How to Steal Someone’s Girlfriend - 20 Filthy Ways

by Michelle Devani

Falling in love is complicated. You want to be with the person that you love for the rest of your life. Love is harder when you’re in love with someone else’s girlfriend. It’s wrong but you can’t help but want her to be yours. If the universe works in your favor, the way will be easy. But sometimes, you feel the need to push your luck.

How to Steal Someone’s Girlfriend

The feeling of love can really drive someone to do things that are out of their characters. Are you one of them? You probably are as you’re already planning the steps to get closer to someone’s girlfriend. These are the ways to do it:

1. Be sure of your intention

Be sure of your intention

Before you steal someone’s girlfriend, you need to take a closer look at yourself first. Ask yourself the reason why you really want to have her. Why are you so in love with her? Will having her by your side make you truly happy?

Be sure of your intention because you’re about to destroy someone’s relationship and cause a lot of hurt.

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2. Look into it carefully

To make sure that you’ll succeed, you need to collect as much information as you can. Find out how her relationship is going with her current boyfriend. Are they doing fine or are they having some troubles? Look into her life by observing their daily routines.

You can also ask people who are close to them. A bit of gossiping will help here. But be cautious. Don’t make it too obvious that you’re trying to ruin them.

3. Get closer to her

Dude, you want to know how to steal someone’s girlfriend? While digging for information, you can make your way into her heart. Get closer to her by trying to befriend her. Be calm and cool so it doesn’t look like you’re in love with her. Remember, you want to steal her so nobody should pick up any hint that you’re trying to do that.

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4. Show yourself off

When you’ve succeeded on being her friend, show her your best sides. Make her mesmerized by your qualities. Charm her with your behavior.

Avoid showing her most of your flaws. It’s going to be heard to appear perfect at all times but that’s the only way to do it.

5. Be what she wants to be

You can steal someone’s girlfriend once she exposes the things that she doesn’t like about his current boyfriend. Change your traits to the ones she like the most.

Make her realize that you can give her everything that her current boyfriend can’t.

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6. Stand by her

Always try to be there for her so you’ll know what she needs in her life. Don’t get left behind on the newest information about her current relationship.

Stand by her through all her hardships so you can become even closer to her. Start making your strategies to make her yours. 

7. Make her trust you

How to steal someone’s girlfriend, dude? Be that one friend that she can trust. She’ll start to tell you things that she doesn’t tell anyone else. You will know what’s in her heart. She might even start to talk about her boyfriend with you.

This is the time to prepare yourself to be her knight in shining armor in case her relationship is not going so well.

8. Show her that you understand her

A person will always be attracted to someone who seems to understand them very well. Show her how much you can understand her feelings and her thoughts. Provide her with solutions when she’s running into troubles. For instance, give her advice when she’s confused on handling her stubborn boyfriend. This will make her turn to you every time she’s in doubt.

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9. Be prepared for the worst

 Be prepared for the worst

What you’re doing might seem malicious to other people. Be prepared for the worst when her boyfriend comes at you. If she finds out what you’re trying to do then accept the fact that you might lose her respect for you. Even if you do get the girl of your dream, you might have to play pretend for the rest of your life.

After all, you’ve shown her a different version of you. If you stop showing all those traits, she might start to distance herself from you.

10. Let it be

When you steal someone’s girlfriend, you just have to let things be. You can’t really force the outcome of something. All your efforts might work or they might fail. Brace yourself with the heartache.

You’ll need to find the strength to find other true loves. Try not steal someone’s girlfriend next time, as there are still a lot of single ladies out there for you.

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Make Her Yours Even More

So besides all those things that you can do to get her, here are other things that you should not leave out. They work as well and you’ll make her yours even more.

  1. Give her little presents like a bar of chocolate or a cup of free coffee.
  2. Make her comfortable around you.
  3. Send her messages constantly but in normal amount.
  4. Make her laugh by telling her jokes.
  5. Be charming.
  6. Don’t be creepy.
  7. Give her space so she won’t get sick of you.
  8. Don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.
  9. Give her lots of attention.
  10. Have an inside joke with her so you’ll have a more intimate connection.

You might be happy at first when you finally make her yours. But remember that stealing someone’s girlfriend is never a fair thing. It’s dishonest and cruel. No one can guarantee that the relationship will last. Karma might bite you as well. Do this at your own risk but be prepared for the worst.

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