20 Smartest Ways to Destroy Your Husband’s Mistress

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It hurts to know that your husband is loving someone else to love out there. It makes you thinking very hard whether you have do the best to show him all the Wife Material Signs you have. You start worrying about the future of your marriage and how your children will become the victims if you decide to get divorce. Moreover, you have to deal with the hurt and betrayal of trust all along.

But a wife and a mother is strong. No matter how sad and heartbroken she is, she knows the best way to save her family. Remember than other than your husband, there is another woman involved in the situation: his mistress. You can’t decide who you hate more, your cheating husband or his mistress. However, for the sake of your children you decide you save your marriage instead and trying to find the best ways to destroy your husband’s mistress so that she will know she has awaken the sleeping lion.

So you want to win your husband back and destroy your mistress for good. Instead of getting angry to her, the best way to destroy her is by making up the relationship with your husband and prove her that she is nothing to you. Here are all the ways you can do:

1. Have a Deep Talk with Your Husband

You are your husband’s wife and the one he chose to marry anyway. You must that force you have over your husband and have a deep conversation with him. It’s important to convince him that nothing better than the family and how your kids will be affected by the affair. Remember to stay calm and listen to what he wants. He could be cheating because of the Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband is not enough yet for him.

2. Win Your Husband Back

Show the mistress who you really are by winning your husband back. Do all your best to mend the broken pieces in your marriage once again. Your husband will surely touched by your sincerity, and he will eventually leave his mistress. This may not easy and probably he will still in contact with his mistress, but you can’t just give up easily.

3. Make the Use of the Children

So what you got that she doesn’t? Children. Yes, a man’s heart would be softened by the innocence of his children. Ask them to join forces with you to win their father back. This is also the best way to do when you start to notice the Signs of a Cheating Husband During Your Prenancy and even better when the child has born.

4. Show Her the Person You are

Focus on improving yourself and it will destroy her harder. Let her know with what kind of person she deals with. Show her your cool side even your husband never know. If the mistress is young and pretty, who says you can’t be young and pretty too?

5. Gather Support from Your Friends

Tell stories about the mistress to your friend. Rather than insulting her, make them sympathize you. Tell your friends how hard living was after you know all the Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Care About You Anymore and let her know all about this? How? Through your social media of course. There is no way she never stalk on you.

Why Would You Want to Destroy Her

When a husband is having affair and betrays his wife and children, the one who get the spotlight is the mistress. Somehow you hate her to death that you try all the possible ways to destroy your husband’s mistress. Here are what may become your reason why you hate her that much:

  1. You see her as a threat both in your romantic and sexual life.
  2. You feel insecure all the time, even in bed, remembering that there is other woman who seduces your husband.
  3. You are worrying about the future of your marriage.
  4. You can’t accept the idea you have been betrayed.
  5. You feel like rejected by your husband, due to the fact that he falls for other woman.
  6. You believe that she is the one who strayed your husband.
  7. It’s hard to accept that your husband is not someone he used to be.
  8. If you are in her shoes, you will never seduce a married man.
  9. It’s hard to accept that you are lacking in something.
  10. The fact that you have flaws that make your husband run away is just too much.

Inside Feeling of a Mistress

It’s hurt to notice the Signs Your Husband is Cheating with Your Friend and you judged her as a third wheel right away. But have you ever once try to stand on your mistress’s shoes? Trying to understand her motives and what does she actually feels. But still it doesn’t make what she did become right.

  1. Deep inside her heart, she knows she did wrong and feel guilty about it. She knows that she is crossing the line.
  2. She feels depressed, sad, and hopeless as well. She just conceals them all so you can’t see.
  3. She never want to be a mistress herself. It may be her circumstances that makes her to.
  4. She could be having some difficulties in life that you never know.
  5. She also get jealous when she sees your husband is smiling happily with you. Even though she knows it’s wrong, she can’t handle the feeling.

So those are all the ways to destroy your husband’s mistress once for all. Going through a marriage is never easy, and both sides need to improve everyday to keep the love on fire. Whether you or your husband should never take each other for granted because nothing will ever last anyway.