33 Signs That A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether a woman likes you more than a friend?

It’s true that many loving relationships can blossom from friendships, but it’s not always obvious to know whether these romantic feelings are occurring in her mind. 

Thankfully, there is a list of behavioral tells that you can look for to determine how she feels about you. 

Want to know what they are? Well, you’re in luck! Below, I have created an epic rundown of 31 signs that a woman wants more than friendship. 

However, before we get into any of that, it is crucial that you read the next few sentences carefully. 

My friends and I are sick and tired of men making the same mistake when trying to seduce us. 

This mistake makes it so difficult for us to accept your offer of a date or something more, even if we really like you!

That mistake is: COMING ON TOO STRONG!

When you make your intentions too obvious too quickly, it ruins any feelings of excitement we may have had about spending time with you. The thrill of the chase is ruined - and it makes us feel like a cheap floosie to keep hanging out together.

That’s why I wanted to share this super-useful guide with you. It explains a concept called ‘Stealth Seduction’, which is all about how to flirt with a woman in an exciting way that doesn’t make her feel sleazy or pressured.

This is the way to transform a female friend into a lover! To not read this guide would be a massive disservice to both of you.

With that said, read on for my list of signs that she wants to be ‘more than friends’ with you.


Does She Like Me More Than A Friend?

When you hang around girls, you may start to wonder what their feelings are. Do they want to continue remaining only friends, or are they ready to take this friendship on to the next level? What are the real signs that a girl likes you more than a friend? It can often be hard to tell, right? 

One day she’s twirling her hair and laughing with you, making you think that you’ve crossed over the friend line, but the next day you see her doing the same thing with another guy. So, which is it? Or, is she just a flirt with everyone? The signs can often get blurry when you are trying to figure it all out. 

There’s also another part to this that you must consider. How do you feel about her? Has there been a clear sign telling you that the two of you were meant for each other? If she really likes you, how do you feel about her?

This article will help you answer those questions, so you can tell if a girl likes you! Watch for the signs she likes you, and you’ll know what to do! Hint: Ask her out!

Top Signs A Girl Wants More Than Just Friendship

1. She mirrors your behavior

According to Forbes, one person may mirror the actions of another by mimicking their behavior (if the person likes the other). For example, you may catch her mirroring your physical posture or the gestures you use when you talk if she likes you. If you notice body language like this, you may be able to tell if a girl has the hots for you or not.

2. She likes to touch you

Get your head out of the clouds! I don’t mean touching like that, but if she is doing that, then it’s a pretty good sign she wants to be more than friends!! Really, one of the true signs she likes you is when she lightly touches your arm or shoulder as she tells you one of her favorite stories about her childhood or from last week at school even.

3. She shares a lot of eye contact with you

she shares a lot of eye contact with you

There are some people who love to have eye contact when they get to know you, but there are plenty of people who care to roam their eyes as they talk. It’s really a coin toss for which way is most comfortable for the person. 

However, when someone is crazy about someone else, you can bet they share more eye contact than if they weren’t nuts for that person. So, if you catch her trying to make eye contact with you, you know she has a thing for you. 

4. She smiles and laughs a lot when you are around

Give her a break, you big stud! If she wants to be more than friends, she gets happy when she’s around you! Typically, friends act goofy around each other; if she likes to laugh and always is smiling around you, I bet you anything she’s secretly writing her name with your last name in her notebook when she’s alone! She has the hots for you!

5. She stares at you from time to time

This may be something that she can’t control, but it’s one way to tell if a girl is crazy about you or not. Does she look in your direction more often than not? Do you catch her staring at you when you are just hanging out? Does she do this with her other male friends? You may be special if you are the only one who she looks at like this. 

6. She twirls her hair

When a girl is crazy about a guy, she may do things accidentally. Let’s call it “accidental flirting” for the sake of this discussion. One sign that she likes you is when she twists her hair, twirls it between her fingers, or even chews on it. Gross! She can’t help it! That’s why it’s called “accidental flirting!” She does it without meaning to!

7. She tries to get close to you

When you hang out with your friend, have you noticed her trying to get closer to you? She likes you! Pay attention to what she does when there are things in between the two of you. Does she move them so that it seems you are closer to each other? Does she inch closer to you when you’re in the same room? She wants to be more than a friend!

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8. She tends to act nervous around you

If she likes you as more than a friend, when you are together, she may sweat or blush because she feels nervous. This type of body language is a surefire clue she likes you. She can’t even physically control herself around you! This is a real sign that she likes you as more than a friend. She doesn’t mean to act that way, but it tells you something!

9. She bats her eyelashes at you

This is kind of an old-fashioned sign that a girl likes you, but it’s still a good one. When she’s around you, does she show you obvious signs of flirtation? Paying attention to little things like this will give you definite clues that she is looking forward to moving you out of the friendzone. If you feel the same about her, you may want to ask her out or flirt back!

10. She shares intimate details with you 

In an effort to get close to you, she may tell you stories from her childhood or share memories she has from when she was in high school. She wants you to get to know her; she may also throw in little facts about herself to get you to notice cute stuff. For example, she may say, “Like a school teacher, I love getting apples on Mondays.”

What a weird thing to say, right? Well, she’s trying to get you to remember that detail about her so that you will bring her apples on Mondays. She knows that if you do that, it’s a definite sign that you like her and want her in your life from now on. Of course, if you want to stay friends only, don’t buy her apples on Mondays. Doh!

11. She talks to you all the time

she talks to you all the time

Has she made efforts to talk to you during times when you normally wouldn’t have her in your life? For example, if you usually hang out after work or after football practice, did she try hanging out or talking to you on the phone at times other than those? Those may be signs that you are on her mind quite a bit more than usual. 

12. She likes spending time alone with you

Again, if she enjoys being around you, it’s a good sign that she wants to be more than friends. This is especially true if she looks for excuses to have alone time with you. She may not want to share! 

13. She introduces you to her friends

You can tell if a girl likes you if she introduces you to her best friends because she is wanting to show you off. She’s been talking you up to them, and they want to meet this mystery man! If she asks you to hang out with them invited, that’s a good sign she wants to be more than just friends.

14. She teases you

Do you remember in grade school when you’d pull on a girl’s pigtails to get her attention? Well, that’s what she’s doing if she makes fun of you in a sweet way. She wants you to know she has the hots for you, but she can’t just say that, now, can she? That would be way too obvious, so this is how she’s letting you know she likes you.

15. She tries to make you jealous

You may find that this girl likes to talk about other guys to try to get your attention. If you pay attention to what she says, you can tell if she’s trying to make you jealous. Make sure you listen for those subtle clues that she’s not just complaining to a friend; instead, she’s trying to let you know that other guys want to be with her, so you should, too!

16. She seems to have an inside joke with her friends

Okay, so the inside joke is really about you. Girls gossip with each other about what they think about boys. If it seems like they always have secrets with one another that they stop talking about when you walk in the room, there’s a good chance they are gossiping about how much this girl likes you. 

17. She pursues you on social media

Has she requested that you add her to all of your social media accounts? She probably wants to see what you post, what you like on there, and what kind of pictures you have in your various feeds or walls. However, there is a chance she’s just trying to be closer friends with you; watch what she does on social media to get more clues. 

18. She posts pictures of the two of you together

she posts pictures of the two of you together

This is a cute sign that she wants to be more than just a friend with you. She may say, “Hey! Let’s take a selfie!” when the two of you are hanging out and then immediately post it on her Instagram feed or Facebook wall. Pay close attention to her social media activity to get further information!

19. She pretends to be jealous of other girls

She may joke around with you that you flirt too much with other girls, or you seem to have “a thing” for a certain girl. If she notices the attention that you give to another girl, that’s a good way to tell if this girl is crazy over you!

20. She points out common ground with you

Any girl that likes a guy is going to try to find common ground with him. Girls like showing that they like the same things as a way of bonding with guys! How else will we have such cool things to talk to girls about? You can tell if a girl likes you if she finds ways to connect with you that go beyond friendship!

21. She talks a lot about your passions

When a girl is crazy about you, she’ll be crazy about the stuff you love! She wants to be a big part of your life, so she’ll learn about your interests so that you find her interesting. This happens a lot when girls are nuts over guys!

22. She makes excuses for the two of you to hang out

She may say she needs help hanging pictures, or her dishwasher broke, and she’s wondering if you will take a look at it. Excuses like these can be meant for a friend, but they are also signs a girl wants to spend more time with you. Watch for her requests to help her out or other excuses, like she has an extra concert ticket to your favorite band.

23. She is a really good listener with you

A good listener doesn’t just hear what you have to say; they pay close attention, making sure not to interrupt you or make fun of what you have to say. A good friend will do this, too, but a girl that wants you will really make a conscious effort to do this, hanging on every word you say. She may also offer feedback and follow-up questions.

24. She remembers the little details you’ve shared

Who remembers that story you told months ago? If she’s got a distinct radar when it comes to stuff you’ve talked about, you can bet she has you on her mind more than just a little bit. She loves the topic of you and wants you to know that she’s a good listener, so you’ll like her and ask her out! 

25. She talks about other guys

She may do this to show you that other guys are interested in her, or she may hope that you will get a little jealous that other guys like her. She’s possibly trying to get a rise out of you by what she’s saying. If it annoys you, tell her that, and ask her out!

26. She notices the little things about you

she notices the little things about you

She may say something like, “Is blue your favorite color because I noticed you wearing that same color last Tuesday?” Something like that is a good sign that she wants to be more than friends with you.

27. She tries to be one of the guys

This girl probably wants to seem down-to-earth so that you will like her as more than a friend. She may have interests that range from cars to sports. Of course, there are some chicks who are actually like this, but you’ll know when you meet one who is really wanting to impress you!

28. She finds cute ways to connect with you

“Both our names come from the name, ‘Michael,’” might be something she says if your name is Mike and hers is Michaela or Michelle. She may find cute little sayings like that to chirp in with to make you see that the two of you would make a cute couple.

29. She talks a lot when you are together

This may be a bad habit, but often when we are around people we like, we talk a lot more than usual. Being talkative is one of those signs that points to awkwardness or nervousness when around people, but it can be a sign you just really like someone!

30. She fixes herself up for you

You’ve never seen her without makeup or her hair fixed just right, correct? She probably has the hots for you! Why else would she fix herself up every single time you see her? If you like her as more than a friend, you should ask her out. 

31. She loves to make you laugh and smile

When she’s around you, is she very positive, funny, and optimistic? She may just be passionate about making you smile and seeing you laugh! If you see her as a great gal to go out with, why not ask her out and show you want to be more than friends with her? Tell her she’s fantastic and ask if she’ll go out with you!

32. She asks you a lot of questions

She’s hoping to get to know you better! Go ahead and answer her questions. After all, what better topic is there than YOU? Roll with it and enjoy answering her many questions, but don’t lead her on if you aren’t interested. You may want to change the subject if you just see her as a friend.

33. She comments and likes old stuff on social media

she comments and likes old stuff on social media

Who does this, really? Usually, when you get a like on an old picture, you know that person has been doing some serious research on the subject of you. They have dug through your old crap to find the best stuff to comment on and like. That’s a surefire way to tell she wants to be more than just a friend with you. 


How do you know if a girl likes you more than a friend?

She will probably show it in her body language or in the way she acts around you. She may enjoy talking about things that she knows you like or things that the two of you have in common. Watch for those signs, and you’ll know what she’s thinking!

How do you know if a girl likes you more than a friend over text?

She will probably text you more than usual. Also, she may send you sexual clues by saying something like, “Hey, stud muffin! What is your sexy butt up to right now?” Something like that would surely indicate that you are considered hot stuff in her book!

How do you make a girl see you as more than a friend?

First, make sure you always look hot when you’re around her. Second, always smell nice with cologne or good hair products. Third, show that you have stuff in common with her by talking about interests that you share. Finally, give her lots of attention.

How do you know if a girl is a virgin without asking her?

Without invading her privacy by reading her diary or hacking into her social media accounts, this is a tough one to know for sure. If you really want to know, you should ask her friends because girls share everything amongst themselves. 

Can best friends fall in love?

Of course! Many people who are best friends first fall in love later in life. Friendship is a great place to start because you can build up your communication and stuff while you are young. Later in life, you can grow together as a couple.

To Sum Things Up…

Do you have the secret formula for being able to tell if a girl likes you or not? What have you noticed about girls when they like guys? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so be sure to comment below, and don’t forget to share this post!

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