Signs Your Girlfriend Is About To Break Up With You

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Being in a relationship is nice until one day you find yourself in that same relationship but now already broken up beyond repair. You could’ve seen this coming. What made you so blind?

Sometimes we simply can’t see the storm coming our way or we are ignorant enough to not know the truth. Before you get hurt, it is important to know the signs that the love is one sided now. Here are the real signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you;


1. She Looks At You With Sad Eyes

Whenever you see her she looks at you with sad eyes because she knows she is going to break your heart.

2. She Rejects Your Romantic Moves

Every How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text is rejected by her because she doesn’t love you.

3. Her Feeling Is Not Expressed By Her Anymore

Suddenly she doesn’t bother with sharing her feelings anymore because she doesn’t feel close to you.

4. She Cheats With Someone Else

she cheats with someone else

Cheating is a sign that she wants to break up with you but is too much a coward to say it. She shows the Signs of a Girl Cheating on You.

5. She Have Been Threatening To Leave You

Always threatening to leave you when little disastrous things happen may be a sign that she actually wants to do it.

6. She Accuse You Of Cheating

She does this in hopes that you will be way too frustrated that you will walk away without her breaking up with you.

7. When You Talk, She Always Zones Out

Whenever you talk, she always manage to daydream about something else. If you feel on here, that's the signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you.

8. She Doesn’t Smile At You Anymore

Smiling is the  Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy but she doesn’t do it anymore.

9. She Spends Less Time With You

Not wanting to spend time with you is a sign that she is slowly erasing you from her life.

10. She Doesn’t Update You About Her Life

Telling you about her life is not one of her joy anymore.

11. When Things Went Bad, She Simply Leaves

If you fight, she simply leaves because she doesn’t think that the relationship is salvageable.

12. Not Willing To Talk About How To Make Things Better

Whenever you try to discuss on how to grow the relationship, she doesn’t want to listen.

13. Feeling Guilty When You Do Kind Things To Her

This guilt comes from a mindset that you deserve someone better than her.

14. Not Being Physically Close With You Anymore

not being physically close with you anymore

She doesn’t hold hands or even sit closely to you anymore because she just doesn’t feel that intimacy. 

15. Gets Sad Whenever She Sees You

Having a drop of mood when you are around might be because of her guilt and anxiety about breaking you up.

16. Not Wanting To Talk About Your Future Together

The future of you two together is not in her mindset.

17. Not Wanting To Make Plans About Simple Activities

Making plans for next week or even tommorow scares her because she doesn’t want to be tied with you anymore.

18. Always Misunderstanding You

She always misses the point when you are trying to convey something.

19. Often Gets Frustrated With You

When she no longer tries to be patient with you, she is actually showing the  Signs That She's Not Into You.

20. Never Wanting To Listen When You Want Her To Fix Something About Herself

She is immune to advise on bettering herself.

21. Always Blaming You For Things That Went Wrong

It seems like you are not a man that she loves.

22. Being Really Silent With You For A Long Time

Giving you a silent treatment for a long time is a sign of a broken up relationship.

23. Needing More And More Space

Space seems to be all she needs for such a long time.

Tips To Know That Your Girlfriend Is Ending The Relationship

tips to know that your girlfriend is ending the relationship

These signs may not be pleasant to watch but it can save you from all the heartbreak that will happen if you found out about it abruptly. That is why you need to continue seeing the tips to know that your girlfriend is ending the relationship;

1. Not Sharing The Same Passion As You Anymore

She isn’t in the same mindset as you anymore.

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2. Doesn’t Accidentally Hurt You

She does mean things in purpose to keep you away.

3. Showing You All Her Bad Side

Making you frustrated with her is her strategy. 

4. Not Flirting With You

Not showing the intention to flirt is a sign of the loss of attraction.

5. Not Sweet Talking To You Anymore

She doesn’t show the Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly.

6. Isn’t There When You Need Her

She doesn’t care if you are suffering.

7. Doesn’t Care About Your Life Anymore

Hearing about your life makes her bored.

8. Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion Anymore

Your opinion about anything is dismissed.

9. Unfollowing You On Social Media

This means she wants to burn the bridge.

10. Deleting Pictures Of You

Not wanting to keep memories of you is always a bad sign.

11. Treating You As A Friend

She is showing you the Signs That She Friendzoned You.

Ways To React To The Signs

ways to react to the signs

The signs is always hurtful now all there is left is how to react to those signs. Which is why these ways to react is a perfect segment for you;

1. Ask About What Is Happening

Talk to her about what is really happening. Let her talk all she wants and be patient in listening.

2. Accept The Truth

All you need to do now is to accept the cold, hard truth.

3. Allow Yourself To Grief

It is okay to grief the loss of love.

4. Move On

Find the real Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

When you see that someone is slowly losing that attraction towards you, your heart aches. You can slowly accept it by knowing the signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you before hand. After that you can approach the problem in a calmer manner and in the end you will heal faster.

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