Why Did My Narcissist Ex Block me? How Many Chances Are There to Come Back?

In here, you are wondering; why did my narcissist ex block me? How many chances are there to come back?

There’s no one knows. Maybe he comes back to you or even he goes with someone else. So here are the reasons that you should know.

1. He can’t move on from you

The big reason why your narcissist ex block you is he can’t move on from you.

It is the best choice to do it. But, how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and little tips on how to move on?

2. You hurt his feeling

After the big fight, you may hurt his feeling. He can’t accept this and he mad so much upon you. It’s very childish.

3. He does not have any brave enough

He still young and he doesn’t have any brave enough to fight your back or to explain anything that happens. You always talk and talk more.

4. He still loves you, but…

Honestly, he still loves you, he needs you, he misses you so much. But, he is shy and doesn’t have any brave to talk even to meet you. There are many  ways to get an Aquarius man back

5. It is his choice

It is his choice and please don’t break his choice. If he still mad at you, just let him go. Maybe he needs his time alone.

Signs your narcissist ex wants to come back to you

There are some signs that your narcissist ex will come back to you. What are the signs? Let’s take a look below here.

1. He calls or texts you many times

You accidentally met him, this is the first time you talk with him after the breakup.

He asked your cellphone number then he calls even texts you in many times. Here are how to seduce a Pisces man through text.

2. He wants to meet you

The first meeting is done. Well, he wants to meet you again in privately, not for a business. Will you accept this?

3. He talks about the past lots

Meet him for the second time, he talks so much about the past lots. He remembers the sweet love that he had with you.

4. He says sorry about anything

The other time, he says sorry about anything. The past was past, now it is the future.

Will you accept his repent? He wants to get you back. However, should you forgive someone who is not sorry?

5. He feels jealous when he looks at you and someone

Well, sometimes he sees you with someone, a guy. He feels jealous. His narcissist comes back again. So, what do you think about this?

My Narcissist Ex Block me but how many chances are there to come back?

Hey, there are many chances he will come back to you, but it depends on him. He still loves you or not. So, just read down the easy tips below here.

1. The big reasons

Ask yourself you needed him so much or not? You really love him or just want to hurt his feeling again? Please towards some questions to yourself and answer it.

2. Changes the old style of your relationship

If you really want to come back with him, you need to changes the old style of your relationship. Make new and positive things.

3. Talk honestly to him

Talk honestly to him if you love him so much, see in his eyes. If he says yes too, then it is your chance to get your love back.

4. Do not too rushed

You can begin your new love slowly. Just let it go the love is. Feel it and enjoy your love with him. Trusted it, it will make you comfortable.

5. Is this what you want?

He backs to you and is this that you want? If yes, do it and repair your old love. Do not do like before. It is must change with someone new. There are some signs you are ready for a new relationship.

6. Are you happy he comes back to you?

Towards you, are you really happy he comes back to you, now? It is okay if you are really happy about this. But, if you feel it is hard, please don’t go so far. Talk to him honestly.

7. It is not easy but you can get it

So, make your narcissist ex comes back to you it is not easy but you can get him back again if you really and really want him comes back to you. It needs a struggle.

Hopefully, the above on why did my narcissist ex blocked me? How many chances are there to come back? It can give you the answer. So, if you really want him so much, get it. If he doesn’t love you just let it go. Be a wise person. Good luck.