How to Know If He Just Wants to Sleep With You and Leave?

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Meeting someone new, going out on a date with someone interesting truly feels good. It’s beautiful how when two people meet together, they will have all of those feelings they’ve never felt before, getting nervous, heart beating too fast, and stuff.

These excitement of anticipating a new love, a new person in someone’s life is something that every girl or even boy would want to experience. However, girls, what if the thing that you expected to be chemistry, the guy who you thought would be a great man for you, wants something that’s far from that?

How to know if he just wants to sleep with you instead of building a happy relationship with you like the way you thought it is going to be?

It’s very important that you know what’s his intention in order to save yourself from hurting or even leaving a scar. Knowing what a guy actually want from you, whether it's a relationship, friendship, or just benefits is surely important to keep yourself away from toxic people.

Here are few signs in him that will give you some clue about what’s in his heart and mind about you:

  1. Texting you = sexting

Does he suddenly text you a lot? If he did, it’s a good thing. But, does he talk about sensuality all the time? Flirting you in a very sexual way? It might not be a problem if only done for a little amount of time.

However, if he seems so excited when the topic is about sex instead of about you or your relationship with him, then you should start observing. A guy who like you sincerely might be turned on by you, but they wouldn’t do such a thing too often or too early to you. It's a whole different story though, if he says sweet things to say to flirt with your crush.

  1. Too much skinship

Oops, then does this mean skinship is bad? Nope, it’s a big no. Skinship in a relationship is not a bad thing, instead, it’s a way of saying love for some people. It’s a good way for two people to express their feelings and get to know each other through touches. However, if it’s happening too soon, or too much, then it might be a bad sign.

If he’s really interested in who you are and not just what he can do to you, then he would start it smooth.When to Sleep With Him for the First Time Ever? The timing matters.

He would be trying to know you through your personality, having a deep or fun conversation with you, instead of touching you here and there even from the very first date. He wouldn’t do that without recognizing about how you feel about it. Him being serious with you can also be a reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you early in the relationship. 

  1. So little effort to flutter you

He rarely ask you out on a date? He doesn’t seem so interested when you’re eating out together? He rarely calls you to listen to you sharing about your problem?

The way he treat you will tell you simply so that you won’t have to think to far about how to know if he just wants to sleep with you. A guy who really loves you would do all of the things that he should to win your heart.

If he doesn’t even appreciate your presence and spending time with you, then it should be clear that he’s not actually into you. He might even try ways to flirt without coming on too strong since he doesn't want to press you and want to enjoy the process of getting you.

  1. He never talks about his future with you in it

If a guy just want to sleep with you, he wouldn’t bother putting you into his future. When he’s talking about his dreams, his future, he would put you out of it.

It’s also possible that he won’t do this kind of things since he might stop seeing you once he can sleep with you. When a guy is in love, he will pour out his heart and mind, he will let you know what he wants to do, what is his dream, and what kind of future he wants to have with you.

He includes you in things that's important for him. He might even ask you to come and introduce you into his family, things that he loves doing, his friends, and eventually into his life before you get into his arms.

  1. He only compliment you for your look

A guy who like you should like the way you look, for sure. It’s good if he thinks you’re beautiful, cute, sexy, you have nice hair, petite waist, and stuffs.

However, if he only notice and compliments you about your looks instead of your personality, then you should start questioning. It’s possible that from the very start he’s just interested with your body and not with you.

If the only thing that attracts him to you is just your waist or your lips, it's not a good sign. It's different if he also likes the way you deal with people, perhaps he likes your characters, strengths, and even your weaknesses look beautiful in his eyes.

Dealing with love is not always easy. People’s feelings are unpredictable, a guy who seems like head over heals on you might just want to sleep with you.

A guy who’s timid and shy could turn out falling deeply for you and all of your flaws. How to now if he just wants to sleep with you? What are the signs he's faking the relationship just to sleep with you ? If you can answer this kind of question easily, then you ain’t need to worry for you will survive in love.

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