How To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend (21 Slick Ways)

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you falling for a woman who already has a boyfriend?

Are you wondering whether there's a way to motivate her to leave her partner, so she can be with you?

The truth is: women are upgrading to better boyfriends all the time. If you don't believe me, read up on concepts like hypergamy or monkey-branching. 

It's one of those 'sad but true' facts of life. 

If you want to be the guy that benefits from this, you need to keep reading. Because I have created a substantial guide that gives you the best chance of stealing another man's girlfriend. 

But before you begin, I really need to explain the concept of 'Stealth Seduction' to you.

This is a method of flirting with a woman that goes under the radar. A technique for turning her on without anyone else knowing what's happening. 

That's pretty crucial when you're trying to steal another man's girl. If you're too forward in your attempts to impress her, it's not going to work - and you're also risking having your ass kicked by a jealous boyfriend.   

So, before you continue, I'd urge you to check out this guide on Stealth Seduction and why it's the best way to win a woman's heart. 

Then, once you understand this, feel free to check out my step-by-step guide on seducing a woman with a boyfriend...


21 Ways To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend

You can fall for someone and find out they’re already taken. To that effect, it’s not uncommon that you’d want to win that person over from their current partner, whether it’s a friend or foe. This scenario happens to be the dilemma of some guys out there. If you’re one of them, then I can help you out.

If you’ve fallen for a girl dating who already has someone in her life, you’re probably wondering how to steal her from her boyfriend. This article reveals twenty-one insightful ways to steal someone’s girlfriend and have her falling for you instead. Here are the tips on how you get the girl of your dreams, even though she’s with someone else.

1. Know Your Intentions

It’s important to study your motives before embarking on a journey like this. Why exactly do you want someone who already has a boyfriend? Do you have intense feelings for her? Do you really like her? These and many more questions need to be answered first. 

Most times, it’s possible to want someone that’s not yours because you’re envious of the person she’s currently dating. You need to make sure that it’s not envy that’s propelling your actions; else, it will end pretty badly. If your motives are because of love, there’s a high chance the relationship will work.

2. Do Some Research

do some research

If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, it’s crucial that you do a little research about the couple. It would help if you found out about the current boyfriend, what he’s like, and his relationship with the subject. 

Are they having certain relationship problems, or are they doing perfectly fine? How long have they been together? Details like this will give insight into whether this process is an impossible task or something you can pull off. You can ask someone that’s close to the couple, or anyone else that knows about them. However, don’t make it too obvious that you’re seeking personal information.

3. Be Certain She’ll Leave Her Relationship For You

Not all girls are the same when it comes to relationships. If there are certain problems between her and her boyfriend, some girls might be willing to leave him for you. On the contrary, some that deeply believe in loyalty wouldn’t want to end a relationship with their boyfriend because of minor problems. 

They would stick to their partners no matter the condition and prefer to work on things rather than jump into a new relationship with someone else. This fact is why it’s important to observe if she’s the type to leave her boyfriend.

4. Get To Know Her

If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, a vital step requires you to know the girl. Getting familiar with her gives you an upper advantage to swoon her. It would be best to know essential details about her, especially her likes and dislikes. 

Knowing this will give you a better strategy for making her fall for you. You can also find out what she likes and wants in a man, and be that person to her. The closer you get to her, the better your chances of snatching her from her current boyfriend.

5. Impress Her

Once you know the specific things she likes, you need to impress her with it. Show off your amazing qualities, and let her see how great of a person you are. You need to constantly swoon her with your perfect side, no matter how tedious it may be. 

If you reveal any negative part of you, it will ruin your chances of stealing her from the guy she’s dating. It’s crucial that she sees you as someone that’s more charming, loving, and generous than her current boyfriend. This process stands as one of the secrets to finally having her by your side.

6. Fill Up Her Boyfriend’s Deficiencies

fill up her boyfriend's deficiencies

If you can get her to open up about her boyfriend’s flaws in the relationship, it allows you to be the better version of her present partner. You can fill up those deficiencies and show her that you can be someone special and you're not just another guy promising her heaven and earth.

This process will make you an even greater catch than before, further propelling her to leave her partner. You would have to implement this subtly and not make it too obvious; else, she would easily see through your strategy.

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7. Be There For Her

When they need you the most, being there for someone is an important factor that brings two people closer. If you can stand by her during hard times and be a shoulder she can lean on, it increases your chances of finding a way into her heart. 

It also allows you to get new information about her relationship. Are things getting better between her and her boyfriend? Has your plan started working? Although it’s crucial to get updates, ensure you’re genuinely standing by her when she needs it.

8. Earn Her Trust

Trust is the most vital aspect of any association. It determines how close you can get with someone or how distant the relationship will be. If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, you have to strive to earn her trust

This process will make her more willing to open up to you and bond with you more. She’ll reveal personal things that no one else knows and might tell you about her present boyfriend. The more information you have, the better your chances of swooning her to your side.

9. Be Understanding

Females are mostly drawn to individuals that understand their emotions. Knowing they can share their problems with someone and get responsive feedback keeps them coming back for more. This fact makes it vital to be understanding to the lady you want to win over. 

Show compassion towards her problems, and always try to give her advice in difficult situations. Let her feel the need to run to you when she’s having a hard time because you’re affectionate towards her needs. You want to become someone she can rely on and feel comfortable asking for advice.

10. Give Her Gifts

There’s nothing more unifying than a little reminder of your affection for someone. Little gifts will go a long way to remind her of the brewing connection she has with you. She will learn to value her association with you more than before. 

If you can give her presents that hold meaning, or perhaps, things she needs, she will grow to cherish you as a person. You can also go as far as getting her the things she craves for like a bar of chocolates, and so on. This act will show that you value her.

11. Ensure She’s Comfortable Around You

ensure she's comfortable around you

Comfortability determines the extent that a relationship can grow. If a lady is comfortable being around you, she will want to spend most of her time with you. This stage is an advantage, especially since you’re trying to win her over. 

Once she sees you as someone she can be comfortable and open around, she will express her hidden personality and be free around you. If you can get her to feel safe around you, you will know her more intimately and slowly become an important aspect of her life. This process will automatically make you a priority to her.

12. Be In Constant Communication With Her

The best way to make a lady swoon over you is to have her attention at all times. You shouldn’t make her forget about you or her experiences with you. To get her optimal attention, it’s essential you’re in constant communication with each other. 

Send her regular messages, or call her now and then to check up on her. Do this act in moderation, and always have a valid reason to communicate; else, it would be easy for her to read through your plan.

13. Give Her Space

The last thing you want to do is look like a hopeless romantic who can’t do without her. If you’re constantly calling and looking for how to be close to her, she will get tired of you sooner or later. This act might make her put you in the friend zone and demand some space from you, which will throw all your effort down the drain. 

To remain productive, you need to know when to give her some space. Make her crave your presence, and want to spend time with you. It shouldn’t solely be the other way around.

14. Make Her Laugh

One of the ways to get to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh. People generally want to be around those that make them happy. If you’re constantly giving her reasons to smile, she will want to spend more time with you. 

This act will also build to the level of comfort she has with you. To make her laugh, tell her jokes, or send her funny videos and memes. She will see you as someone that brings delight and joy, then start cherishing your company. However, don’t try too hard to make her laugh, or it might end badly.

15. Be Charming To Her

A little bit of affection can show her how amazing you are as a person. You can help her carry her luggage if it’s too heavy or help her with other tasks you know she can’t handle. You can also be subtly romantic with her and tease her about how good she looks. 

The more pleasant you make yourself, the more she’ll be open to seeing you as a potential partner. Try to make sure your affection is as genuine as possible. This process will make it come off as natural and be irresistible.

16. Don’t Be Creepy

It’s easy to come off as weird if you have ulterior motives in mind. Therefore, it’s essential to be genuine about the actions you take. If you’re someone that’s pretentious, you will lose sight of when you’re doing too much and ticking the girl off. 

If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, don’t give her reasons to doubt the genuineness of her friendship with you; else, it will be much easier to lose her. Ensure all your actions are in moderation, and you’re not crossing any boundaries because you need to stay on her good side at all times.

17. Don’t Be Forceful

When you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, you have to be easygoing at every point. Exerting pressure will make her keep her distance because she won’t feel free around you. It’s important to understand that she will not always agree with you, neither will she always want to go out on certain occasions with you. 

Even though you’ve planned out the perfect event to sway her over, and she’s hesitant, you have to let her be. Applying too much pressure will reduce the level of comfort she has with you.

18. Give Her All Your Attention

give her all your attention

Girls undisputedly love when someone gives them attention. If you can make her feel special and worthy of your attention, she will naturally enjoy your company. It would help if you always did this in moderation, or else she might see you as a best friend. 

Give her all your attention, but also make her crave for it. If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, you need to make her realize that she enjoys being around you, which would be a bigger advantage. 

19. Confess Your Feelings

At one point in time or the other, you have to let her know that you’re attracted to her. It would help if you only did this when sure she has feelings for you too. It would be best not to confess your emotions when you know things are perfect with her boyfriend. If you want to steal someone’s girlfriend, you have to open up at a time she’ll be willing to listen.

20. Envision The Worst

While preparing for the best, it’s important to envision the worst and take precautionary steps. While trying to get the girl of your dreams, be genuine about your overall personality; else, you would have to live a pretentious life with her when you eventually get her. 

If she finds out you used deceptive measures to get close to her and to snatch her from her boyfriend, you might end up losing her. More so, if her boyfriend finds out, it might spur up conflicts between both of you.

21. Accept The Outcome

After implementing these steps to steal someone’s girlfriend, know that it may or may not always work. The success of these actions strictly depends on the girl involved and what she wants. 

If you win her over, you’ve accomplished something good. But, also bear in mind that another guy can also use these same tactics to steal her from you. If you’re not able to win her over, then accept the outcome and let it be. Perhaps she wasn’t the one for you, after all.


Is it OK to steal someone’s girlfriend?

A person’s motives will determine whether it’s bad to steal someone’s girlfriend or not. If the person wants to snatch the lady from the man because he merely wants to have her, it can be considered wrong. On the other hand, taking the lady because he has deep feelings is a better reason.

How can you tell if someone is trying to steal your girlfriend?

When a guy wants to steal someone’s girlfriend, he will befriend the lady he’s trying to snatch from her man. If you observe a guy becoming alarmingly familiar with your partner, it can be a bad sign. Ensure you talk to your partner about putting up boundaries to prevent the man from having his way.

What do you do if you like your friend’s girlfriend?

If you like your friend’s girlfriend, it’s up to you to decide to make a move or not. Making a move might destroy your relationship with your friend and may not guarantee you get the girl in the end. Refraining from taking action would preserve your relationship but would make you lose the lady you love.

How can I win someone’s wife?

To win someone’s wife, ensure you’re there for her, remember the important dates, and give her meaningful gifts. Also, treat her like a queen and be the shoulder she can cry on. But, remember that choosing to leave her husband for you depends on her principles.

How do you make a girl miss you?

If you want a lady to miss you, you need to give her space to allow her to miss you. Give her all your attention, truly be there for her, and create some distance when needed. This process will make her crave your attention even more.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on how to steal someone’s girlfriend? Remember that these steps won’t guarantee that you’ll win her over. Snatching her from her man strictly depends on her wants and desires. Kindly leave a comment and share this article with friends if you liked it.

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