Signs He Wants To Break Up With His Girlfriend For Me (33 Hopeful Signs)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering if your crush is ready to break up with his girlfriend for you?

Perhaps he’s flirting with you a little bit, but not enough for you to know his true intentions? 

Maybe it’s eating you up inside wondering if the two of you will ever be an item? 

Well, this guide aims to make it clearer for you. It lists 33 clear signs that a man wants to break up with his girlfriend for you. If he’s showing lots of these signs, that could be your signal to push him a little harder.

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With that said, here are 33 clear signs that he’s ready to break-up with his partner for you.


Top Signs He Wants To Break Up With His Girlfriend For Me

Does your man have a girlfriend, but you are hoping he will break up with her for you? Are you thinking, “What are the signs he wants to break up with his girlfriend for me?” Are you wondering if he really wants to break up with her, or if he’s actually dating someone else?

In this article, we will explore the signs he wants to break up with his girlfriend for you, but keep in mind the signs he may not be considering dumping his girlfriend after all and how he may act in a relationship with you. You may wonder, “Is he dating more women than just me?” 

You may have never thought of that one, but if he’s cheating on her, he may be doing the same to you! I know this all sounds so negative. He could just be an awesome man in an unfavorable situation. Maybe he’s been dating his girlfriend for a long time and can’t shake her.

It’s all understandable, but you also must put your foot down at some point to make him pick either his girlfriend or you. He can’t have both! Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. He asks you open-ended questions

he asks you open-ended questions

This means that he hopes to get to know you better. He looks forward to every chance he gets to spend time with you because he learns more about you; he probably finds you fascinating and cannot wait to spend more time with you in the future. Do you feel like he’s an excellent listener, someone who cares about what you have to say?

2. You have become best friends

While it is true that you can become best friends with a guy who plans to stay with the one he’s with if you have bonded so much that you feel like both of you are mutually invested in the relationship, he probably plans on sticking around for a while; he may see you as his best friend, too. Do you just “get” each other? These are all great signs!

3. He spends the night with you

A guy who spends the night risks a lot if he is already taken. His girlfriend could find out easily by tracking his phone, social media, or just getting word from friends or family members. He clearly hopes to be with you if he thinks you are worth it and doesn’t care whether she finds out or not. 

4. He has told you he plans to break up with his girlfriend for you

It’s a bad sign if he hasn’t told you this, but I’m sure this is one of the first things that was said about her. He wants you to feel like you are important to him and to know that he is trying to get out of the situation he is currently in. He may want nothing more than you and what the two of you share together as a couple (or a soon-to-be couple)!

5. He has already introduced you to his friends and family members

You know you are special to your man if you’ve already met his friends and family. Even better, have his friends and family members met the current girlfriend? You may be more important to him than she is! You know that you mean something special to him if he’s introduced you to the main people in his life; he cares for you!

6. He shows you PDA when you are together

Public displays of affection (PDA) are often forbidden when someone is in a relationship, but he may be serious when he says that he is dumping her if he’s incorporated you in his life in this way. He’s not afraid for people to see you as a couple kissing or holding hands in front of them. 

If it gets back to his girlfriend, hopefully, he has already told her there is someone else in his life that he is serious about, and he’s tried to end things. 

7. He spends more time with you than his girlfriend

This guy is prioritizing what’s most important to him, and that means that you are on top. There is clearly love in the air if he is spending time with you when he could be investing time in his more serious relationship with his girlfriend, who is hopefully about to be an ex. He is trying to get his ducks in a row just right so that everything is fair to everyone.

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8. He gives you a keepsake or family heirloom

he gives you a keepsake or family heirloom

Something tangible is very special. It means that he is planning to be with you for an extended period of time. You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the gesture, but he is trying to let you know how much you mean to him; your relationship is not something he is taking lightly, and he hopes you always know that. 

9. He leaves things at your home

This is your man’s way of showing you he plans to come back around; you weren’t just a one-night stand to him. Instead, he knows he will be around you again soon, so he is comfortable leaving a few things behind to save himself the trouble on future trips. It’s not just a thing of convenience, though; he’s planting roots!

10. He has told you he is in love with you

Don’t you always get butterflies in your stomach when a person says this for the first time in your relationship? I know I always do! I feel like the whole world is spinning, or I can’t catch my breath. It’s like Christmas every day when you feel that special in someone else’s eyes. It probably wasn’t the easiest thing for him to say, either!

11. He is always there for you even when he’s with his girlfriend

Does he drop whatever he’s doing, even during times when you know he’s with her, to be by your side? You know you are at the top of his priority list if that is the case. It’s important that you let him know how much you appreciate this characteristic about him. You want him to always treat you well, so show him that you are thankful. 

12. He buys you expensive gifts

If he’s in a serious relationship, his other girl probably knows how much money he spends on things that don’t involve her and where he is spending the money. If he isn’t afraid to up his spending allowance, you know that he means it when he says he is leaving her for you. 

13. He wants to know everything about you

You may fascinate him if he hasn’t dated anyone in quite a while, but he also may just enjoy your company. Does he greet you with sweet, open-ended questions about everything under the sun? Does he want to know about your childhood and life before you met? He’s curious about every detail because he has real feelings for you.

14. He has a picture of you at his work and/or car

He’s certainly not afraid of showing you off if this is the case. People probably assume you are a serious girlfriend, but I’m sure he corrects them to boast about who you really are. He plans to have you in his life for a long time to come, and he enjoys having people talk about what a beauty you are! He’s proud!

15. He gave you a key to his place

This move is typically reserved for serious relationships, so he definitely sees a future with you if he has given you a key to his home. He’s letting you come and go as you see fit. He trusts you, too. You can now say, “These are great signs he wants to break up with his girlfriend for me!” You are officially “his person” now.

16. He isn’t afraid to take you out in public

he isn't afraid to take you out in public

Taking you out on dates in front of other couples and people means that he doesn’t care if anything happens to his current relationship because of your date. He’d rather take you out and prance you around town than to keep your relationship a secret from anyone. He may want nothing more than to only have you as his and vice versa.

17. He ignores calls and texts from his girlfriend when you are together

Do you know when she’s calling or texting? Does he? How does he react to such lines of communication? If he ignores it or even turns the volume completely off, you know that he only has eyes for you. He doesn’t care what she is trying to bother him with because you are the only person who gets his attention at this moment. How sweet!

18. He puts your feelings before his own

One of the more unselfish moves a guy makes, putting the needs of others first, is quite a noble act of love. You know that you really mean something to him if he does this. Is he like this with others in his life, or is it just you? Do you do the same for him? Thinking about these answers may help you sort out your own feelings for him.

19. He talks with you for hours on the phone

You know you are a priority if he puts your phone calls before the million other things he could be doing during the moments when you talk. This is a truly special act given by the men we love, isn’t it? After all, we are usually the ones who can talk for hours with no end in sight; they usually just politely listen and ask follow-up questions. How romantic!

20. He treats you like a princess

Your boyfriend may not wait on your hand and foot, or maybe he does, but he probably does his own special acts to show his love and adoration for you. Doesn’t it just mean the world to you? Make sure you tell him that you appreciate everything he does for you so that nothing gets taken for granted. You want him to always treat you well. 

21. He doesn’t talk about his relationship with his girlfriend all the time

You know you are off to a good start if he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with his relationship with his current long-term or serious girlfriend. He may try to talk about her as little as possible so that you will forget she exists. He’s probably trying to work out the details so he can end things the right way with her. This is a good thing.

22. He immediately answers your calls and text messages

You know he isn’t spending quality time with his girlfriend if he is answering your calls and texts immediately after you send them. Plus, you can probably tell whether there is another individual in the background if you talk on the phone. You are the only one he wants to spend quality time with.

23. He appreciates you

Does he tell you all the lovely things he loves about you? That is truly something special and unique. Sure, many guys say how much they love their girlfriends, but not all girlfriends doted on time after time. He wants you to know how valuable he thinks you truly are, and he doesn’t want you to ever forget it.

24. He doesn’t talk about a future with his girlfriend

Let’s hope he talks about a future with you only, but if he brings up Christmas and Valentine’s plans with her, you may be in trouble. You want to make certain that she is in the rearview mirror, and you are in the passenger’s or driver’s seat of this relationship. 

25. He doesn’t treat you like a backup plan

No one wants to be treated as if they were the “plan if things don’t work out.” Instead, we want to be thought of as the only plan for the future. We are the most important items on the menu, not the exes of the world. It’s crucial that he knows this and treats you accordingly.

26. He clears out a drawer or cabinet at his place for you

It’s nice if he leaves a few things behind at your place, but if he clears a whole drawer and/or cabinet for you, that’s even better. It means that he doesn’t care who sees your stuff, and he likes it there, close to him. He also needs to know that he is part of the future in your eyes. That is a special place to be!

27. You have fun together, but he also talks about his feelings

It’s easy to have fun with “the other woman,” but it means something if he talks about his emotions and feelings in front of you. Better yet, if he expresses them in some way, that is truly a relationship that has a solid foundation. You know he can be honest about the important stuff, and he’ll let you know if his feelings ever change.

28. He posts pictures of you two on social media

he posts pictures of you two on social media

Where is there room for her if you are on his social media? He is letting everyone know that he has a new love in his world, someone he cares a lot about. He may even tag you, friend you, and unfriend her - just to show you and the friends he has that you are a real couple. 

29. He compliments you all the time

Getting a lot of compliments never gets old, right? Enjoy hearing sweet nothings in your ear as he expresses his love for you. Decide how you feel about him, weighing everything as you do, and tell him what you think. It’s best to be upfront and honest than just tagging along for the ride, not feeling anything.

30. He is always super happy and excited to see you

Of course, when young love is afoot, it’s easy to be super excited to see the man you have fallen for, but how often is a guy giddy for you? Men often shield us from signs of real emotion, so they don’t get hurt too easily. However, sometimes, when a guy is truly over the moon or something like that, he will show you cheer as if it were Christmas!

31. He texts or DMs you any time - day or night

Is he constantly communicating with you in any way he can? He may send you text messages on your phone or direct messages (DMs) on social media. Also, he probably calls you all the time, “just to hear the sound of your voice,” as men often put it. He just can’t get enough of you, can he?

32. He’s open about the problems he is having with his girlfriend

Though I’m sure it’s not your favorite topic, he probably talks about his girlfriend from time to time. He may just mention the negative with you, though. Do you ever get the impression that there are serious problems between them - signs that show they will be exes before your cocoa gets cooled off? You can learn a lot from those conversations.

Something to be mindful of is the topics they argue over. If she is being unreasonable about putting the seat down after he uses the restroom, then there probably isn’t an issue. However, if she is upset because he bounced checks in their joint checking account, you should have some red flags going off. Is he fiscally irresponsible?

Like at a job interview, when you see the end of a relationship, it is often a glimpse into your future. Will you and he break up for the same reasons? Will you have the same fights? Pay close attention to look for any signs you should be heading for the hills instead of the altar after they break up! Be smart before signing off that’s he’s perfect!

33. He talks about a future with you

This is probably the most important sign to watch out for. You want him focusing on the future, not the past. You want to hear about how he thinks you will do as a couple and what he sees for your future together. Does he mention the upcoming holidays with you as part of his plans? Do you just already see wedding bells and bassinets? 


What are the signs that your boyfriend wants to break up?

According to Insider, the signs he may be wanting to break up with you could include a negative attitude when it comes to you, acting unhappy about the way things are going in the relationship, and not making long-term plans with you; he doesn’t have a future planned with you.

How do you tell if a guy wants you to be his girlfriend?

A man will want a relationship with you and turn you into his girlfriend if he has a great time with you, enjoys having you in his life, and looks forward to everything that involves you. He will treat you like a princess and think the world of you!

What does it mean when a guy asks you to be his girlfriend?

If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he hopes to be more than friends; he thinks the two of you have something special - a relationship where you commit to one another, agreeing not to date anyone outside of the relationship. You are someone he sees a future with.

How do you get a guy to break up with his girlfriend for you?

One thing you could do is give him an ultimatum. Tell him that it’s his girlfriend or the two of you. At that point, he will either break up with his girlfriend or decide to stay with her; at least you will know how he really feels this way.

What are the signs when a relationship is over?

Your partner will probably tell you he is tired of how everything is going between you two, and he may say he wants relationships with other women. It may hurt to hear this stuff, but it’s better to get it out in the open than to keep it bottled up.

To Sum Things Up…

Are you thinking, “What are the signs he wants to break up with his girlfriend for me?” What signs have you seen so far? Do you think he will actually break up with her for you? What do you think is more important to him? Please discuss in the comments!

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