Things What to Say When Your Boyfriend's Mom Has Cancer

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So your boyfriend has just broke up something that could be the worst news you have ever heard from him. His mom is diagnosed with a cancer. As a devoted girlfriend, you want to become his source of comfort. Yet you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend’s mom has cancer.

You are afraid you might take the wrong step and end up hurting his feeling. But it doesn’t feel right not to do anything or even worse pretending that nothing happen.

You don’t have to worry a thing because you have come to the right place. We are here to help, giving you some tips about what can you do to help him cope with the situation without endangering your relationship. Check these out! You may also read Things You Need to Know Before Dating A Cancer Guy You Love

  1. Be There for Him

At those kind of situation, your presence means more than words. You don’t need to text him every minute, making sure he’s okay while you are not physically present. Be with him through the hard times, without saying a thing and he’ll know you truly care.

  1. “How Can I Help You?”

You are the closest and dearest person to your boyfriend, so it’s okay to ask him how can you help. It’s better to know what he needs at the moment rather than guessing it yourself and ended up wrong. If he told you he wants you to be there, then be. You may also read Encouraging Words for a Friend with a Sick Family Member

  1. “I Want to Visit Your Mom”

When you hear an unpleasant news about your acquaintances being sick, you must pay them a visit. It’s not about who is sick, but it’s about being humane. Tell him you want to visit his mom, but don’t show up suddenly and randomly.

Let him decide the most convenient time for your visit. You must consider the psychological state of the family, so wait until the right time for you to visit her.

  1. Accompany Her for Treatment

Once again, action speaks louder than words. Show that you care by offering to accompany her during her treatment, especially if you have a close bond with her. What she needs the most is moral support, and your presence gives a lot of it. You may also read Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She is Sick

  1. Offer Help for the House Chores

Cancer has various stages, and when the disease has gone severe it means she has to stay at the hospital for a while. As the family concern to his mom’s health, you could do something very helpful for them: doing the house chores.

Visit his house once or twice a week for the cleaning, laundry, and other daily responsibilities they currently unable to do. It may has nothing to do with helping her to regain health soon, but the family will be deeply grateful. You may also read How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He's Sick Over Text

  1. Told Him You Don’t Know What to Say

If you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend’s mom has cancer, then tell him you don’t know what to say. The news could be as shocking as it was to him, that you are left with no words to be spoken. Those honest expression will show your sincerest feeling, that you really care and also sorry to hear the news.

  1. Keep in Touch with Him All the Time

It’s impossible for you to be with him the whole time. You have your own life and business, and it’s very selfish of him to expect you to be there for him all the time.

But you can always be with him by checking his condition through phone. Text and call him every now and then to make sure that he’s okay. That small attention is meaningful. You may also read What to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Is Going Through A Hard Time

  1. “Tell Me If You Want to be Alone”

Understand that your boyfriend is in a very vulnerable state. He might have a hard time dealing with the situation, accepting reality that his mom is ill. There are times where he wants to be alone with his thought.

In case he’s afraid you might feel offended, tell him in advance that it’s okay if he wants to be alone. He can tell you anytime and you won’t be offended. Assure him that you will be right there and then whenever you need him.

So those are all the things we’ve got about what to say when your boyfriend’s mom has cancer. If you are going through this, we are very sorry and we wish you can be strong. If you got your own comforting words, do share with us in the comment section below.

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