11 Signs That He Is Going To Leave His Wife For You

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you in a relationship with a married man? 

Are you wondering whether he’s actually going to leave his wife. 

Or do you worry that he’s going to cut it off with you and return to being faithful with the woman he married?

These questions can be enough to exhaust a woman. Hopefully your confusion will be solved by this article. It features 8 clearcut signs that a man will leave his wife for you. 

However, here’s a warning before you start.

These are only signs. It is difficult to speculate on anything, based solely on the behaviors you see. A man’s actions when you’re not around are usually a lot more telling. 

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The signs below will give you further guidance as far as whether he’s ready to leave his wife.

It is indeed not a good idea to be in a relationship with a man who has a wife. However, it is all right if you know that his marriage is coming to an end. You will be confused, nonetheless, whether or not he will really leave his wife to be with you.

Lucky for you, you won't be confused anymore since this article is going to give you a list of signs that your man will say a fine good bye to his wife.


Dating A Married Man

Getting into a relationship with a married man isn’t a good idea, especially when there are no problems or signs of a breakup. If he is on the verge of ending his marriage, then it’s actually wise to wait for the divorce process to begin before starting a serious relationship with him.

Even at this point, you should be prepared for whatever the outcome of the relationship might be. Being in a relationship with a married man comes with a lot of insecurities, risk, heartbreaks, and even depression. 

Do you constantly ask yourself questions like, Will he be all mine one day? Would he also leave me for another woman? And most times you might feel like you are being used. To avoid all this emotional instability you must tread carefully.

When you see him with his wife, do you wonder if they still love each other? Here’s the truth; men will say anything just to get with another woman. That doesn’t mean this man may be lying to you, but there’s also the probability that he wants to eat his cake and have it. In my years of expertise on this matter, I’ve noticed that men seldom leave their wives for their ‘side chick.’

So, if this man has made promises to you, and you want to know if he’ll wake up one morning and finally decide to end things with his wife, here are 11 signs that could tell he’s ready to leave his marriage and be with you.

11 Signs That He Is Going To Leave His Wife For You

1. He Makes You His First Priority Before His Wife

he makes you his priority before his wife

Being in a relationship with a married man can be very complicated and you may have to live with constant fear about his commitment to you. But you need to know that he is also committed to his wife and children. 

You will only know if he can leave his wife for you by how he prioritizes things concerning you. When he constantly chooses to be by your side no matter what and makes you his number one priority, then there is a chance that he can leave her to be with you. 

2. He Acts Timely

If a married man is ready to divorce his wife to be with you, you will know when he does things responsibly. Delay is dangerous and suspicious, and if you wait for him, he may never leave his wife. 

So, if he wants to divorce his wife, he should do that as fast as possible. There shouldn’t be many excuses, he should have thought everything through before getting serious with you.

He can lie to you and break his words anytime, if he can cheat on his wife then it is possible your relationship with him is a lie. So, if he really wants to keep the relationship, then he’ll act fast

3. He Talks About Leaving His Wife

One of the signs that show he’ll leave his wife is when he starts talking about it a lot. Whether you ask about it or not, he will talk about it if that’s what he really wants to do. A man that is not happy about his marriage and is ready to leave, will constantly talk about ending it. 

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So, when your man frequently jokes or talks about leaving his wife, it’s because he wants to. He will also talk about it to other people, maybe his colleagues or close friends and not just you. 

4. When He Takes Off His Ring

when he takes off his ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of his love and commitment to his wife, and it is a treasure in marriage. Some religions take it as a serious matter, while others don’t. The ring on his finger shows that he is a proud married man. But if he no longer wears the ring, even when his wife is around, that shows he’s really serious about leaving her.

5. He Cares For You

Most married guys in an extramarital relationship are only there for fun, entertainment, and sexual pleasure. A man that is comfortable and satisfied with talking to you and just being with you without any intimacy probably cares about the relationship more than physical pleasure. 

So, if you notice that sex is the only thing he wants from you when he is around then he will surely not leave his wife for you. True love is not just sex, it is genuine care; when he treats you very dearly and respects your opinions and decisions, you know he can leave his wife for you. A man that really wants you as a wife will constantly show that he cares for you. 

6. He Moves Out Of His Matrimonial Home

Although married men have many commitments, especially when children are involved, if he is serious about leaving his wife to be with you, he’ll start by moving out of the house. If he still stays in the same house with her, he’s probably not going to divorce her.

If he is stringing you along with promises, remember this, actions speak louder than words. So, tell him to act, not just talk. 

7. When He No Longer Hides You

Dating a married man is most times kept as a secret and affairs are done in the dark. So when a man becomes so proud of you that he no longer wants to keep the relationship a secret and is not hesitant to show you in public, it means he is ready to leave his wife. 

He may also introduce you to some friends and relatives. When he doesn’t care about people’s opinion on the relationship, then you know he is ready. It is a great sign if he is no longer hiding you and is more serious about making things work.

8. He Talks About Finances And Stability

he talks about finances and stability

Getting a divorce is expensive. I’m not just talking about the cost at the initial stage, but also after he has left his wife. Alimony and child support will become major financial stressors, so he should be able to talk to you about these things. 

That way, you can both plan on how to carry on like a family when he leaves his wife. Just be careful enough to ensure that his interest in you isn't because of your money. Things can be really tough if he has children but he won’t be bothered talking to you about plans for the relationship and future stability if he has nothing to hide.

9. He Tells You His True Feelings

If a man really wants to leave his wife to be with you, he will be sincere about it to you. He will tell you his true feelings and the reasons he wants a divorce. He would be open enough to tell you this, mostly if he is an outspoken person. 

That he says this to you doesn’t exactly mean that it is true, so don’t just believe it right away. They are mere words, wait, and see if his actions back those words. 

10. He Opens Up To You

He doesn't only tell you his future plans but also his past secrets. Conversations with him will not just be shallow topics but also about deep things. And once he starts to tell you deep things about his past, his emotions, and his future, it means he trusts you. 

When he starts trusting you, That’s a sign that he is ready to go to the next level with you and even divorce his wife. 

11. Watch His Reaction To His Wife

watch his reaction to his wife

If a man truly wants to end his marriage, there would be an obvious disconnection from his wife. If you see them all loved up in public and he is showering her with praises, gifts, and attention, you know he is not ready to leave her. But if he is arrogant, dismissive, or even ignores her altogether, it shows that he doesn’t care anymore. At this point, you should know that there is a chance he will divorce her for you.


How do you tell if he's going to leave you? 

When he stops complaining about things he complains about naturally, he rather spends time with his friends than you, he quarrels at every little mistake you make, he starts seeing things wrong with your appearance, then he’s starting drifting away from you.

How do you tell if a married man loves you? 

When he always wants you to be around him, calls or sends you messages regularly, constantly tells you every detail about his marriage, and gets jealous when he sees you with someone else. If he also goes out of his way to support you and ensure you are happy, then he probably loves you.

How do you know when a man is unhappy in his marriage? 

When he doesn’t spend so much time at home, and would rather be alone most of the time, those are bad signs. Also, if he stops showing you love and care, makes you feel less of yourself by complaining about everything you do, and becomes very secretive, and no longer wears his wedding ring, he’s probably unhappy and considering separation.

How can I make him miss me badly? 

Don’t be too available, be independent; never reply to his calls and text messages immediately, always be the first to opt-out of a conversation, and limit your social media presence. Don't post too often on your story and status, that unavailability will have him craving for your presence.

What does a man want from his wife? 

He wants his wife to be understanding, calm, and not troublesome. A man also prefers a truthful wife, someone homely, who believes in him and with who he can share his dreams with.

To Summarize

I hope you found this article helpful. When you find someone you love whether he is a married man or not, falling out of love can be very difficult at times, especially if you love each other. However, try your best not to be the reason a relationship-built years ago gets broken. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others

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