8 Good Signs That He is Going to Leave His Wife for You

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It is indeed not a good idea to be in a relationship with a man who has a wife. However, it is all right if you know that his marriage is coming to an end. You will be confused, nonetheless, whether or not he will really leave his wife to be with you.

Lucky for you, you will be confused no more since this article is going to give you a list of signs that your man will say a fine good bye to his wife. Here are all probable signs that he is going to leave his wife for you:

1. He Prioritize You Over His Wife

Having a relationship with a married man can be very though and complicated since he has responsibilities to his wife and his children. Most of the time you have to understand that you are not the only one that he has a commitment with.

However, you can tell that he is very serious with you and have a willingness to leave his wife if he consistently choose you before his wife. He always spends his free time just to be with you only. He will drops everything just to meet you even though when he is with his wife.

2. He does not Have His Ring On Anymore

If you notice that your man does no longer put his wedding ring on, this means that he truly wants to get divorced. As you may already know, a wedding ring is something that a married couple treasure the most as it is their sacred item that symbolizes them being one soul through marriage, although not all religion see wedding ring as a serious matter, such as Wedding Ring in Islam.

A wedding ring can also be a sign that a person is already married. A happy married couple will proudly wear their rings on to give a warning to other people that they are already taken. Thus, if your man does not have his ring on anymore, that show that he does not want to secure his marriage. This also a sign that he is going to leave his wife for you.

3. You Relationship Goes Public

Having a love relationship with another woman is something that a married man will hide since he does not want his wife to get hurt and does not want his marriage to fall apart.

Therefore, if he is not hesitate to show you in public, or even introduce you to his friends, that means that he does not care about his wife feeling anymore, and it is one of Signs of a Bored Husband in Marriage. This also shows that he is really over his wife and ready to make you to replace her.

4. He Tells You His Future Plans

If your man is not serious with you, your conversation will only include light topics, because he does not trust you enough to talk about a deeper topic, let alone a private topic, like his future plans, for instance. Hence, when your man tells you about his future plans, that means that he trusts you. It can also be a sign that he is ready to divorce his wife and make you his next wife. 

5. He Often Jokes About Leaving His Wife

You have to admit it that sometimes there is a truth behind a silly joke. For example, an unhappy employee that is joking about how he is not paid enough. This also goes the same for your man who does not care if his marriage comes to an end. Him joking about wanting to divorce his wife shows that he has unhappy marriage life and want to end it.

Frequently joking around about it to you might be a sign that he really is going to leave his wife for you. He tells you this in a joke form, because he may not want you to feel guilty. He does not want you to have this thought that it is you the one who ruins your man marriage.

6. He Tells You His True Feeling About Wanting a Divorce

Another way to tell that he is going to leave his wife for you is that he honestly tells you his true feeling about wanting to divorce his wife.

This will happen especially if your man is an outspoken person type. He tells you very straight-forwardly that he does not happy with his marriage and wants to leave your wife just to be with you. However, do not right away believe him. Give you man some time and see if his action reflects his words about him wanting to end his marriage for you. 

7. You Have Caught Him Shouting at His Wife in Public

A man who truly does not want to end his marriage will avoid fighting with wife in public. He will be more reasonable and solve the problem with her wife by talking to her in a place that there is no way others can witness.

Therefore, if you have caught him shouting at his wife in public, that means that he does not respect her wife’s feeling and his marriage anymore. This also tells that he no longer cares if public knows about his miserable marriage life.

8. He Cares About Your Feeling and You as a Whole

Sometimes a married man has an affair just to keep him entertain and feed his sexual desire. If your man treats you as his entertainment and just wants to have sex with you, he is not serious with you. A true love is not always about being intimate and having sex.

Hence, when he cares about his feeling and treats you very dearly, it is a sign that he is going to leave his wife for you. This is also one of Other Ways to Says I Love You Without Saying I Love You.

Those are several signs that he is going to leave his wife for you. If you notice some of these signs on your man, there is high possibility that he will end his marriage just to be with you. When you finally marry him, you might want to try Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband to avoid Signs You’ll Regret Marrying Your Partner.