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7 Ultimate Signs of Scorpio Woman in Love with You

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These days, people depend on zodiac signs when they want to get close to someone. They serve as a way to know someone’s basic personality without directly interacting with them. Here, we are going to talk about the signs of when a Scorpio is in love with someone.


A woman often keep her feelings to herself and sometimes try to keep others away from her. She makes it difficult for men to understand her wants. You can read How to Get a Scorpio Woman to Love You to help you out.

Signs of Scorpio Woman in Love with You

But with the signs below you can have more insight on how a Scorpio woman would act when she’s in love with you:

1. Only Pays Attention to You

A sign that a Scorpio woman is in love with you is when she pours all her attention only to you. When she feels a great connection with you then she will spend most of her time with you. She will want to talk with you for a long time.

Also she tries to be a good listener as she listens to everything you tell her. A Scorpio woman rarely keeps her feeling to herself when she likes someone. She thinks that it’s better to directly show how she feels about you. It’s her way of making you want to get to know her too.

2. Looks into Your Eyes

Apparently, a Scorpio woman would always look into your eyes when she’s in love with you. It’s another way of her giving her special attention to you. She is not afraid nor shy when she does this because she really, really likes you. Try to keep your cool when she looks deep into your eyes as you fall in love with her too.

Staring at someone is always the first sign of someone falling in love at the very first sight. The more she looks at you, the more you like her as well. As for you who is in love with a Scorpio man, read the Ways to Make a Scorpio Man Fall in Love too.

3. Tells You Personal Things

Another sign of a Scorpio woman falling in love with you lies in the depth of her conversation. Since she likes you, she will try as much as possible to know about the surface level of your life. But, she will dig deeper and start to bring the conversation into heavier topics. Things will become more personal between you and her.

She will tell you private things about her life and she expects the same from you. This openness is her way of knowing whether you are trustworthy or not. She also wants you to know that you can trust her too. That’s the signs of Scorpio woman in love with you.

4. Gives You Special Treatment through Messages

When you first met a Scorpio woman, you might exchange ordinary messages between each other. But, you will see a change in her texting behavior as she starts to fall for you. You will notice that she replies to your messages at a faster speed.

She will also starts conversation and gives you support or compliments. She tells you where she is without you asking her. These special treatments that she gives you do not apply to anyone but you. She wants you to know that she cares about you. It’s her one of the Other Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You

5. Gives You Her Time

A Scorpio woman will give her crush her time. No matter how busy she is, she’ll always try to find a way to give you her extra attention. She loves treating you in a special manner. For her, there is nothing better than to spend some alone time with you. Even though she might give you her time, that doesn’t mean that she will leave behind all her responsibilities. Somehow she will manage to balance her life.

6. Listens to You

Listening is important in building a relationship. So a Scorpio woman will take her time to listen to you. It’s one of the Signs a Scorpio Wants a Relationship with you. She loves to hear your thoughts, your aspirations or about anything else.

When you suggest something to her or give her advice on something, she carefully listens to that. She will apply everything you tell her in her life. It’s her way of showing you that she respects your opinions. It also means that she trusts you very much because she would not listen to a person she does not believe in. 

7. Become Jealous

You may feel that a Scorpio woman can become very jealous at time. It might seem unreasonable but it’s mainly because she loves you. She does not want you to be close to anyone else other than her. Her jealousy can be a turn off but what you need to do is give her attention. Make her feel special and directly tell her about your status.

Talk about it with her and she might become more patient with you as she realizes that her jealousy can be too much sometimes. Watch out for the Signs of a Fake Girlfriend as she could end up being one of those girls.

So, those are the signs of when a Scorpio woman is in love with you. Not all women are the same but these signs apply to most of the Scorpio women out there. Don’t ever play with a Scorpio woman’s heart as you realize that she’s in love with you. Treat her with respect as her feelings are always genuine for you. Things could turn ugly if she ever finds out that all her efforts are only a game for you. Thus, that’s the signs of Scorpio woman in love with you.

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