Here are the Things You Should Do If You Fall in Love With Someone's Lover

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Someone's life can be so unexpected. Job, position, money, death, love, and other things can be randomly come and go. All you can do is only to predict what gonna be happens to you but you can't know what happens later.

The funny thing about falling in love is sometimes it just doesn't know when is the right time to come. Sometimes love comes when you feeling your life is so bored, sometimes it comes when you don't believe in love, but sometimes it comes when you know that your crush belongs to someone else.

Whenever is that, love is a feeling that so hard to deny or easily forgotten. It can bring you a lot of happiness that may distract your focus and wondering is your crush loves you back or not? The feeling can't go until you figure it out by yourself. So what we need to do if we fall in love with someone's lover? After 7 Ways on How to Get Over of Your Long Term Relationship, check this out:

  • If your crush does not know that you fall in love with them

The first step of loving someone is admiring. At this point, he does not know about our feeling or even suspect our behave. He keeps thinking that all of our behavior is normal even when we show more attention than usual friends do.

When you are at this level, it's always better to go back as fast as you can. Forget everything about him, step away, and distract yourself with much positive activity. It's never a good thing to bother someone else relationship, especially if she is your friend. Ask yourself first that are you really fall into him or maybe you just admire him because he looks good.

Steal other person's lover means you are ready to make a new enemy and it's never good for your life. However, if you are still curious about his feeling to you then it's better to confess and continue to the second step in this article.

  • If your crush knows but they won't be in a relationship with you

Confessing is always the hardest part at the beginning of a relationship. We, like a normal person, of course, being afraid of rejection of our feeling. Not all people ready to be rejected because sometimes it really knocks us until the bottom and kinda traumatic.

That's why you need to ensure his feeling first before you confess. You can observe how he looks at you, how he speak at you, is there any special treatment from him or not. After making sure that he has the same feeling as you, then you can gamble and confess your feeling for someone's lover. When you lost your bet, don't be panic and stay cool.

Give yourself some appreciation because you already try and no shame on it. However, you try to steal someone else's partner, it's really normal to be rejected. Do your poker face, keep the normal relation like before, and slowly walk away. But, if he accepts...

  • If your crush knows and they want to be in a relationship with you after they break up

It is a good sign! Keep your progress going on and show that you are better than their current partner. It means that he is the loyal one who not commit to cheating even when they know that their relationship couldn't be any longer.

Try to ask him why he accepted your purpose and what is the problem between them and their partner. Respect their decision to be more patient and waiting for the right time after breaking up. Do not need to be hurry because a serious relationship takes time even though it does not mean that they can hang you in an uncertain relationship.

Give him a deadline when he needs to break up with his partner and when you guys can start the new chapter. If he breaks the deadline, you should try to read How to Tell Him You Are Done Being A Side Chick.

  • If your crush knows and they want to be cheating with you

This is the most dangerous part of this article. Before you start to read this tip, make sure that you know everything about cheating and its consequences or you can check If A Guy Cheats on His Girlfriend with You.

You may face a lot of problems because you need to lie to their partner and pretend nothing happens between you two. If you both agree to cheat behind his partner, never expect for a true and healthy relationship.

Something that started by a lie is never good and long lasting. Someday you will be caught by someone and your relationship will over. If you agree to do that, realize that they do it for fun, and never use your feeling. Always remember to end up your affair before you are found up.

For further explanation, you can read Can a Man Fall in Love with His Side Chick for Real?

That's all the tip if you unfortunately falling into someone's lover and wanna make him yours. The conclusion is always trying to step away from falling into someone's lover if you still can do that, if not then better to avoid an affair, if you still cannot do it then you are in your own way. Maybe you also like to read for further information about cheating Why Do I Want My Boyfriend to Cheat On Me? Is This Normal?

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