Should You Ask Your Girlfriend's Dad for Her Hand in Marriage? - Why It Matters

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For a woman, marriage is a big step in life. There are many steps to get through before two people get married and each of them makes her heart flutter. One of them is when she asks her father’s permission to get married. Even though it sounds traditional, a father’s blessing is not something someone can ignore.

Should You Ask Your Girlfriend's Dad for Her Hand in Marriage

In some culture, such as the Concept of Taaruf in Islam, asking the father’s hand for marriage become one of the most important point in marriage. A woman cannot get married unless her father gives her permission, since he is the one who’s going to get them married.

The Muslims Wedding Tradition including asking for the father’s blessing during the wedding ceremony, symbolizing that afterwards the woman has become the husband’s responsibility.

Asking your girlfriend’s dad for her hand to marry is more like a prior notification rather than asking for permission. In the modern days, fathers usually gives their blessing when a man is proposing for her daughter especially when the two have been dating for a while.

To respect her father, who has been her protector the whole time ever since she was born, you don’t have to hesitate whether should you ask your girlfriend’s dad for her hand in marriage anymore.

Why It Matters

Many people no longer asking a dad’s permission when they’re going to marry his daughter. As an adult, you feel like you have the responsibility in your life and start to neglect the parents’ role in life. Not that it’s traditional and old fashioned, you have to see several reasons why asking the dad’s permission matters.

  1. Her Dad Wants to Make Sure She's Happy

Every dad surely feel a little bit hard to let go of his daughter for another man. He is her protector since day one and have been doing everything for her to keep her happy. A lot of father become sad when their daughter is going to get married, worrying whether she would be happy or not. It’s why he wants to see you. He wants you to promise him that you will do everything within your power to guarantee his happiness, just like how he did all along.

  1. She Was His Before She is Yours

Long before you meet him, there are one person who has an absolute ownership of herself: her dad. As you would take her from somebody else, you must “ask” him nicely, sort of. So that the right way on How to Propose Someone you like is with considering her father as an important person as well. You should not ignore him just because she lives on her own right now or because you feel like she loves you more than anything.

  1. Dad is Every Daughter First Love

This sounds cliché but this is true: a dad is the first love of every daughter. He is the first man she knew and the first one she fell in love with. You have to be thankful for her dad in some ways, since a woman tend to look up at his father’s a lot and wanting to marry someone like him. She always has many lovable Ways to Tell Your Dad You Love Him.

  1. You Can Learn How to Love Her

You really need to be her father’s best friend. You don’t need to ask should you ask your girlfriend’s dad for her hand in marriage anymore. Go to him and build a strong relationship: it’s going to benefit you a lot. You can learn some things from him about marriage and find anything new about your girlfriend. Since it’s something impossible to ask to her mother, who else can help you better than her own dad?

  1. He Wants to Know How Far You're Committed

No father will ever let her daughter to suffer after she gets married. All he wants is that for her to be happy and living a better life than before. A dad is someone who will never let any drop of tears comes down his daughter’s eyes so he wants to make sure that she is marrying a right man. Her father wants to see your sincerity, how far you’re committed to marry her. A dad usually sees the Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry better than his own daughter. He is a man too, right?

  1. He Won't Turn You Down Anyway

If you are afraid to ask his permission for marriage because you worry he might turn you down, it’s a big wrong idea. A father would never turn down a proposal if you are a nice guy. And you are indeed a nice guy, seeing how brave you are to talk to her father about marriage. It leaves a good mark in her father’s eye. Because when you ask him to marry his daughter, it’s more like notification to him. He will give you his blessing 100 percent for sure.

  1. It is a Tradition

Some tradition needs to be kept alive. One of them is this. Even when it sounds old fashioned and nobody really do it anymore right now, it has many valuable meaning behind. It means you not only love her but you also love her family and want to be welcomed there. Having a good relationship with her family leads to a happy marriage as well.

Since a dad’s permission means a lot for a woman, you must have find the answer should you ask your girlfriend’s dad for her hand in marriage. Asking her father to marry her means you also consider him as an important person in your girlfriend’s life and how you respect him for that. It will never get old.

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