Reasons Why Aries Are Hard To Understand (13 Notable Reasons)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you having a hard time dating a complex Aries?

Do you struggle to understand the things they do?

Does this confusion perhaps lead to problems and conflict in your relationship?

The complicated nature of an Aries can make them difficult to date at times, but once you understand them fully, they can make incredible partners.

That’s why I created this guide for you. I don’t want you to miss out on the potential wonders of dating such a deep and layered person.

The guide below explains the various reasons why Aries’ are so hard to understand. With this understanding cemented in your mind, their behavior becomes much more logical and easier to deal with.

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With that said, let’s take a deeper look at why Aries behave the way they do.


13 Reasons Why Aries Are Hard To Understand

1. They are egoistic

they are egoistic

Aries's notable trait is that they are egoistic - they care very little about others' needs. This selfish trait is one of the reasons why Aries folks are hard to understand. Many people believe it to mean that they are self-centered, but that is far from it; they love themselves more than others. Also, Aries folks are hard to understand as they place their needs above that of others. 

They are always self-absorbed in their thoughts and interests. It isn't easy being in a relationship with an Aries because you may think they do not care for you. The truth is that if they care about you as long as you are of value to them. So don't get upset if you notice that the Aries man or woman in your life doesn't pay much attention to you or your needs.

2. Overly aggressive

The Aries zodiac sign is grouped alongside Leo and Sagittarius into fire elements. Aries is referred to as the first fire sign of the zodiac as it is, in fact, the only fire cardinal sign. People born in Aries season tend to be impulsive, passionate, temperamental, and overly aggressive.

This aggressive personality is not always welcome. They try not to form any physical or emotional connection with the Aries to avoid becoming the object of their fury. Aries people are known to have a severe anger management problem which scares people away. They lack control over their temper, which leads to unfavorable outcomes for them.

3. They are too ambitious

Aries can go any lengths to get what they want regardless of the consequences. They are determined to do anything to achieve their objectives, even if it means hurting other people in the process. One of the first things you need to understand about Aries is that they are an ambitious lot. What's more, their ambitions have no limit as long as it aligns with their desires.

They see existence as a competition and are determined to always come out on top. This competitive spirit is evident in every sphere of their lives. It's easy to dismiss it as something else, but in fact, Aries are ambitious and competitive.

4. They can be headstrong

One of the reasons why Aries are hard to understand is that they believe that their opinion is superior to others, no matter what and it must count, regardless. 

Likewise, one of the other reasons why Aries are hard to understand is that they are not adaptable and stick to their opinion. If you have ever been in a relationship with an Aries person, you would know that it's almost impossible to change their mind once it's made up.

Aries can be headstrong and persistent in their beliefs, making them not flexible and prone to making mistakes. They are determined not to budge or align to anything that contradicts their views or what they think is right. Once you realize this, it becomes easier to relate with them.

5. They are adventurous

One way to make out an Aries from the crowd is by identifying the adventurous one. Aries are ever ready for a challenge or adventure without paying much attention to the risk. It's difficult and confusing at the same time to understand what pushes them to take risks. Being adventurous is one of the personality traits of an Aries.

Aries is not known to shy away from a challenge and is willing to drag you into it if you are not careful. You may have heard them talk about how they want to go hiking, parasailing, hitchhiking, or paraskiing. Don't think too much about it; that's how they are naturally.

6. Highly impatient

highly impatient

Another reason why Aries is hard to understand is their impulsivity and impatience. They don't know what it means to be patient. It's easy to spot the irritation on their faces when they are asked to wait. At this point, things can take a negative turn and get them angry. Trust me; you wouldn't want to be caught in the crosshairs.

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Aries folks are also quick to act without considering the consequences. One easy way to spot Aries is to measure their tolerance threshold; they always come up short. If you don't have an Aries in your life, this particular trait can be difficult to understand.

7. Overly impulsive

One of Aries's dominant traits is impulsivity. They don't even realize it when it happens. Most people find it hard to understand why those born in Aries season act on impulse. An Aries takes decisions without thinking them through or considering the implications. Most times, their impulsiveness leads to a lot of regrets and falling out with loved ones. The thing is that they just can't help it either.

Aries possess the guts to confront anybody who offends them regardless of status or age. The exciting thing is that they do so without mincing words or considering the repercussions. They are well known for escalating tensions and matters that staying calm could quickly douse.

8. They give up easily

It's hard to comprehend how an adventurous person who doesn't shy away from a challenge tends to quit quickly. Aries usually start a project excited and enthusiastic but hardly ever complete it. Sometimes, you'd find an Aries take up a new challenge when he still has an unfinished project on hand. 

For some, it's sheer laziness, while for others, it's the curiosity and thrill of a new adventure. However, it is elementary to see Aries as unreliable. But in fact, an Aries considers life as an adventure and wants to maximize that possibility.

9. Their independent nature

Aries may not like to stick to one thing, but they can be reliable when it comes to themselves. Ever wondered why an Aries in your life hardly asks you for help? Well, the truth is that Aries love being independent and self-sufficient. 

This is one of the reasons why Aries are hard to comprehend. Being self-reliant may make them look selfish at times because they will only be bothered by things that affect them personally.

10. They don't learn from their mistakes

While nobody is above a mistake, one must learn from them to avoid repeating them. This doesn't apply to Aries, as they are known for repeating their mistakes. Aries are hard to understand because of how often they make the same mistake. 

Most people see it as a silly character that makes them appear incorrigible. Part of this negative personality trait is tied to the fact that they believe so much in themselves, which makes them deaf to reason.

11. They are energetic

they are energetic

Part of what distinguishes an Aries from other zodiac signs is the passion and energy they emit. Aries is the life of every party or gathering. They inject a continuous burst of fire and vibrancy into any environment they find themselves in. Aries energy is unmatched by any of the other zodiac signs. It’s almost impossible to get bored around them.

The more you try to understand what makes them tick, the frustrated you become. Being lively and energetic is part of what makes them who they are.

12. They can't handle criticisms

If you know any Aries person, you would agree that they don't take lightly to criticisms. They believe that they are always right and that their opinions carry more weight than others. You would hardly hear them admit to any wrongdoing even when the matter is not in their favor. What's funny is that they love praises and adulations but not criticisms.

Aries people get agitated in the face of criticisms, and in some cases, they get angry. They are willing to do anything to defend their actions regardless of whether they are wrong. So, when next you see an Aries defending a wrong, you would know better than to argue.

13. Assertiveness

Aries is characterized under the zodiac signs that have assertive traits. People that fall under this category do not err on the side of being passive. You won't find an Aries who knowingly allows things to happen to them without taking action. That's partly the reason for their impulsiveness and assertiveness.

Aries are assertive by nature and waste no time in displaying their assertiveness. They do not back down from any opportunity to state or defend their opinions. Being proactive gives them the morale and confidence to tackle any challenge head-on without fearing the repercussions.

The Aries man or woman never despairs in the face of confrontation or conflict. 

Sometimes, they act out of control and take impulsive actions, but they take responsibility for those actions. Always expect this fiery Aries to be dynamic and assertive with a fair of drama.


Why are Aries hard to understand?

The reason why Aries is hard to understand is that people easily misinterpret their actions and inactions. For instance, Aries are known to be adventurous, but most people see it as reckless and daring. They can go above and beyond to showcase their audaciousness, leaving a wrong impression on people around them.

Why are Aries manipulative?

According to astrology and horoscope, Aries possess certain manipulative traits. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they also have some leadership characteristics. These two traits combined make it possible for them to manipulate people into doing what they want. People are quickly drawn to their positive energy, which makes them soft targets.

Why are Aries so good in bed?

Aries prefer things simple and straight to the point. They aren't exactly into foreplays or roleplay but what stands them out is their unparalleled stamina, confidence, and high libido. Aries can have a go at sex multiple times a day without breaking a sweat. What's more, they are passionate, impetuous, and creative when it comes to sex.

What are Aries' weaknesses?

Just like regular human beings, Aries people have their strengths and weaknesses. People born in Aries season are known to be impatient, temperamental, impulsive, and aggressive. They have a weakness for being intolerant to criticisms and corrections. Moreso, their quest to come out tops in all things can also be considered a weakness when taken too far.

How do Aries act when hurt?

Aries' emotions and actions are driven by fiery passion and impulsiveness, leading them to confront whoever hurt them head-on. Aries are very assertive in stating their grievance, and if care is not taken, tensions can quickly escalate into a free for all fight. Remember, Aries is fearless and aggressive by nature which comes in handy in the face of conflict.

In Conclusion

I know how tiring it must be trying to understand the Aries in your life. Make sure you go through the reasons why Aries are hard to understand. They will help you know them better. 

Trust you enjoyed the read? Let us in your thoughts by leaving a comment. Don't hesitate to share it so that others can also learn a thing or two.

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