13 Signs Of Scorpio Woman In Love With You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you having strong feelings for a Scorpio woman?

Do you wonder whether she feels the same? 

This sign isn’t always the best at showing their feelings, but there are few subtle giveaways that Scorpio women show when they like someone. These are revealed in the guide below.

But perhaps a more important question to ask is: how can you win this stunning Scorpio over? 

I’ll tell you one way that will barely ever work - and that’s spoiling them with gifts, compliments, favors, sweet nothings, and whatever else that men are using to supplicate to women these days. 


This behavior only communicates that you’re not good enough as you are. It’s a huge turn-off to most women - and it certainly won’t help to win the heart of this Scorpio.

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Of course, there’s a chance that this bombshell Scorpio is already hoping you’ll ask her out. Below, you’ll find the giveaway clues that this is the case.


Signs A Scorpio Woman Likes You

Scorpio women are known for quite a few things, which can make it hard to tell when a Scorpio woman likes you. They are so career-driven that you might miss the signs if you don’t know a lot about this zodiac sign. A Scorpio lady is truly one of a kind. 

These zodiac signs are full of passion, whether it be in love or on a work project. They are quick to get emotional, and there is little room for forgiveness in their life. Scorpios can be vindictive or sweet. It all depends on who you are. 

Although this zodiac is known for being emotional, they can take some time to start showing obvious signs that they like you. These signs can help you tell if a Scorpio woman likes you, even if it’s in the beginning and she’s not in love yet. 

1. They open up

By nature, Scorpio women are closed off. They come off as reserved in the beginning, and rarely discuss their feelings unless in relationships. As a Scorpio woman starts to like you, she’ll slowly come out of her shell. You’ll notice that she shares a tiny bit about her emotions with you. You might hear stories about her childhood or finally see her loosen up and laugh more. She’ll also cry. This is commonly seen in relationships or if she feels closer to you. 

2. A Scorpio woman in love is protective

You’ll see this long before she is head over heels in love with you. By nature, this zodiac sign is protective. This is particularly true when they like someone. The closer they feel to you, the more protective they are. 

This will be seen in her defending you against other people. She may be a bit bossy when it comes to things that you do that she feels aren’t good for you. Although it might get annoying at times, you need to remember that she has your best interests at heart. 

3. She gets a little obsessive

The more attached a Scorpio woman gets, the more into you she is. This is the woman that will stalk your social media. She wants to know everything about you and what you have going on. She’s determined to learn as much as she can. Don’t worry. Sometimes, a Scorpio woman will calm down as the relationship progresses

4. She makes it difficult to get close to her

A Scorpio woman is skeptical by nature. This woman simply doesn’t trust easily. It’s one of the most well-known traits about this sign. 

After she determines that she likes you, however, it gets worse. She does this on purpose. Scorpio women want to know if you have what it takes to stay by their side. They need to know that you’re as loyal as they are. Only after you’ve jumped through their hoops will they give you the time of day. They have to test your patience and determination first. 

5. Then, she wants to be around you

Scorpio women are known for making you jump through hoops and not being trusting, but they aren’t shy either. When this woman likes you, you’ll start to see quite a few of their personality traits, such as how bold they are. 

A Scorpio woman won’t beat around the bush. She’ll tell you that she likes you. You’ll know where her heart is. More than anything, she’ll want to be around you more. 

6. She asks you deep questions

she asks you deep questions

A Scorpio woman wants to know every single thing about you. This is not just because she’s become obsessive. It’s simply something they do before falling in love with you. In fact, a Scorpio woman falling in love isn’t usually possible until she has made you bare your soul. 

Forget cliche questions about your favorite color. She wants to know about your childhood trauma. Your struggles. Your successes. She’ll do this piece by piece until she knows why you are exactly the way that you are. 

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7. You slowly learn her interests

As a Scorpio woman slowly opens up, you’ll start to learn a great deal about her. This includes the things that she is interested in. She’ll tell you about how she loves to travel. You might receive random text messages if she is excited about a new hobby or is doing something new. Scorpio women are rarely boring. It simply takes them a bit longer than most to show their exciting nature. 

8. She gets jealous

If there is one thing that a Scorpio woman is known for it’s her being territorial. When a Scorpio woman likes you, she wants you all to herself. She won’t be happy sharing you, even if the two of you are not in a committed relationship. 

This woman won’t want to make a fool of herself. Because of that, you’ll notice that she doesn’t let her temper flare if the two of you are not in a relationship. Instead, she’ll simply ask how you feel about the other girl. She might wedge herself in between the two of you. Scorpio woman isn’t good at hiding her intentions. You’ll know when she gets jealous. 

9. She doesn’t talk to other men

Scorpio women want the perfect man. Until they find him, they remain mysterious. If a Scorpio woman is interested in you, expect her to be talking to only you. This girl is a one-man type of woman. She doesn’t want to spend time with multiple men. Instead, you can expect the same intensity when dating a Scorpio woman that you will find in the bedroom. 

10. Physical touch

You’ll never have to ask for physical touch when it comes to this woman. A Scorpio woman is very physical. She wants to hold your hand, make out and sit on your lap. In the bedroom, things will never get boring. She wants her sexual life to be as fulfilling as the rest of her adventures. 

It’s important to note that because she is so deeply passionate, she’ll want physical intimacy sooner than other signs. As she develops stronger feelings, you’ll have more sex appeal to her. Scorpio is not timid in the bedroom, and they need another astrology sign that can keep up with them. 

During the early stages of a Scorpio liking you, you won’t see the same strong feelings and deep emotions that you will during later stages. Instead, expect to see them randomly touch you. For example, a Scorpio woman will touch your arm or leg while talking to you. 

11. She wants your attention

Scorpio women have a magnetic personality, so it won’t be difficult to give your Scorpio the attention that she craves. Women born under this sign aren’t conservative about liking you, and they don’t want you to be either. They aren’t the zodiac signs that enjoy guessing games. She wants to know where she stands with you, and she wants you to show her that you like her. Text her. Call her. Listen to her talk. Make plans with her. 

12. She goes out with you

she goes out with you

Just like this woman isn’t shy about liking you, she isn’t going to hold back about disliking you either. Her life is full of adventures, and she doesn’t have time for things that she simply doesn’t want to do. If Scorpio doesn’t see a potential relationship with you, she’ll tell you. She won’t go out to a pointless dinner with you for a free meal or lead you on for any manipulative reason. You can trust that if she says yes to hanging out with you, it’s because she likes you. 

13. She shows her feelings

When a Scorpio woman is in deep love, she’ll let herself be herself completely. She’s not like water signs that are emotional all the time. However, when she is emotional, she won’t hold back if you’re in a relationship. Once you’re in a committed relationship, she’ll cry in front of you. You’ll see her voice her opinions more, and the emotions behind them. These signs don’t hold back anything in a relationship. Make sure that you’re prepared for that. The passionate love from this female can be very intense. 


How does a Scorpio woman show her love?

This is a fire sign in astrology. Expect them to slowly open up. You’ll see how passionate they are. She shows her love by being controlling and telling you what is best for you. This is because she wants the best for you in every aspect of your life. 

What kind of man attracts a Scorpio woman?

Scorpio women are attracted to men that are honest and loyal. They tend to hold grudges, so patience is a must. Intellectual conversations are great, so you’ll need to be smart as well. More than anything, they don’t want a man that is boring. They thrive off of the excitement. 

How do you make a Scorpio woman miss you?

Focus on your life. Don’t make it clear that you’re ignoring her, however. Instead, simply be busy. Post pictures of the two of you together on social media. When she reaches out to you, it means that she misses you. You might have to lay low for a while, but this tactic always works well. 

How do you know if a Scorpio woman misses you?

When a Scorpio woman misses you, she may flat out tell you that she misses you. She’ll reach out to you to see how you’re doing. Another common thing with a Scorpio is that she’ll make plans with you. She may start to follow you on social media more or randomly compliment you. It’s because she wants attention. 

What do Scorpio females find attractive?

She likes sexy and mysterious men. This woman prefers a man that is hard working and devoted. Being honest is a must-have. She won’t entertain a man that lies or plays games. Instead, you should be as straightforward as she is. She’ll appreciate the blunt things you say whereas they offend other people. 

In Conclusion

A Scorpio woman will always show you when she likes you, even if it takes her a while to open up to you. Have you ever dated this sign? What would you add to the list?

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