6 Ultimate Signs A Woman Is Going To Leave Her Husband For You

Last updated on May 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you are in a relationship with a married woman, chance is other people might see you as a henchman of the devil of wife-stealer, or they might see you as the Mr. Wife Stealer himself. The society does not have a tolerance for an affair which includes a married person, because marriage is a sacred thing.

It is not problem actually, if you are in a relationship with a married woman if you know that her marriage is ending. It might not be a good idea since dating someone who already has a husband can be very complicated. Moreover, it is often not clear that she will really leave her husband for you.

This sometimes makes you think whether to keep the relationship going or not, because there still a chance that she might not end her marriage for you. Actually, her actions can tell you if she will say good bye to her husband just to be with you. Here are all signs a woman is going to leave her husband for you:


1. She Chooses You Over Her Husband

Dating a married woman of course can be very though. You have to share her with her husband and her children (if any) as she has a commitment with them. You have to understand that you are not her first priority.

That is why if she constantly chooses you over her husband, it means that she is being serious with you. When a married woman put her affair partner as her first priority, that is a sign a woman is going to leave her husband for you.

2. She Keeps Telling You That She Wants A Divorce

she keeps telling you that she wants a divorce

Not all women are sincere when they tell their affair partners about them wanting to separate from their husbands. However, if your woman keeps to tell you that she wants to get divorced and it can be seen through her action, that means that she is very serious and earnest about wanting to end her marriage.

By her action, it means that she often ditches her husband just to be with you, she frequently spends her free time with you rather than to be with her husband or children, or any other action that reflects her avoiding her husband.

3. She Often Discusses Financial Matter With You

When she starts to tell you about the money that is needed to get divorced, it means she is very serious about leaving her husband. Not only talking to you about financial matter, she is also ask you about ways to make a divorce works or about the custody of her children.

However, this does not mean that she wants your money to cover her divorce costs. She just simply wants to discuss it with you in case you have some good advises for her. This also shows that she trusts you a lot, and it cannot be one of Signs of a Guilty Conscience in a Relationship.

4. She Does Not Wear Her Wedding Ring Anymore

This may be a trivia thing, but one thing that shows if a woman still has a feeling for her husband is that she still has her wedding ring on. A wedding ring is indeed not a regular ring since it is a symbol for two people become one through a sacred ritual that is wedding.

Therefore, happy married couple will always wear it and treasure it as if it is their own soul even though not all culture and religion consider a wedding ring as very important in marriage, such as Wedding Ring in Islam.

If you see that your woman does not have her wedding on one of her fingers, there is high possibility that she is not happy with her marriage and want to end it very soon. Not wearing her wedding ring is also a way of her being free from something that indicates her marriage. This also can be a sign that she is ready to leave her husband for you. 

5. She Does Not Hide You From The Public

Having an affair with another man is a disgrace of any married woman. In fact, it is something that any married people will hide since they do not want the affair causes their marriage to fall apart. That is why if your woman is not afraid to show you to the public, this means that she is ready to be with you and make you to replace her husband.

She also does not care about her husband's feeling anymore as the fire between them has died. Moreover, it is a very good sign if she starts to introduce you to her friends and family, or even posts a picture of her and you on her social media.

6. She Cares About Your Feeling

she cares about your feeling

One way to tell if your woman is being serious with you is that she treats you not as her affair partner. You know, a married woman sometimes has a relationship with another man just for sex.

Therefore, if most of time your time with her spends with being intimate and having sex only, that means she only uses you just to feed her sexual desire and it is a sign that Your Girlfriend Isn't Over Her Husband.

A true love is more than sex. It includes emotional connection and feeling. Thus, if your relationship with your woman is more than having sex and you somehow feel like you both are connected emotionally with her showing her affection to you dearly, that means it is a sign that she is ready to leave her husband for you.

Those are all some signs a woman is going to leave her husband for you. If your woman does not show these signs, she is most likely not going to end her marriage for you. It is better for you to give her up, because she is not worth to wait. Try to find another woman who has willingness to make you her one and only man, and try these Ways to Forget Your Affair Partner and Ways to Forget Your Loved One.

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