Warning Signs He's Faking the Relationship Just to Sleep with You

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Let’s face an ugly truth: not all guy has a good manner. In fact, most of them are jerks but you still love them whatsoever. A guy might (or will) do anything to get into your pants, including play pretend to love you. Red light! No matter how you love a bad boy, don’t give it away for a fake love.

A bad relationship leaves an unhealed scars that can make you afraid to love again. Thus, you have to be able to read the signs he’s faking the relationship just to sleep with you. Before you fall head over heels with him, quick notice of these things below:


1. You Never Have a Real Date

When a guy is in love with you, the first thing he’d ever do is taking you on a fancy date. Not the after 9pm kind of date, of course. If you’re hooked up with a guy who never ask you for one, be careful.

A guy who’s looking for a real relationship with you will ask you to have breakfast together, grab lunches, and spoiling you over dinner at a fancy restaurant. Rethink about the relationship if your guy never did any of those. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

2. No Staying Over or Sleeping Over

no staying over or sleeping over

If someone you’re talking to only wants to sleep with you, he’ll never let you stay over in his place. You’re not that special so that he doesn’t want to share anything but sex. If he ever let slip of you sleeping over his place, getting surprise, and ask you to leave right away, think about it again.

Is it love or he just want to hook up?

3. He Never Introduce You to His Friends

A guy who’s in love to any women (not necessarily just you) will brag about her to all of his friends. He’ll bring you to meet his friends and introduce you as someone special. He never did? Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know about you. Also read Characteristic of A Healthy and An Unhealthy Relationship

Moreover, if both you happen to bump into his friends on the street and he only refers you as a “friend”, you really need to think about it. Is it possible that he’s keeping you in the dark because he never into you? If he keeps rejecting when you ask to meet his friends, probably you’re not more than a hookup for him.

4. He is Not Interested to Everyone Around You

When he cares about you, he cares about everyone around you as well. Not only he asks about how your days are going, but he also interested in who are you friends, your best friends, and how do your family are like.

He’d like to know about your BFFs, what’s your dad’s hobbies and many more. Someone who only wants to sleep with you will never do all of it. Let alone everyone around you, he doesn’t even car about you.

5. He Avoids Family-Meeting Related Questions

As you’ve date him for a while, you want to introduce him to your family. But as he only wants to use your body and not your heart, he never attend the invitation. He doesn’t want to meet your family and he always have millions of excuse to avoid. Also read Why Does My Boyfriend Don't Want to Spend Time with Me Anymore?

The same thing goes when you ask him to meet his family. He never take you to family dinner, his cousin’s birthday, and even if you accidentally meet one of them on the street, he’ll introduce you only as his friend. Well, well, well. It’s a huge red flag for the relationship. This is really a warning signs he’s faking the relationship just to sleep with you.

6. Just Too Many Guys Night Out

Giving spaces is important in any relationship. But yours is not normal if the spaces you have is bigger than the time you spent together. As much as you like the girls’ night out, so does he. There are times when you ditched your friends to be with him.

However, he never do the same. He prioritize his friends more than you. He’d rather join his friends for the night out than to be with you. If your appearance is like an interruption for his nerve-ending hang out with his friends, you’d better walk away.

7. He Keeps the Date Indoor

he keeps the date indoor

On easy days, spending the whole time together doing nothing but “Netflix and chill” is the best. It’s how couples enjoy each other’s company without doing much. But make it as a routine that you barely date outside is wrong. Also read Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Boyfriend in the Summer

You can cook your own dinner some times, but not the whole time. If all he wants to do is cuddling, movie-marathon-ing, cooking, and go back to cuddling again, you have to suspicious. As a couple, you have to have a good time outside too.

8. Your Friends Don’t Like Him

For spotting jerks who you date, you can rely on your friends. When you’re in love, everything is hearts and flowers you barely notice his flaws. Trust them when they don’t like him, especially when they give you reasonable reasons for it.

9. He Never Let You Touch His Phone

Not that you want to invade his privacy, but it’s weird when your boyfriend hide his phone all the time. A guy who is honest with you won’t mind if you know the password of you cellphone.

He even let you scrolling through it as he has nothing to hide. So you can be skeptical to his feeling if he steps out every time he take phone call. Also read Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

10. The Majority Time You Spend Together is in Bed

Sex is a complement in a relationship. There are so many things much more important you should have when you’re dating. You must hang out a lot, dating on a fun places, eating out, meeting with friends together, and so on. But if your relationship focus on bed and sex, it’s definitely not healthy.

Those are the warning signs he’s faking the relationship just to sleep with you. You have to notice quickly if your boyfriends has any of the signs above. You don’t really want to spend your time on dating jerks who only want to wet your pants, right?

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