How To Make A Girl Blush Over Text (101 Things To Say)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It could be a bit hard to get a girl’s attention over text. Some girls rarely fall for compliments or sweet words because it’s something they’ve heard most of their lives. That’s because most of them have had bad experiences in the past, which left them thinking that love hurts.

For this reason, when sending any lady a sweet text, you have to be creative, open and honest. This means you also need to get the timing right, which is knowing the right time to send a particular message. Women like attention. They also love to feel special, hence they get attracted to men who can successfully achieve both. 

But it’s not rocket science and as hard as this may seem, there are different ways to get a woman’s attention or win her love with words. Keeping reading to learn 101 ways on how to make a woman blush over text.


101 Things To Say To Make A Girl Blush

1. I am deeply in love with you.

Genuine compliments like this make women blush. A sweet text message like this would not only blush, but brighten her entire day and strengthen your love bond together.

2. You deserve the world.

Girls blush when they know a guy would do anything to keep them. Send a sweet text with these to your girlfriend, she would love you more.

3. I love watching you fall asleep.

Not everyone looks good when they fall asleep. So, if you send this as a good morning text message to your lover, it will definitely make her smile.

4. Whenever you enter a space, everything ceases to exist and it feels like it’s just you and me.

There’s nothing that makes a girl feel special like assuring her. These words mean that you would spot her even in the largest crowd and every other person wouldn’t matter as much as she does.

5. I am the luckiest person to have such a beautiful woman like you.

Make your girl blush by sending this sweet text to her. It would make her feel good knowing that she’s with the right person who truly wants her.

6. You are the most precious person in my life.

This means a lot. It means that you have other loved ones but she’s the most precious person and comes first before every other person. You could send this to her at any time of the day.

7. I am a complete mess without you.

This is one of the sweet text messages you should send if you want to make your girl blush, especially after a fight. It means that her thoughts distract you even when you’re not on good terms.

8. You’re the most beautiful girl I know, inside out.

Saying this to a woman shows you’re not only attracted to her physical looks, but also her inner soul. Send this sweet text message to your girlfriend to make her blush.

9. Sometimes, love hurts but I have felt happiness since we started our relationship.

Letting a lady know that you’ve only felt happiness since you met her is one of the sweetest things she wants to hear from you. She would read that text and feel good the whole day.

10. You make my heart melt because you are so cute.

Every girl loves to hear that they’re cute even though they may not show it. Send a sweet text like this to your girlfriend to make her blush.

11. I can’t stop thinking about you.

This shows that even when so many thoughts distract you, she’s always the first person on your mind. This is one of the cute things to say to your lover. It would make her blush.

12. You have such beautiful eyes and I have inner peace when I look into them.

This sweet text message would make your girlfriend feel special. It’s an indirect way of you telling her that she has beautiful eyes and this is what many girls want to hear.

13. I have so much joy whenever I hear your voice.

A text message like this already insinuates that you’re happy whenever you hear from your lover and wouldn’t mind talking to her all day long. This would make her blush.

14. You are my perfect woman and I am glad to be with you.

A sweet text message like this would make your girl feel special. It means that no matter what happens, nobody would be as perfect as she is for you.

15. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together, my heart will always beat for you.

it doesnt matter how long weve been together my heart will always beat for you

This is one of the perfect goodnight text messages you can send to a girl to make her blush. It shows that even if you’re together for many lifetimes, you’ll be in love with her.

16. I feel alive when it’s just you and me spending time together.

Sending this text message at any time of the day would make your girl feel special. You could surprise her with it just after lunch or breakfast.

17. Your smile makes my heart beat.

This is an indirect way of telling a girl that she has a beautiful smile. This is one of the cute things you can say to make her blush. It would make her smile even more.

18. I see you in all my dreams and I have beautiful dreams about you.

It’s a good thing to have a positive impact on someone in real life and in their dream. If you tell a woman that you have beautiful dreams about her, it would make her smile.

19. You are my dream woman and I am glad you’re manifesting in my life.

These words would not only make your girl smile but make her feel special, knowing how much she means to you in the relationship. It’s one of the cute things to say to a woman.

20. No girl on earth could compete with you because you’re different.

Many women dislike competitions, especially when it has to do with them competing with another girl for a man. Saying this to her would reassure her that there’s nothing to worry about.

21. The whole world doesn’t matter whenever I am with you.

A lady wants to know that she has your undivided attention even when other people are around. This is a sweet text message you can send to make your girl blush.

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22. You make my life more perfect than I ever imagined.

If you’re in search of good morning or good night text messages to send to you lover, you should use this. It’s a sweet text message every girl wants to receive.

23. I miss saying sweet nothings to you.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is one of the best good morning texts to send to your girlfriend to make her smile. It simply means you miss the intimate times together.

24. You’re fun to be with, that I wish I could make time stand still to make it last forever.

Making a girl blush is only about complimenting her looks. It’s about making her feel special. So, you could compliment your girl’s activity by telling her how fun she is when you’re with her.

25. One lifetime with you is not enough. I want to spend many more lifetimes with you.

This will make your lover blush because it means that you don’t think a lifetime is enough to express your love to her. It shows she’s so special that you can’t imagine a second without her.

26. I always feel special because I’m dating the most beautiful girl.

Sending this as a text message to a girl shows she’s the reason behind your happiness and confidence. It’s also an indirect way of telling her that she’s special.

26. We have a special connection and I would do my best to protect it.

This is a nice text message you can send to a lady to make her smile. It shows how much you cherish the love and mutual bond you have.

27. I tried to engage myself in different activities and not let your thoughts distract me, but it didn’t work.

Try sending this sweet text message to a girl you like or your lover. It doesn’t matter how sad or busy she is, she will smile when she sees it.

29. You’re my only hope when things go wrong.

It could surprise your lover to see this heart-touching text message from you but it’s a good way to start or end the day. This will melt her heart.

30. Living life without you would be my biggest nightmare.

living life without you would be my biggest nightmare

As surprising as it may be, many girls love to know they make a great part of your life. Telling her that her absence would be your biggest nightmare is one of the cute things she would love to hear.

31. You’re my missing piece. You fit into my world perfectly.

This is an indirect way of telling your girl that she completes you. Tell a woman that she’s your missing piece in a good morning text to her. It would make her smile whenever she remembers it.

32. Words fail me to say how special you are to me. 

Some of the best expressions are the ones words can’t describe. This is a cute and touching text message to send to a girl. She would smile at it knowing you’re very much into her.

33. I love how you respect other people and their opinions.

Many girls act in certain ways with no knowledge that other people are noticing their cute little gestures. This nice text message would make her smile as you didn’t say anything about her looks.

34. You’re not only my girlfriend but the best friend I could ever ask for. 

A girl wants to know that you can connect with her on all levels and not only romantically. Sending this sweet text to her would make her trust you more.

35. I never knew what it really meant to fall in love until I met you. I love this feeling.

Not everyone has experienced falling in love with someone. So, if you feel this way, it’s best to tell your girl this through a sweet text. It will make her blush.

36. Whenever I see you, it’s always love at first sight.

If you send this sweet text to a girl, it will make her blush because it means you’re truly in love with her and adore her presence whenever you see her.

37. You make me happy whenever I see you smile. It gives me hope.

One way to make a lady feel special is by telling her how some of her attributes make you feel. Sending this nice text message to her makes her know her happiness is your happiness too.

38. I don’t mind talking to you all night. It makes me feel alive.

Your lover will smile knowing how much you value the time you both spend together, whether it’s on call or you’re physically together. You should send this to her.

39. You’re the sweetest angel in my life and I feel fulfilled to feel you connecting with my inner soul.

You could send this text at night after you both spent the whole day together. That’s the best time that a message like this would make her smile. 

40. Everywhere feels dull without your bright smile. I miss you.

This is another way to compliment your girl. Send a sweet text telling her how much you miss her smile. This will make her blush, especially if you’re both in different environments.

41. Your perseverance to challenges inspires me.

One way to make your girl blush over text is by appreciating other qualities that have nothing to do with her looks. Make compliments about your girl’s activity. Let her know she inspires you.

42. I want to kiss you all night long and never stop. 

If you’ve both been together and she’s comfortable enough with you, you could send a sweet message telling her how much you want to kiss her. Tell her you want to kiss her all night.

43. You’re my special girl. You make life easier for me.

This doesn’t have to do with her physical looks but how much she supports you. Receiving a text message like this from you would make her feel valued.

44. My life was a complete mess until I met you. Thank you for staying with me.

When you make a lady feel special, she returns the good favor. Send this sweet text to her, especially after she has helped you handle a conflict. She would feel appreciated.

45. I find it hard to say goodnight because I’ll miss talking to you, but the good thing is, it doesn’t take time for me to sleep off and see you in my dreams.

I find it hard to say goodnight because Ill miss talking to you but the good thing is it doesnt take time for me to sleep off and see you in my dreams

You could send this message to your girl after a good night conversation. It may sound like you’re obsessed if you do this after a call, but it will make her feel special.

46. Good morning beautiful, it’s a pleasure to be the first notification popping on your screen this morning.

If your lover sees this sweet message in the morning, it will definitely make her smile. Depending on her mood, she could also chuckle as it’s a very thoughtful message to send.

47. I don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life, but I hope to spend mine with you.

Many girls want to know that you’re not just with them for a temporary cause. So, if you send this to your lover, she would be happy knowing you would be with her to the very end.

48. You have a beautiful heart and soul. I’m happy to be a part of your life.

Anybody would feel happy to know you’re not only about their physical looks but how accommodating they are. Saying this to your lover would improve the bond in your relationship.

49. I am yet to see a girl as focused as you are.

Some girls act in certain unique ways, not knowing they’re noticed by their lovers or other people. Send this sweet text to her to tell her you see and love her determination and efforts.

50. Your sense of humor is quite refreshing to me.

Women love it when you laugh at their jokes. If you enjoy the laughter she brings, you could send a text to compliment her sense of humor.

51. I feel comfortable in my skin whenever I’m with you.

This is another text that could make a woman blush. If you can be yourself when you’re comfortable when you’re around her, you should let her know.

52. You’re my kind of crazy and I love how expressive you are.

Not every girl is confident enough to be natural when they’re with their lovers or crushes. If your lover can be crazy with you without holding back, you should compliment her.

53. I’m not attracted to any other woman because you’re everything and more.

This statement shows how fulfilled you feel to be with her. It’s an assuring sentence that no matter the situation between you two, you would never be attracted to another woman.

54. You have made me a better person. Now I work so hard to be the man you desire and deserve.

Most girls want to hear that their existence in your life means a lot in your life. Send your lover a sweet message telling her the positive things she has added to your life.

55. I find new reasons to fall in love with you everyday.

A lady loves to know that you admire her physically and otherwise. Sending this to her means that whether she’s beautiful or not, you still love her.

56. My day is never bright enough without seeing or hearing from you.

Some people could go for many days or months without hearing from their lovers. If you send this sweet text to your girl, it would completely make her day.

57. If I have a chance of making a wish, I would use it to make you happy because you’re the answer to a happy life.

These words are very loving and worth sending to someone you love. This statement means you place her first and trust her to make you happy because you know she would do so too.

58. With you, all my past wounds have been healed and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

If you send this sweet text to your woman, you’re indirectly letting her know she’s been with you all through your worst times and you appreciate it wholeheartedly.

59. I always miss you even when we’re together. I can’t have enough of you.

You could send this to your woman at any time of the day to make her smile. Even if she’s mad at you, she will blush when she sees it.

60. I thought the world had run low on the number of loving girls until I met you.

I thought the world had run low on the number of loving girls until I met you

This is one of the sweetest text messages you can send to a girl to make her blush. If she had any past insecurities, this could make her feel more confident.

61. Forgive me if you feel I’m too clingy. When I lay my hands on something perfect, it’s hard to let go.

Any girl would blush on seeing this sweet text from her lover. Whether you’re truly clingy or just saying sweet words to her, it would go a long way to show her how much you care about her.

62. I admire your positive vibes even when you’re sad. 

It’s not easy to stay happy when you’re sad, so if your woman is as positive as this, you should send her a message complimenting her positive vibes.

63. This relationship is my only hope. I never want it to end.

This is more like a request to your lover to hold on to your relationship. It’s a way of asking her to never give up on you even when things go rough.

64. You have the most amazing hair. It glows even in the dark.

Women like it when they hear compliments about their hair, especially when it comes from the man they love. If you send this as a sweet text to a lady, it will make her blush.

65. No matter where you go. I’ll travel any distance just to be with you.

These are very deep words and they mean a lot. If you tell your girl this, you won’t only make her blush, but assure her that you’ll always be with her.

66. I cherish every moment I share with you no matter how little or short it is.

Spending time with your lover is one of the best moments you can have and it’s something you can’t benefit from every woman out there. If you send this as a message to your girl, it would strengthen her love for you.

67. My life has been black and white before we met. You’ve added so much color to my life.

Sometimes, men meet women who end up draining them. If you compliment your woman with these words, you’re indirectly telling her that she has made your life more meaningful..

68. The only thing I’m afraid of in life at the moment is losing you. No other thing matters as much.

This is one of the best messages you could send to your lover in the morning. It will brighten her day knowing that she is loved by her man.

69. I appreciate all your efforts in my life. I couldn’t have asked for more.

A woman who’s supportive in a relationship deserves to hear this. While you’re trying to make her blush, this sweet text could make her tear up, knowing you see and appreciate her efforts.

70. You make the best meals ever. They make me look forward to the future.

Everyone loves good food, whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or not. This is one of the best compliments you could give your lover as it has nothing to do with her looks, but her skills.

71. It feels good when you lay on my chest and my fingers run through my hair.

This is a description of an intimate time with your lover. It’s a way of telling her you enjoy every bit of your intimacy no matter how light it is.

72. I’ll be the luckiest man alive if you settle for me.

Women like to feel empowered. Saying this to your lover would not only make her happy, she’ll also know that she’s your special kind of girl.

73. Since I met you, everything seems so fresh and beautiful. There’s a new feel to everything.

A sweet text with these words would do the magic of making a lady blush, especially if you’re trying to win heart to be in a relationship with you.

74. I thought I knew beautiful ladies until I met you. Your beauty is different.

Many ladies have heard compliments about their beauty, so it’s best to be creative when saying certain things to them. You could attach this sentence at the end of your love text to her.

75. No artist can capture half of your beauty in his art.

your bright smile makes me melt and dissolves all my problems

If you’re thinking of an extreme way to appreciate a lady’s beauty in words, this is one way you can do it. This line would definitely make your lover blush for the best reasons.

76. I hope you’re not tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

This is one of the sweetest punchlines to say if you want a lady to blush. You could start with a question, “hey honey, are you tired?” If she says yes, then you complete it with the remaining sentence.

77. You helped me develop myself and a good sense of style. 

Did your lover help you with your sense of style, especially your fashion sense? You could use it to make her blush by letting her know with a sweet text.

78. I want to say you shouldn’t feel bad about your mistakes.

If you notice that your lover feels bad about a situation that happened between you two or her and someone else, you could send this sweet text to make her happy.

79. You’re beautiful but I’m more in love with your inner soul.

Telling a lady this means that even though you’re aware that she’s outwardly beautiful, it’s nothing compared to her inner beauty.

80. I tried staying for a few seconds without thinking about you but it didn’t last up to a second.

This is one of the sweetest things a lady wants to hear. It shows you always have mental pictures of her and your memories together in your thoughts.

81. I have a very cute picture to share and I can’t think of any other person to share it with.

If you found a cute picture of a couple or an animal you know she loves, you could send her the photo with this sentence as a caption.

82. Don’t only concentrate on flattering her, ask for her advice in anything you’re comfortable sharing. 

It’s not always about complimenting looks because sometimes, they could sound like fake compliments. A lady feels happier when she knows you can trust her to advise you.

83. I wish I could see and talk to you right now.

This would work most if you’re both in a distance relationship. It shows how much you miss being with her and it’ll make her happy.

84. I want to deeply apologize if I have hurt you in any way.

This is most appropriate after a fight. It’s the best text you can send to your girl, especially if you did something wrong to her.

85. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be there to assist.

Sometimes, one good way to make a lady blush is by volunteering to assist her and not teasing or giving fake compliments.

86. You’re the only woman I have trusted with my whole heart.

These are some of the most comforting words people love to hear. They want to be trusted and if you send this text, she’ll blush.

87. I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you no matter what happens.

Women love to have men who would stick to them and never leave them. They’re afraid of losing the man they’re in love with. She won’t only smile but be assured.

88. Everybody I know tells me I’m lucky to have such a woman like you.

This is another way of telling your lover that everyone who sees you two together thinks you make a great couple.

89. I bless the first day that I set my eyes on you. I met the world’s sweetest angel.

As this makes her blush, it will also bring back good memories you both created in the past from the first day you met.

90. Your bright smile makes me melt and dissolves all my problems.

your bright smile makes me melt and dissolves all my problems

Any nice lady with an open heart would blush when she sees this sweet text from you. Send it to her as a good morning message and she’ll be happy the whole day.

91. I am addicted to you and how much you love me.

These are the exact words of a man who’s deeply in love with a woman. You should use them if you’re looking for something to make your woman blush.

92. Your skin is very soft. I love it when we cuddle.

If you’ve both been together for a while, you could send this message to your lover to make her grin or blush. It always works.

93. I love to watch you eat. It gives me a different sense of satisfaction and fun.

Not everyone is comfortable eating some meals around the crush or someone who likes them. If she does this, send this sweet text to tease her.

94. You have a forgiving heart and that is one of the things I admire so much about you.

Some girls want you to see beyond their beauty. If you send this as one those cute text messages to your girl after a fight, She’ll blush.

95. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together. I get butterflies whenever you touch me.

This is one of those cute things you should say to your lover. It shows that even if you’ve been together for a long time, you still love her.

96. When you’re mad at me, everything just stops working for me.

When you say this to a woman, it means you can’t handle it whenever she’s mad at you. You should send this sweet text when you’re quarreling.

97. Don’t ever belittle or look down on yourself. You’re the magic the world needs.

If you feel your girl has low self-esteem or inferiority complex, you could send this as a text to her to make her feel better.

98. You’re perfect for me. You’re the perfect home that the universe has designed for me.

It means for someone to feel like your home. It shows the great connection you both have and how much you appreciate it.

99. I love how you respect me, my personal space, and everyone who surrounds me.

This sweet text shows that you don’t only love her for her beauty but the respect she has for you as a person and you want it to continue.

100. I don’t need any other treasure because I have you. You make me feel like a king.

Send these words as a sweet text to your lover. Like she makes you feel like a king, your words will also make her feel like a queen.

101. I would love you with all of me as long as I breathe. You’re the purpose of my existence.

These are promising words and any lady who hears this would feel happy and confident knowing she has found true love.


What can I say to make a girl blush?

One way you could make a girl blush is by complimenting her. Girls love to hear genuine compliments. It boosts their self-esteem. So, you could say cute things like, “you’re the best girl I’ve been with. Being with you makes me happy.” “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” “I feel special because I have the greatest treasure.”

What texts make a girl smile?

Super sweet text messages make a girl smile. These are texts that contain compliments, words of how you love her, or how you value her love for you. It doesn’t matter if you compliment her physical looks, hard work, or good behavior, it would make her smile. She would also smile if you say good things about her loved ones or career.

How do you tell a girl she's cute over text?

Try to pick one particular feature she has and talk specifically about it. For instance, you could talk about her eyes; “you have really lovely eyes”, or her hair, “I love the color of dye you used for your hair. It makes you look like a princess.” Try to stay as respectful as possible when doing this. Keep it minimal and don’t try going sensual.

What causes a girl to blush?

According to research, blushing is a psychological occurrence caused by psychological stress and it’s associated with anger, passion, fear, or romantic stimulation. Genuine compliments from a cute guy could contribute to making a girl blush. Also, girls blush when they’re embarrassed, shy, excited, or self-conscious. It happens when it comes from their crush or someone they like.

How do I hint that I like her?

Some of the ways you can hint that you like a girl is by using cute little gestures. Laugh so hard at her jokes, touch her shoulder when you’re talking, or lightly pinch their cheeks and smile at her. You could also find a thing or two to compliment about her physical appearance and arrange her hair frequently. Offer to hang out with or buy her a drink sometime.

In Conclusion

There are a million and one ways to make a lady blush over text. You just have to be creative as sometimes, words could be tricky to use in expressing feelings and emotions. For a start, you should refer to the 101 ways I have mentioned above. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did, please drop a comment and share it with your friends and family.

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