My Ex Girlfriend Got Hotter After We Broke Up, What To Do To Get Her Back?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It is really common to see people getting back with their ex. This is not without a reason. There may be a lot of different reasons why they want to go back with their ex.

Maybe because they realized that they were the reason why the relationship ended, and they want to fix it better this time.

Some of them and maybe you too may question, my ex-girlfriend got hotter after we broke up, what to do to get her back? Here is what you can do.

  • Be confident with yourself

The first thing that you need to worry about is not about how to get your ex girlfriend back when she has moved on with someone else. But, even if she does, isn't it a good thing? Because both of you can start from the very beginning after you went through a breakup and self development period.

What you need to focus on is whether or not you are confident with yourself. Self-confidence is the key to get her back after what was happened in the past. Having and showing your confidence can help her to see that you are confident that this relationship can work better than before.

  • Send her a message

What is the point of believing yourself but not doing? Isn't it worthless anyway? You need to start to take action if you really want to get her back. Text her. Build communication with her.

But you need to know how long should you wait to call your ex girlfriend. Because a perfect timing with the right message will be very powerful to help you to win her back.

  • Ask her to go out

Ask yourself again, do you want to be serious with her this time? Because there are no such things as a third chance. And there is no point of getting back with her only to leave her alone in the end.

After successfully building good communication with her, ask her to go out with you. This is one of the ways on how to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. And also to help you to build chemistry.

Things to be considered before getting back with an ex

My ex girlfriend got hotter after we broke up, what to do to get her back? Are you sure this is the only reason why you want to get back with her?

If it's a yes, then maybe you need to consider a few things below.

  • Know what you want

Know what you want. It is important to know what you want so that you can understand how to achieve it. Do you want to be in a serious relationship with her or do you have another intention to her?

If you have another intention, imagine if you were her and you figure it out how to know if he just wants to sleep with you when you are really in love. It will hurt, a lot.

  • Have both of you solved the problem in the past?

Your relationship with her ended for a reason. And to get her back with you in a relationship you need to make sure that the same problem in the past won't happen again. It is not only you who is responsible for it, but your ex girlfriend too.

Both of you need to be more open to each other to know more on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend and girlfriend. If you and your ex can't do it, then don't force yourself to get back with her. Because you will have the same old story with the same sad ending.

  • How to make sure that both of you will get better?

Problems cannot be avoided, we live in a world where are faced with a challenge every single day. Even though we cannot avoid it, but it does not mean we cannot solve it perfectly.

Make sure that both of you know how to have better self-improvement. Know how to get better and committed not to fall into the same mistake over and over again. You can always find a way to improve such as tips to keep your man happy in a relationship, for her

My ex girlfriend got hotter after we broke up, what to do to get her back? You can do a lot of things and you already knew what you need to do as the first try to get her back. But remember, if you want to be serious, be better this time.

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