Physical Signs Of Wife Having An Affair You Don't Know

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You’ve been married for some time and everything seems to be going well… Except, you think that she’s cheating on you because she shows the similar Signs Of A Cheater Guy. But what are the physical signs of wife having an affair? Suspicions and speculations are not enough to tell the whole truth, you’ll have to be sure. Well, doubt no more!


These Are The Top Fifteen Physical Signs Of Wife Having An Affair

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1. She Pulls You Away

The two of you seem to be more distant, but you don’t feel like you’re doing anything different. That’s because she probably is. She’s more emotionally and physically distant, she holds back her feelings and is barely ever around anymore.

2. She Gives You More Attention

Contrary to the first sign, some women do the exact opposite of becoming detached. Instead, she pays you more attention and affection than before. This might be her attempt at alleviating her guilt for cheating on you. So you should see how she treats her close friends and family. If she retreats and calls off plans with them, an affair certainly is a possibility.

3. She’s More Egocentric And Self-Indulgent Than Usual

This isn’t always true for all cheating women, but sometimes they start thinking about only herself and gets irritated when you challenge this attitude.

4. Unusual And Unexplained Behaviors

unusual and unexplained behaviors

If she used to be a stay-at-home wife and now hangs out with her “girls” more often, it means something has changed. Maybe she’s suddenly quiet and reserved, or showing all kinds of weird attitudes without any reason.

5. She Encourages You To Go Out

She tries to get you to hang out with your friends more and get out of the house often. Maybe she's just showing the Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband. Or maybe she needs more time with her new lover and meet him.

6. She’s Trying Out New Lifestyles Or Hobbies

This doesn’t mean that your wife getting yoga or self-help books is a sign of her having an affair. However, it’s common for women going through this stuff to seek new spiritual systems, routine and become more introspective. It’s not a bad thing, but if the change seems so sudden and out of the blue, maybe it’s a physical signs of wife having an affair.

7. She’s Always Late

You notice that she’s been working late so much these past weeks. She’s also late from appointments, cooking classes and even from grocery trips. Really, she might just be wanting a bit more extra time with her secret lover and is willing to risk it doing so!

8. She Becomes More Secretive

She doesn’t seem to open up as much and doesn’t ramble on when you ask about her day. All you know is she’s having spa day with her girls, but you don’t know who exactly and which spa she’s going to. She doesn’t tell you the details and is keen on keeping you in the dark.

9. She’s Always With Her Phone

she's always with her phone

Of course, this one doesn’t count if she’s always been busy with calls and business texts. But if she is suddenly getting too many calls and excuses herself from you before picking up, it is a possible physical signs of wife having an affair.

10. She Locks Her Phone

She used to share her pass-code with you, but suddenly changes it without noticing you first. It means she’s got something to hide and doesn’t want you looking at her correspondences. Secrecy in a marriage is not a good thing, so you might want to be mindful. 

11. She Primps Herself

After a certain period of time into a marriage, a woman will stop trying to impress her spouse with her physical appearances. She’ll be more comfortable and less self-conscious around him. The gap between haircuts and spa treatments will extend to months. But if suddenly she takes care to dress up and look nice, you’re entitled to wonder why and feel suspicious.

12. She Nitpicks The Small Mistakes

If a woman is cheating, she feels the need to justify her unfaithful behavior. Often, she does this by pointing out the fault in everything you do. Even the small and insignificant ones.

13. She Avoids Having Sex

There is always an excuse, from subtle lies and to outright confessions that she just doesn’t want to do it. From a headache, menstruation or just plain exhaustion, lately she keeps avoiding having sex with you.

14. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

lack of physical intimacy

She doesn’t embrace you that much anymore and barely even holds your hand in public. Not only that, she never makes the first move in a kiss and when you do, she never feels present anymore.

15. An Excessive Need For Privacy

Back then, she needed her space every other week or so. But now, she’s always whining about her privacy and becomes agitated when you probe around her everyday life. As if you don’t have the right to know what your wife is up to these days. It’s quite possible that she’s spending time with another man and doesn’t want you to find out. 

Reasons Why Your Wife Might Be Having An Affair

Indeed, here are more clue if your lover is cheating on you:

  1. She’s naturally curious and desires new excitement, perhaps she can’t be tied down by a permanent marriage contract. She just loves the thrill.
  2. Your relationship lacks physical or emotional intimacy, and maybe she’s starting to feel tired of this lacking.
  3. She’s unhappy, in which the unhappiness itself may be caused by many reasons.
  4. You have too many differences that weren’t there in the beginning. She feels that the two of you are simply not compatible anymore.
  5. She feels suffocated in the relationship. Maybe you’re too dominant, too controlling or too possessive. For whatever reason, she simply can’t stand being restrained anymore.

Tips On What To Do If She Shows The Signs Of Having An Affair

Do not be worry! Sit back and relax to solve this affair signs:

1. Decide What You Want Before Talking To Her

Do you want to keep your marriage whole or are you tired of it yourself? Before confronting your wife, you should first settle on what you’d like the outcome to be.

2. Consider Counselling As A Solution

consider counselling as a solution

Once she has admitted to having an affair, you have to work it out. Assuming that both of you want to hold onto your marriage, why not consider counselling? There’s no harm in trying it out and a third person’s perspective is always helpful.

3. Express Concerns On How Things Have Changed

Unless things have gotten way out of control and you have a tangible evident, don’t bombard her with a sudden accusation. First, imply that you’re concerned about the changes you notice around the house and see how she reacts. Then you can lead the conversation to a possible other “him”.

Now that you’ve seen all the physical signs of wife having an affair, you can clear any doubts you have of her. Of course, if your wife conforms to some, even most, of these signs, there’s always the slim probability that she’s still loyal to you. So don’t fall into accusations first before having any evidence! All else, you might want to know How to Tell if A Girl is Playing With Your Emotions and the Signs She is Using You for Attention, so that you know what you're getting into before sealing the marriage.

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