you. The obvious example is that she avoids you when she meets you or when you want to try to say hello, she avoids him.

3. It's Hard To Contact Her

it's hard to contact her

Ironically, you still can not forget your ex. When you really need it and you call it the number is no longer active. This is one sign that she may already have a new acquaintance. 

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4. Deletes Your Photos On Social Media

It's hard to reach and your ex-has also deleted the photos with you in social media. This means your ex-has begun to forget you. Your ex-seemed ready to open your heart to another man.

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5. Returns Items Previously Given

One time she met you at home but she was not to want you back together. But to give you a box. A cardboard box containing your memorable gift items. It is really hurt, yes indeed.

6. Forgets The Important Moments With You

When your birthday reminder alarm appears on social media, all your friends congratulate you on your birthday. Except, she's your ex. Maybe she has forgotten your important moment.

7. Ordinary Behavior

It did not seem like two months had passed, and when your ex-had met with you it was just ordinary behavior with a fairly flat tone of a conversation.

8. Assumes You Are Just Friends

Your ex-girlfriend just thinks you are a friend and she explains her feeling to you, "I do not have any feelings for you anymore." If she has to say this, it is certain that she has forgotten you.

9. News About Your Ex-Girlfriend

Your friend heard that your ex-has been close to someone else even more shocking, he is your best friend. If you hear this news, what will you do, guys? 

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10. Shows Off Her New Acquaintance

The last sign if your ex-has forgot and started talking to someone else. Your ex-girlfriend has certainly moved on from his past. Once again, she also did not hesitate to spread his new man on her main page.

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Tips On Dealing With An Ex-Girlfriend Who Has Started Talking To Others

Below are tips on how to address ex-boyfriend who started talking to other people.

1. Be Patient Even If It Is Painful

be patient even if it is painful

Forbearance is the first thing you should do. Even if the heart is hurt, trust God that there will be someone who can make you happy.

2. Try To Be Sincere For Everything That Happens

Explain what has happened, if your ex-has started talking to other people this may be the way she is to cure the pain that she has ever received. Just live and be sincere.

3. Avoid Your Ex

If you want to enjoy your life better, avoid your ex. Try doing fun new things, or try to work and show off how great you are.

4. Busy Yourself

Ex-girlfriend speaking to someone else is not the end of the world. Try to work and make yourself as busy as possible to forget your ex. Remember, building the future is more important than thinking about your ex. 

5. Have Fun With Your Friends

Friends are the best medicine when we do not have anyone. Just a friend who can cure our pained heart. Have fun with them and make your days happy.

6. Enjoy Your Alone Time

Being alone is not a disaster. Alone is the best time to know who you are. Take your time wisely and grasp your ability to pursue your dream.

7. Think About It If You Want To Get Involved With A New Relationship

Think again, if you want to get involved with a new relationship. Make sure this relationship is not just a runaway because you're jealous to see your ex-girlfriend talking to someone else.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, 18 signs your ex girlfriend is talking to someone else can help you find out what the signs of your ex girlfriend usually does when she is talking to someone else. May this be used for all of you. Good luck.

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