Signs That Someone Is In Love With You Secretly

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Do you feel a pair of eyes watching you ? or maybe a constant kindness from a specific person? Do not dismiss it. This special person might have the biggest feeling for you in their heart.

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Love is a special thing for every person in the world. Most of the time, we do not have the guts to say it. So we take things slow by using small, constant gestures to profess our love slowly to someone else. But this gestures vary, and it is always hard to read. We have a compilation of the most commons signs that someone is in love with you. So read these signs that someone is in love with you and observe closely to know who your secret admirer really is. He might be close!


1. He Looks At You In A Different Way

he looks at you in a different way

Well, this is the first signs that someone is in love with you. As people say, the eyes is the window to the soul. Well the eyes of the person you are observing might tell you whatever there is in their heart. If that person stares at you a lot, not in a scary way but in an affectionate way, there is a big chance that that person loves you.

That person will stare at you dreamily, even when you are not looking. When you are face to face with him, that person will literally have a spark in their eyes. They will look at you in a romantic look that will make your feet all wobbly and your heart warm!

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2. This Person Try Their Best To Make You Happy

Making someone happy is a hard and complicated task. But for a person who loves you, although it is complicated and tiring, they will always try to make you happy. Well, it won’t always happen, but the number one thing in their mind is your well being. They show this by doing little gestures. Asking about your day, making you food, and other little gestures. They will not do anything that deliberately harms you by purpose.

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3. This Person Is Themselves Around You

Sometimes, when we are in the first phases of a relationship, we still keep our poise. We do not want to look silly so it will make them stay. Well, that is not love. Love is when we are truly comfortable being ourselves around our partner. To put this on the test, really observe the person you love.

If that person acts different and all clumsy around you, chance is that person is not in love yet, but that person is attracted to you. If that person acts the same around their best friend or family, that means that person is comfortable around you and you have a special place in their heart. Well, you find the signs that someone is in love with you here.

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4. This Person Plan For Things

this person plans for things

A date is a way to take our affection further. But it might say something more than just attraction. Notice the kinds of activities that this person plans for the date. Is it something you like? If it is, that person probably loves you. When this person plan something that they know you will love that means they are listening. This person wants to see you happy because ultimately, it makes them happy. And it is all that matters.

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5. This Person Sticks Around

A normal person might not stick around after they have seen you in a slump or after you throw a tantrum at them. On the other side, a person who loves you will stay. They understand that all your bad side is still a part of you and this person is ready to love you as you are. Even if sometimes they are a little sad or irritated by your bad side, they will come back and stick around. So, if you are looking for someone who loves you, look for someone who knows every side of you but is still with you.

6. This Person Gets Jealous

What's more signs that someone is in love with you? Being jealous is a normal part of every relationship. But of course it is not common for a nobody to suddenly be super jealous when someone is close to you. That means this person loves you. A person who loves you will always be jealous, even though they do not show it at times. This is just a way of saying that they really likes you and they feel kind of left out.

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7. Listening Is This Person’s Priority

listening is this person's priority

Communication is the base of every relationship and listening is the big part of a communication. The person who loves you knows this. They will try to listen to you because they are excited to hear all about you, even the most boring part. Even though they will not be able to listen any time and any where, this person will let you know that they are here for you and is ready to listen.

8. Pampering You Is A Must

Since making you happy is the number one priority for this person, that means pampering you is a must. This person will do anything to pamper you either with material or non material thing.  For this person what matters most is that you’ve got everything that you possibly need and more.

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9. This Person Will Drop Everything For You

Something hard might happen to you and you might feel really sad. A person who loves you will notice this and if he truly loves you, this person will drop everything just to make you feel secure and safe. This person will leave everything behind because he/she knows that nothing is more important than you.

10. He Understands You Emotionally

he understands you emotionally

This understanding goes beyond the understanding that you’re mad or you’re sad. This special person seems to know what you need and this person will do everything that they needs to do to make it come through. This person will let you have some space, let you cry and probably buy you a special food to make you happy. It is as if this person knows you to your core.

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More Signs That Someone Is In Love

Here are more signs that someone is in love with you for sure:

  1. This person will not hesitate to cancel plans for you
  2. This person shows you things that reminds him/her of you
  3. This person tries to hug you all the time
  4. Sadness and happiness from you is felt by this person too
  5. This person remembers every little detail about you
  6. This person’s friends and family knows all about you
  7. This person never talk about his/her ex
  8. This person isn’t scared to be alone with you
  9. This person makes you breakfast in bed
  10. This person compliments you all the time
  11. Supporting you is in the list of this person’s priority
  12. This person checks in on you everyday
  13. This person wants you to hang out with his/ her friends
  14. This person is not afraid to tell you that she/he miss you
  15. They are not afraid to apologize
  16. This person will let you go if it is the best for you
  17. This person do not leave just because of one argument

By the way, there are many signs that someone is in love with you. You just gotta find it out!

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What To Do When You Know That They Love You

what to do when you know that they love you

Signs that someone is in love with you are just signs until you have a solid proof. Now that you’ve got all these predictions and reassurance, it is time to make your move. But be careful, every move matters and it might make or break your relationship. These are the things you can do:

1. Love Them Too

It is hard to be in a relationship where you feel unloved. This person have done everything they can to show them that they love you. If you really love them, it is time for you to return the favor. You also need to show this person that you love them so that his person will feel safe and cared for in this relationship. To show this person that you love them, you can do this:

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2. Respond To Their Romantic Gestures

This part will come naturally if you really love them. You should respond to their romantic gesture with a romantic gesture of yours to the special person. That way, it is a healthy give and take relationship

3. Understand Them

The best thing you can do to a person is to make time to understand them. In order to understand them you need to listen and remember. You need to feel what is right and what is wrong when it comes to them so that they will feel loved.

4. Make Them Happy

make them happy

A relationship will be the best when it is filled with two people trying to make each other happy. Now that you have seen his effort in making you happy, why not do the same?

5. Ask Them

If you feel like a simple sign and a prediction would not do the trick, then it is probably time to get the real news straight from them. To do this, you could not ask straight on. You need to first determine your reason for asking. Maybe the reason is because you love this person too.

Well, first be sure that you really do love this person and you will not abandon this person straight after the confession, it will hurt this person a lot. Then, choose the media. Do you think it is better for him to talk through the phone or in person? What will make this person most comfortable? After all this, he might finally confess to you.

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All the stars have aligned and they have shown you who really loves you. Thus, signs that someone is in love with you secretly, after knowing and making a move of your own, you are safe to sail to a steady relationship! Always catch love!

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