Filthy Insult Messages For Mistress - Make Her Embarrassed!

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Nobody can imagine the existence of a third wheel in their marriage. Since it's very heartbreaking to know that your husband is having another mistress. You feel betrayed, enraged, and depressed. All you want to do is to curse the mistress to death because she is the reason all the Signs Your Husband Doesn't Care About You Anymore. Even though you should somehow consider the mistress's feeling but who can think straight when you found out your husband is loving another woman?

As you are technically a victim in this situation, it's okay for you to curse the mistress all you want. Remember to stay classy and let her know who you are. Running out of idea? Here are some insult messages for mistress that you can use.


Filthy Insult Messages For Mistress

filthy insult messages for mistress
  1. Thank you for saving me from this awful marriage.
  2. If it's not because of you, I would've been trapped doing the useless Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband.
  3. You're such a catalyst. Congratulations for it.
  4. Had I not found about you, I would have still thinking that he really loves me.
  5. Thank to you now I can pursue my real happiness.
  6. Hey, I think you have the power equal of Thor: destroying my marriage.
  7. But I'm as strong as Thor's hammer, I'm still going strong.
  8. Do you know, you could be sitting on my chair someday.
  9. Don't be too high because you might lose him the way I did too.
  10. He's not that worth it anyway. You can go have him
  11. I wish you can find something good in him.
  12. Don't surprise if he cheats on you someday.
  13. Why do you come for my husband when you can deserve better?
  14. Seems like single guy is not too interesting for you.
  15. Are you running out of man's stock?
  16. It's too bad he's in for you just for fun. You don't own the Wife Material Signs he wants after all.
  17. You seem like a pretty and intelligent woman, but your mind doesn't seem to work well.
  18. Congratulation! You just have win an unfaithful man.
  19. I wish you lead a happy life with the betrayer.
  20. If he can cheat me, who can guarantee he won't cheat on you?
  21. You're a woman yourself, how could you destroy other woman's life while women are supposed to support each other?
  22. You have choices, yet you choose to hurt me.
  23. Could you please disappear from my life? You can have him.
  24. It's okay if you hurt me. But there are innocent souls hurt by your act.
  25. I'm stepping back not because I loose. I just let you win.
  26. The prize at stake is never worth it. He has betrayed me.

Through An Open Letter

through an open letter

Make use of the social media. You can send your mistress an open letter so that everyone can learned from the situation you have been through. Post this open letter on your Facebook or your Instagram. Make sure the mistress see it and see how will she react. Will she stay silent like nothing ever happened or will she

I really want to say hi but it doesn't seem to be appropriate. I know we never met but I think we should get think straight. Everyone makes mistake and I'm fully aware that my husband is also human. Do you know what have I been through to be where I am today? You may broke my marriage into pieces but I'm standing still, unshaken.

Why You Don't Want To See Her Face

why you don't want to see her face

You're hurt and devastated by your husband's act of cheating. All you want to do is slapping you husband's face and grab the mistress by the hair. But at some point, you feel better nit to meet her at all. It's okay too because here are the reasons why you don't want to see her and rather send a hidden insult message for mistress instead.

  1. You are not ready to hear what she might say, especially the truth behind the Signs of a Bored Husband in a Marriage that he has shown all along.
  2. All that she told you can be lies and you don't like the idea to be betrayed over and over again.
  3. You don't know what is her real intention. Does she really want to help you or even make you feel worse?
  4. So you want to take revenge, making her feels what you feel. But you know it won't work.
  5. You don't want to give her the feel that she wins it all.
  6. If she is being nice to you, you should really be suspicious. It could be not the real thing.
  7. You will unconsciously compare yourself to her, questioning what does she has that you don't. It makes things get worse.

So sending insult messages for mistress can relieve the heavy feeling in your heart. Whether it makes things better or worse, you need to be at ease first. It's kind of fun right? Besides, insulting the mistress is also one of the best Ways to Destroy Your Husband's Mistress.

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