Signs That She's Not Into You (#1 Time's to Move On)

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Are you in love with a girl? Confused about your next move to get close to her? Don’t move too fast, what if she doesn’t like you? You might want to reconsider your steps.

Love and crushes are a wonderful thing. It makes our day brighter and more dreamy when you have your eyes on someone. But, like all other relationship what we need is certainty. The biggest part of crushes is wondering if she likes you too. Now, there are many mixed signals and action that makes you confused and uncertain. This is one of the downfall of crushes. Every action she makes seems to mean something to you and can make you decide if you want to continue loving her or not.

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Before you fall too deep and get yourself more hurt, check out these signs. Different women have different action and signals. But, these signs are certain signs that can help you determine your next move in your love life. Meanwhile, here are the signs that she's not into you:


1. She Doesn't Notice You

It’s quite simple, if she doesn’t make eye contact or other physical contacts, she’s not into you. This is one of the most common sign every girls use. Girls usually looks at you more often when they like you. They also make subtle physical contact when they talk to you. This physical contact can be in the form of touching your hand or pushing you playfully. These kinds of contact is a sign that they want to get closer to you.

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2. Short Texts

short texts

Texting is mostly the base of every new relationship in this modern era. Couples text a lot and realize that they like each other. When texting, see how she reacts to your text. When she answers with short reply, she’s not into you. A girl who use short reply is implying that they don't have time for you or that you probably annoy them. This short text is given to you because they want the conversation to be over already. Don’t be insensitive by continuing to text short replyers!

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3. Take Too Much Time To Reply

Know more signs that she's not into you. Here is the number two dangerous sign that you should notice when texting. When she is interested to you, of course she will reply early. This is because she is excited to talk to you . But when they reply in long intervals this is a red flag. She’s probably not interested and trying to ignore you. This is a dangerous sign especially when you are texting a girl who is on her phone a lot!.Girls like this are clearly showing you that you are not important to you.

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4. The Bored Girl And The Daydreamer

Talking face to face with them might be a big move to you. This is when you get all nervous and you dont know what to say. But when you talk to them and their focus is not on you, you should stop chasing her. Girls who look bored or looks like they are daydreaming when you talk to them is totally not into you. This girl isn’t even interested in half a thing you are saying. Stop chasing her because the base of every relationship is communication. If you can’t find a girl who wont listen to you, don’t fall in love with her.

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5. Friendzone

This is a well known sign for most guys, friendzones! When she introduce you as a friend, and when she says that you are such a great friend, you need to hit your brakes. Sometimes, girls love having friends or they are not looking for a romantic interest. This is a powerful sign to stop investing your love to her. But, the qualities you found in her might be a strong base for a life long friendship. Just don’t continue hoping for something more.

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6. Talking About Other Guys

talking about other guys

This is as obvious as it sounds. If she is talking about a romantic interest and its not you, then stop. Why continue loving someone when it’s clear that you have no future with her? Talking about other guys also means talking about the man of his dreams. When you hear this dream guy and it sounds nothing like you just stop. Don't try to change yourself so you can be that dream guy. If she doesn't love you for who you are and if she is looking for other qualities you know you can’t have then stop chasing her. There’s nothing that hurts more than being loved for someone you are not.

7. Cancels And Excuses

“hey lets go out!” these are a set of words that might make your palm sweat. The thought of taking her out might jiggle all your nerves. A girl who is interested will say yes right away, but a girl who is not will make a lot of excuses. They might say yes at first but then at the last second they come up with silly excuses just to avoid you. When they cancel you for one time might not be a certain sign to go away. But when she continually make excuses, this is a clear sign that she’s not interested.

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8. Never Alone

Just when you can go out together, she brings someone else. And its usually not only one person but a lot. This is a sign that she is not comfortable being alone with you, so the other friend is a sign of casualty. It can also mean that she thought that the date is a simple friends occasion. Either way, this is a subtle sign that she is still not comfortable with your intimacy.

9. Doesn't Put Up Her Best Look

Girls get all nervous when she’s crushing on someone. Girls usually start dressing up well or make themselves look prettier so she will catch your eyes. But when she doesn't look different or if she dress better in front of other guys this might be a sign that she’s not into you. In a new relationship,this means that she doesn’t really want your attention and you are not worth her time.

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10. No First Move

no first move

Stop putting effort when it’s a one sided relationship. To know if a girl likes you just see how much she wants you in her life. First moves are not exclusive to men, girls will also make moves when they want to be with you. These moves can be introducing you to her friends and family, scheduling a time together or texting you first. When you are the only one doing the moves, it’s a dead end relationship.

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11. No Compromise

When everything needs to be approved by her, this is a not a sign of love. When a girl really likes you, she should like who you are too. In a relationship, when she dictates everything this can mean a lot of things. First, it means that she doesn't like who you are. Second, she doesn't trust you. And finally, she just wants to use you to get her own ways. Stay out of this dangerous relationship.

12. Subtle Rejection

Subtle rejection are words that shows you that she is not ready for you or any relationship. She can do this by saying she needs to be focused to work or that she is not ready for any relationship. Don't continue when she’s not even ready for anything to happen.

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13. No Personal Talk

A good and strong base of a relationship is personal talk. You know someone is close to you when they start to talk about their feelings and deepest thoughts. When you have talked to her for a long time and a girl haven’t opened up to you this is a sign that she wants to keep things this way. She don’t want to know you personally and she is still not comfortable with you. Move on, and find someone that can trust you with their feelings.

14. No Commitment Talk

no commitment talk

A girl who likes someone is usually really protective. Like any other women, they want to know where things stand between you guys or if you are seeing anyone else. They also can be a little nosey and curious about the other women you are friends with. If she is not interested with your current love life status or the future of the both of you, then this is not what you are looking for.

15. Internet Searching

You reading this is kind of a subtle sign that she don’t like you. If you start looking for articles to assure yourself that she likes you, she probably don’t. A girl who likes you will be obvious in her steps and signals. If you are reading millions of articles like this, you’re hanging your hopes to someone who doesn’t like you and a small part of you have probably known that too.

16. Rejection After Confession

Confessing your love is the ‘make it or break it’ kind of stage. Every hope you have is hanging on to this time. Either there is a future or there isn't. What you’re looking for is a similar feeling from her. But when she starts being hesitant or she clearly says that they don't like you, then get out. This is the last and most important move and she rejects it. Don’t pour your love to someone who don’t want any of your love, you will end up hurt.

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More Signs To Know If She's Not Into You

more signs to know if she's not into you

Well, let's dive deeper to the signs that she's not into you:

  1. Say bad things about you
  2. Always try to avoid you
  3. She's in a relationship
  4. Gives you a fake number
  5. Pretend you're not her friend in front of other people
  6. Always try to keep the conversation short
  7. She never give you a compliment
  8. When you text her, she doesn't know who you are
  9. She doesn't ask you to talk about your life
  10. She tries to make you date her friend
  11. She comes only when she needs a favor
  12. She only talk to you when she is bored
  13. She always complains about men in front of you
  14. Her answer in a text is rigid
  15. She never picks up when you call her
  16. She never laughs when you try to humor her
  17. She doesn't give you her phone number
  18. She doesn't look shy or awkward around you
  19. when talking, she always cuts you off
  20. She talks to every guy with the same tone

If you don’t find those signs in your crushes, congratulations! You have a big chance on continuing your relationship. Make the final move and confess your love, or wait for more certainty. But, crushes can break your heart for months so you better watch out the signs that she's not into you. What you’ve read are the signs that is mostly shown in every rejecting woman. When you’ve seen most of those signs, just stop chasing. Nothing is worse than chasing someone you know you don’t have a future with. For now, heal your heart and find someone that is ready to love you.

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